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Epic Landscape Editing


About this course

Do you want to breathe new life into your landscape photos… but you’re afraid of editing?

It’s frustrating when you see a landscape that looks stunning in person… but flat and boring in your photographs.

But what if there was finally a simple way to turn your old landscape photos into works of art… in less than 10 minutes?

6 months ago Zach Doehler showed me the magic he can do on his landscape photos in Lightroom.

His unique approach has attracted 166,000 followers on social media. Not to mention print sales, and workshop students around the world.

And I knew that he was the perfect photographer to teach others how to transform their photos.

Together we created a project-based training called “Epic Landscape Editing”.

It’s a video course that shows you how to imitate his approach to landscape editing.

landscape editing tips shown in Adobe Lightroom

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Unique techniques to find and highlight the beautiful details hidden in your RAW files
  • How to develop a colorful and unique atmosphere using the Calibration and HSL panels in Lightroom
  • The compositional tips and tricks a professional landscape photographer uses to capture dramatic scenes

Can you spot the difference between these photos?

They’re the same location… same camera… even the same moment… But the images are totally different.

“Epic Landscape Editing” will help you to get the same results. Right now, you’re one step away from creating stunning photos… don’t miss out on this chance.

With this training, post-processing will become second nature to you. And you can spend more time shooting and less time editing.

Transform your landscape photos today!

5,5 Hours
36 Lectures
6784 Students
Beginner Level

About the Author

Petra Mestankova

  • Course Introduction
  • Mindset
  • Planning the Shot
  • From Bland to Beautiful
  • Creating Depth
  • Final Touches in Photoshop
  • Adapting to the Scene
  • Creating a Dynamic Look
  • Directing the Viewer's Attention
  • Final Touches in Photoshop
  • When Plans Fall Apart
  • Bringing Out The Colors
  • Creating Mystery
  • Creating a Dreamy Look in Photoshop
  • Getting Creative With Composition
  • Finding the Balance
  • Dodging & Burning
  • Balancing Colors In Photoshop
  • Framing Your Shot
  • Creating HDR's in Lightroom
  • Developing the Palette
  • Final Touches in Photoshop
  • Tackling Telephoto Shots
  • Warm or Cold?
  • Working With Haze
  • Creating Drama in Photoshop
  • Counting the Cost
  • When to Bracket
  • Controlling the Colors
  • The Final Touches
  • Shooting in the Dark
  • Balancing High Dynamic Range
  • Developing the Color Palette
  • Adding Texture to the Sky
  • Why Blend?
  • Preparing the Composite
  • Blending It Together
  • Adding a Dreamy Effect
  • Lightroom Starter Course
  • The Creative Compositions Manual
  • Lightroom Presets for Landscapes
  • Sky Replacement Gallery


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5,5 Hours
36 Lectures
6784 Students
Beginner Level