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Edible Images


Would you like to capture magazine-quality food photography?

I used to assume that great shots required complex lighting and professional styling.

And that the best photos took hours of retouching in Photoshop.

But the truth is, with a few styling tricks and composition rules, you can take great food photos with basic gear.

It used to take me so long to capture my beautifully plated dishes… they often went cold and lost their appeal.

But that all changed when I spent an afternoon with my good friend, Martina Lanotte. She’s a successful food photographer working in Denmark.

She showed me some ‘tricks of the trade’ that have forever changed how I take photos of my food.

Her insights were so powerful and interesting, I asked her to create our “Edible Images” ebook with us.

This eBook walks you through the process of capturing stunning food photography, including:

  • Dozens of styling secrets for appetising images
  • 13 rules of composition to balance your photos and entice the viewer
  • Natural light setups, and low-cost options for studio lighting

You can read Martina’s guide in an afternoon and start taking better photos right away…

Food photography can be expensive. If you follow our advice, you can avoid costly mistakes. And make your food look appetising with basic gear and setups.

Sign up today! Tick “Take mouth-watering food photos” off from your bucket list. Start styling and capturing appetising food photography with confidence and ease… regardless of the camera you own.