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In the past couple of months, it would seem that the battle between Canon vs. Nikon was at rest, until they both released a new camera, and added more fuel to the fire. Within the space of a few days, they both released very similar cameras, at almost exactly the same price, trying to take over the same market.

But which camera is best, the Canon 6D, or the Nikon D600?

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These new cameras have accessed a new area in DSLR’s, with low-cost, full-frame cameras for the semi-pro / advanced amateur market. It’s a very exciting camera, because the Canon is $1400 cheaper than the Canon EOS 5D MkIII, and the Nikon is $900 cheaper than the Nikon D800.

You can see more about these cameras here:

 Canon EOS 6DWinnerNikon D600
Megapixels20.9 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensorNikon24.2 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensor
ProcessorDiG!C 5+DrawExpeed 3
ISO100-102,400Canon100 - 25,600
Memory Type1 SD SlotNikon2 SD Slots
Focus Points11 pointsNikon39 points
Frames Per Second4.7 fpsNikon5.5 fps
Viewfinder Coverage97%Nikon100%
Screen Size3.2″ Draw3.2″
Min Shutter Speed30 secDraw30 sec
Max Shutter Speed1/8000 secCanon1/4000 sec
VideoFull HD Movie DrawFull HD Movie
ConnectivityUSB 2, Mini-HDMI, Mic Input, Wireless, Remote TerminalDrawUSB 2, Mini-HDMI, Mic Input, Remote Terminal, Wireless
Battery TypeLithium-IonDrawLithium-Ion
Quiet Shutter ModeYesDrawYes
Built-in Flash NoNikonYes
Battery Life980Canon900
Multiple ExposuresYesDrawYes
HDR ModeYesDrawYes
Shutter Life100,000 ActuationsNikon150,000 Actuations

Now, which is best?

Well, if we count all the points out, we find that Canon wins four times, Nikon wins 7 times, and the rest are all draws. But this isn’t exactly conclusive, because not everything is equal.

For example, I care more about the ISO of the Canon, than the pop-up flash of the Nikon. But I care more about the focus points of the Nikon, than the battery life of the Canon.

So the decision is really up to you, which do you prefer? If you’re buying your first camera, and you’re trying to work out which one to go for, then this information is really useful to you, but chances are that you’re not spending $2100 on your first camera, with no lens.

If you’re a Nikon user, stick with Nikon, and if you’re a Canon user, stick with Canon. They’re both great cameras, and have opened up a really interesting price range in digital photography. I’m interested to see what both brands do next.

One this I will say is that I’m excited by the Wi-Fi and GPS functions of the Canon. What features do you like? Leave a comment below, letting me know.

Canon 6D Vs. Nikon D600 – Which Camera is Best?

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  • One thing I dislike about the Nikon is there is no AF motor built in, which seems a strange move for the kind of camera. Enjoying the WIFI in the 6D too. Both look pretty ace though.

  • RobMcDonald

    Hi Josh, 
    Love all the tips that you provide, so helpful. I’m an amateur photographer , who loves to take a lot of sports photos. I currently have a Canon 60D , and may be thinking of upgrading. Not sure if i should just go with upgrading to a telephoto lens, or go with the big upgrade. I’m not fully versed in the photo world, but I have to thank you for moving me a long the learning curve! My camera came with a EFS 18-200mm 0.45/1.5ft lens. A lot of my photography occurs in less than ideal lighting conditions. ( I’m from Canada and I shoot a lot of hockey photos inside arenas). I really like the Wifi that 6D has, but reading up a bit on it, in particular only 11 focus points, do you think this would be a knock on the camera? Is this a good camera to shoot sports, or would another model suit me better. I do like the price, and like I mentioned , I am just an amateur. Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated and welcomed. Thanks so much for all the tips and making me a so much better photographer. PS- we still have 6 foot snow banks in our yards, who is the idiot that saud spring is here!!!! lol