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This is my second YouTube video, and for it, I strapped a video camera to my film camera, and went out shooting a street photography video. You can watch as I take photos around my city, passing through St Patricks Day celebrations, Rugby Games, and an ‘English Defence League’ protest, surround by police officers. You can check out the full album of photos here. The video is in colour, but the photos are on black and white film, using an old(ish) camera I have.Black & White Street Photography Video

The camera I used is a Canon EOS 10.
The lens was a Canon EOS 17-40mm f/4: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultra Wide LensBlack & White Street Photography Video
The video camera was a Go Pro HD Hero 2: GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor EditionBlack & White Street Photography Video
Using a tripod mount with a hotshoe adapter: GoPro Tripod Mount for HERO CamerasBlack & White Street Photography Video
Carried using my Black Rapid RS-5: Black Rapid RS-5 Camera StrapBlack & White Street Photography Video

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Black & White Street Photography Video

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I'm a self taught photographer from Brighton, England. I take a lot of photos and enjoy teaching my methods to anyone willing to learn- this is my blog, check out my video training & Google.

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