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Top 20 Photography Tutorials

I’ve written over 100 posts on this website now, and as I look back on it, I realise that a lot of it would probably be lost to many users, who have only started using the website recently. This is Expert Photography’s top 20 photography tutorials; they’re the most popular tutorials on my website, as decided by the visitors who viewed them. Hopefully you can find something new and learn something today.

How to Use Window Light for Portraits

How to Use Window Light for Portraits

Window light is an excellent, and free light source, that can achieve the same effects as much bigger, and more expensive lighting equipment. A large window is essentially a large softbox that diffuses the light into the room and around the subject that you place infront of it. The earliest


How to Take Control of Natural Light with Photography

Natural light is type of lighting that we’re all very familiar with, but have you ever actually stopped for a moment to think about the effect that it has on your photography and how you can use it to your advantage? The difference between studio lighting or flashes and natural light is that we have very little control over it and its unpredictable nature, meaning that we have work work around it.

20 Tips for Shooting With a Shallow Depth of Field

20 Tips for Shooting With a Shallow Depth of Field

Shooting with the aperture wide open is a really good way of taking soft, naturally lit photos, as the aperture produces a shallow depth of field, and allow the maximum amount of light in. It’s also a great way of drawing the viewers eye to a certain part of the photo, as the majority of the photo will be out of focus.