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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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We only run one store-wide sale a year and this is it… the best deals we’ve ever offered.

If you’ve had your eye on a course, but not yet signed up… or you’re a customer who can’t wait to get your hands on more…

There’s never been a better time to take our world-class training.

This is your chance to get our products for a fraction of their regular price… And put yourself (or a loved one) on the path to becoming a better photographer.

Effortless Editing with Lightroom

Do you want to professionally edit hundreds of photos in minutes… not hours?

Effortless Editing with Lightroom provides a simple way to edit your photos so quickly and beautifully that your friends beg you for prints.

The course was completely updated in April and covers both Lightroom Classic and CC.

The Preset Collection

This collection of stunning 14 Lightroom preset packs (with 220+ style presets) were created by some of the world’s most respected photographers and writers.

Our unique method for layering presets allows you to process all of your photos, with a few clicks. With free lifetime updates!

Photography for Beginners

Never let a beautiful moment slip away as you’re too busy trying to find the right camera settings…

Photography for Beginners is a fun and easy video course which will show you how to master photography and capture stunning images… regardless of the camera you use.

Quick Capture Cheat Sheets

The “Quick Capture Cheat Sheets” are beautifully designed, high-quality printable cheat sheets to guide you on your shoots.

Whether you’re trying to learn a new skill, or need a quick refresher… these cheat sheets will help you master 52 different aspects of photography with a few minutes of study.

Milky Way Mastery

Did you know that you can take mesmerising photos of the Milky Way, with nothing more than a basic camera?

In Milky Way Mastery, we show you how you can take National-Geographic-worthy photos of the stars, with basic gear and simple settings.

Click the button below to see dozens of amazing photos taken by our happy students.

Wow Factor Photography

Do you want an easy way to capture creative photos that make people gasp and say “Wow! How’d you take that?”…?

Wow Factor Photography shows you how to capture creative and trick photography (with basic gear), from the comfort of your home.

Simply Stunning Landscapes

If you’ve ever captured a landscape that looked breathtaking in person but turned out flat and boring in your photograph… You know how disappointing it feels.

“Simply Stunning Landscapes” is High Definition video course on the art of landscape photography. It shows you how to capture world-class landscapes, every time you shoot.

Total Time-Lapse

Would you like to create award-winning movies, using nothing more than a basic digital camera…?

This blueprint for time-lapse photography shows you the exact workflow we use to produce beautiful movies, while still capturing stunning photography.

Shuffle & Shoot Cards – Only 500 Available

These wildly popular photography playing cards are finally back in stock, with a (final) limited run of only 500 decks!

Our mission is to make photography fun and easy for 1 million people. And these playing cards are a great tool to make that dream a reality.

Photography Unlocked

Digital cameras can be confusing. And although they’re supposed to allow you to take better photos… your images will come out much worse if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why I wrote Photography Unlocked (50,000+ copies sold). It will teach you the fundamentals, and show you how to take well-exposed, sharp photos every time you shoot.