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Useful Links

California Sun Sniper Steel

This is a padded shoulder strap, with a shock absorber, which attaches to your camera in the tripod mount for easy of use. It’s also reinforced with steel, and insured for up to $500.

Black Rapid RS-5 Camera Strap

This is a similar strap to the Sun Sniper, only instead of a steel reinforcement and shock absorber, there’s a couple pouches for storing batteries, memory cars, and business cards.

Sun Sniper Double Press Harness

If you’re a professional photographer who needs to carry more than one camera at a time, such as at a wedding, or sporting event, then this is a really useful strap to own.


C-Loop Combo Camera Strap

The C-Loop is made from High Quality Material and Construction, in the USA. The Ergonomic Split Strap design conforms to shoulder for unparalleled comfort, and fast shooting.

BlackRapid RRS-1BB Sport

This strap is designed to carry heavy professional gear comfortably, and the shoulder pad ensures even weight distribution. An extra strap ensures it doesn’t slide over your shoulder.