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Create with ExpertPhotography

Our 2020 plan for ExpertPhotography is to start publishing ebooks and courses on all of the most popular topics of photography.

We already provide a huge amount of free content online (which helped to establish us as the most-read photography education site), but we want to go one step further with premium training programs.

And we’re in a unique position to do this…

  • We have access to a huge audience which allows us to find an organic audience for these products
  • We have experience creating and marketing ebooks and courses (see below) which will help ensure their success
  • We have a full in-house team to support creators with both ebooks and courses

About ExpertPhotography

We teach photography online. For free, mostly, but we also offer paid courses. This is where we make our money.

Founded in 2011 by Joshua Dunlop, our commitment to producing consistently high-quality articles and premium training has helped us to reach over 90,000 customers in 156 countries, with over 1.2 million monthly visitors.

And we’re proud to say that we’re now the most read photography education site in the world, and we collect between 500 and 1,000 organic email subscribers a day.

Not heard of us? We’ll consider that a good thing. Until recently, we’ve only focused on a beginner audience, so there’s every reason why you may not know our work.

We’ve been working tirelessly to reach a worldwide audience of photographers, and now that we’ve achieved that, we’re branching out into more specific niches.

10 Reasons to Create with ExpertPhotography

  1. Work from home – Writing ebooks is something that can be done from anywhere, provided you have photos to go with it already. And many of the courses (for example: business topics, pets, food…etc.) can also be shot from home.
  2. Get paid during and after the project – We pay 50% of the work at the agreed-upon halfway mark (word count/video length), and the other 50% on completion. An ebook could take as little as a week to write if you’re truly an expert on the subject and dedicate your time to it, so the turnaround can be quite fast.
  3. Research support – We will use our editorial and SEO experience to help you to plan the contents of the course or ebook, leaving you to fill in the blanks. Starting a product with this structure is always the best way to get it completed in a timely and comprehensive manner.
  4. Increase your exposure as a photographer – We’re expert marketers. We’ve sold 45,000+ full-length courses, as well as 50,000+ ebooks, 15,000+ playing cards, cheat sheets, presets, and merchandise over the past 9 years, so we know how to create an offer that converts. We also spend a tremendous amount of money on organic content and advertising which helps to elevate the status of our course and ebook authors.
  5. Sell high-end workshops – The long term goal is to sell high-end workshops at around $1,000 a day. For this to work, we have to first vet the instructors, and the workshops, and ideally film with them too. This is something we already have experience with from working with another photographer in California. If this goes well, we’d love to have you onboard as a workshop host.
  6. Sell your own flagship product – We only work with experts, and we highlight these experts when selling our products, which helps to elevate their status. You can check out how we’ve done this with one of our partners, Casey Kiernan (his workshops are always sold out now). This would allow you to promote the course as your own flagship product.
  7. Earn 60% commissions on all sales you refer – The remaining 40% covers VAT in Europe, our costs of payment processing, advertising (which we do a lot of), and refunds. For people with online followings, this can prove to be a very large revenue stream, and you don’t have to worry about marketing the product.
  8. Promote yourself – In both the introduction and conclusion of each product there will be space to promote yourself and your services/products. This is a great way to build an engaged following. We can also create FB groups for you to interact with people, which could lead to more products.
  9. Editing support – We are only asking you to create the raw content and provide photos. Our videographers, designers and editors will do everything else. Their high standards will make your content easy to consume and look visually stunning.
  10. High production value – Check out the video below to see an example of the kind of production value we’re talking about. This is just a quick teaser trailer our videographer threw together in his downtime, but I think you’ll agree it looks great. If you’re filming content yourself, we don’t expect the same level of production, but you can see the magic of editing. And for the right courses, we’re also happy to fly you to a location to film with us. The same standard applies to the visual design of the ebooks.

Of course, you do have other options available to you. You could create a product and sell it on your website. But the truth is, creating the course is the easy part, selling it in a crowded market is really difficult.

When we launched our first course 8 years ago, we sold a grand total of 1 copies in the first week. Skillshare and Udemy make it easy to get into the marketplace, but they don’t allow you to stand out. And you’re also at the mercy of discount pricing (something we never do), unable to run paid traffic (something we love to do), and have very few options available to you should you want to stand out from the rest of the marketplace.

The marketing skills we’ve developed mean we don’t have to compete in that crowded market, and the commission structure for referrals is also very competitive.

By creating the course and offer for you, we’re able to shortcut that process for you, to produce a truly valuable and unique product for photographers.

You get paid immediately, and we work on improving your status (and income) as a photographer.

Our Current Products

From the links below you’ll be able to see how we market our products and the subjects they cover. Until recently we have focused mostly on the beginner niche, as well as creative photography. We’re currently also working on a long exposure course and a black and white course too.

Payment Structure

On top of the many advantages of working for us (above), we also offer competitive work-from-home payments.

  • For ebooks, we pay $6 per 100 words and expect an ebook to be no less than 20,000 words, and up to approximately 30,000 words or more (depending on the topic)
  • For courses, we pay $600 – $1,200 per hour of edited content (depending on length and subject matter)

It’s important to note that the payment is based on the edited content. We have editors and videographers in-house who will produce the products, and they follow strict rules for content.

This is especially important for video content as the sound and video quality must be perfect (with b-roll), while the content must also be educational and entertaining.

While it can be more friendly, relaxed and conversational than we would allow on our website, we do cut out filler content to focus on giving our customers what they really need. And we also reserve the right to reject content that does not meet our standards.

Our Ideal Partner

Our ideal partner:

  • has a good portfolio of their own work to accompany the products (essential),
  • has a large online following (good to have if you wish to earn referral commissions too),
  • gives workshops on photography (important for courses as experience presenting is valuable).

Apply Today

If all of the above sounds like it would be a good fit for you, please apply below.

We review applications daily and are moving through this process quickly. If you’re accepted, you can get started as soon as you’ve signed the contract. In just a matter of days.

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