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Why You're Investing in The Wrong Photography Gear

Why You’re Investing in The Wrong Photography Gear

It’s not the camera, it’s the lens, but not just any old lens; the right kind of lens. I’ve only owned just two digital SLR’s, a Canon 400D, and a Canon 50D, which I currently use. Neither of these cameras contributed to the quality of my photos much at all, although it is nice to be able to boost the ISO a little more in a newer camera. I bought my Canon 50D secondhand, two years ago, for £600, and it’s not needed replacing yet. That’s because it’s not about the megapixels, it’s about the lens that you use.

Prime Vs. Zoom Lenses

Prime Vs. Zoom Lenses

Prime lenses are lenses with a fixed focal length, which means that you can’t zoom them at all, which may sound odd, but they do have distinct advantages. Zoom lenses have their obvious advantage, as they allow you to change how the photo is cropped, but this comes at a price; quality and aperture. The post should clear up any misconceptions you have about either, and help you to find the right lens for you.


Great Advice For Your First Photography Job

Because of the time in which we live, we’re fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of new camera technology at a much lower cost that ever before, and with that comes a whole new range of photographers. It’s one thing to develop your skill, it’s another to start your own career, but hopefully this article will help you on your way.

The Ultimate Lens Buying Guide

The Ultimate Lens Buying Guide

Whether you shoot on Canon, Nikon or Sony, or use solely third party gear, this post is designed to give you the best available information, to help you in your lens buying future. To make sure you know what you’re doing when it comes time to replace that old kit lens, I’m gonna walk you through focal length, aperture and what all those little letters on your lens mean.