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10+1 Reasons to Become an ExpertPhotography Affiliate

  1. 50% Commissions
    Refer anything from our $10 eBooks to our $147 video courses… and get paid $5 to $73.5 for a single referral (the commission rates apply to any upsell as well!)
  2. 365-day Cookies
    We appreciate your recommendations. If someone who clicked through your affiliate link purchases anything in the next 365 days… you’ll get 50% commission.
  3. Retargeting Advertising
    Any sales page visitors you refer will be targeted by our ads… and be more likely to complete a purchase (of which you’re getting 50%).
  4. High Converting, High-quality Products
    Customer trust and satisfaction is our No. 1 priority. We only publish products that we are proud to put our name on.
  5. Extensive Product Catalog (see below)
    A wide range of niches, prices and product formats… eBooks, video courses, cheat sheets… Decide which is the best match for your audience.
  6. Great Customer Service
    We care about the satisfaction of our clients and answer every email within a few hours.
  7. Low Refund Rate
    Our products are affordable and high-quality. That’s why our refund rate is only 3.7%!
  8. No Fees
    All transaction fees, advertising expenses and taxes are covered by us!
  9. Fast Payouts
    We don’t withhold any of your commissions. All payouts happen in the first business day of the month.
  10. Dedicated Affiliate Manager
    Your questions will be answered sooner than you’d imagine!
  11. Copywriting and Creatives
    You’ll get any creatives, email and article copy you request from us. We want to make partnering with us as easy as Crtl+C and Crtl+V.

Here’s What Others Have to Say About Us

Woohoo! Broke the 50k sales mark. Definitely a good return for two emails. I wish I could find a new product to promote every month that converts that well… but alas they are few and far between. Sometimes products that I think are great don’t have well-written sales pages. Sometimes they are too expensive for my audience. Sometimes they are too niche and not of broad enough interest. Yours seemed to hit the sweet spot.” Phil Steele,

“The affiliate earnings are much, much better than I expected. In my previous experience affiliate earnings are a small per cent, but not with ExpertPhotography!” Dina Belenko @dinabelenko


Take a Look at Our Products and Prices You Can Sell Them At


Product Name
Photography Unlocked{{column-name-2}}: eBook{{column-name-3}}: $10{{column-name-4}}:
Milky Way Mastery{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Effortless Editing with Lightroom{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Total Time-Lapse{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $69{{column-name-4}}:
Photography for Beginners{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Wow Factor Photography{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Simply Stunning Landscapes{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}:
Quick Capture Cheat Sheets{{column-name-2}}: Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Macro Magic{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Profit From Portraits{{column-name-2}}: eBook{{column-name-3}}: $49{{column-name-4}}:
Edible Images{{column-name-2}}: eBook{{column-name-3}}: $19{{column-name-4}}:
Infinite Exposures{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $49{{column-name-4}}:
Social Success Strategies{{column-name-2}}: eBook{{column-name-3}}: $19{{column-name-4}}:
The Creative Photography Cookbook{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Picture Perfect Properties{{column-name-2}}: eBook{{column-name-3}}: $19{{column-name-4}}:
Organic Marketing for Photographers{{column-name-2}}: eBook{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}:
Intuitive Composition{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}:
Perfect Pawtraits{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $29{{column-name-4}}:
Wonderful Wildlife{{column-name-2}}: eBook{{column-name-3}}: $19{{column-name-4}}:
The Preset Collection{{column-name-2}}: Presets{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Products in Focus{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}:
Shooting Skies{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}:
Dreamy Childhood Portraits{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Magical Photography Spellbook{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Fantastic Photo Adventures{{column-name-2}}: Video Course + eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller
Urban Smartphone Minimalism{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}:
Flat Lay Photo Fever{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}:
Digital Dreamworlds{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}:
Fairytale Portraits{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}:
Colorful Cityscapes{{column-name-2}}: eBook + Cheat Sheets{{column-name-3}}: $39{{column-name-4}}:
Epic Landscape Editing{{column-name-2}}: Video Course{{column-name-3}}: $99{{column-name-4}}: Best Seller

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