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Grab Your Photography Playing Cards (500 Available) While Stocks Last!

These Fun "Shuffle & Shoot Cards" Will Become Your Handy Photography Guide On-The-Go

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7 Big Benefits of The World’s Only Photo Playing Cards:

 A practical photography guide that fits in your pocket
 Beautiful, easy-to-understand graphics
 Playful format for fun & easy learning
✓ Handy reminders during photoshoots
 Useful summaries of 52 key photography concepts (organised into four suits)
 Sturdy hard case for long-life durability
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52 Mini Cheat-Sheets Packed Full of Useful Photography Concepts


♣ Shooting, Metering and Focus Modes
♣ The Exposure Triangle
♣ Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO
♣ Depth of Field and Focal Length

Preparing to shoot

Camera Equipment & Care
♥ Flash Photography
Natural Light and Low Light
Posing Men, Women and Groups


Rule of Thirds and Colour Theory
Triangles and Lines
Framing and Perspective
Visual Weight and Balance

Shooting styles

♠ Family and Portrait
♠ Sport and Motion
♠ Landscape and Architecture
♠ Macro and Food

Why Playing Cards?

Our mission is to make photography fun and easy for 1 million people. And these playing cards are a great tool to make that dream a reality.

Online courses and ebooks are great, but they’re not always there when you need them. These cards put our best tips in your hands.

These cards took five months to develop, and we’re incredibly proud of them. But we only ordered a very small batch, so supply is limited to only 500 decks.

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Grab The Limited Edition:
“Shuffle & Shoot Cards”

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The “Keep ’em” Lifetime Guarantee

We don’t believe you should have to think twice about any purchase you make with us. So here’s our offer…

Get these cards, play with them for a few days (or a few years), and if you’re not over-the-moon happy with them… simply shoot us an email.

Not only will we refund the cost of these cards (no questions asked), but we’ll even let you keep ’em.

Grab your copy while stocks last. They’ll be on their way to you within 2 business days…

Grab The Limited Edition:
“Shuffle & Shoot Cards”

39.95 19.95
Yes! I Want to Claim My Playing Cards!