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Intuitive Composition


Do you want to compose stunning images, even in ordinary situations?

You have to train your eye for composition, but learning composition has always been hard. It’s dry and sometimes boring.

And when you do manage to learn a new rule, it’s hard to keep it in the front of your mind when it’s time to shoot.

But good composition is essential for great images.

It’s the reason why some photographers can take stunning photos on the walk to work… while others struggle to even capture a beautiful sunset.

And if you can master composition, it doesn’t matter what you shoot. You don’t need an expensive camera or a beautiful location.

Yet, few photographers take the time to truly master composition… There aren’t many good resources that make it easy.

But I wanted to change that. That’s why I partnered with award-winning travel photographer, Stuart Price.

Stuart’s experience with composition is so diverse, I knew he was the right man for the job.

Together we created a 330-page ebook which makes 134 composition rules easy to learn and use.

And we even took the 50 most important rules and turned them into cheat sheets.

Together we created “Intuitive Composition” to help you:

  • Master a broad range of composition rules with our easy-to-understand guide
  • Immediately see stunning composition in the most ordinary scenes
  • Have composition tips always at hand with our printable and downloadable cheat sheets

With Stuart’s help, you’ll no longer have to think about how to compose photos. Composition will come naturally to you.

If you want to improve your photography, start with your composition… not your camera gear.

“Intuitive Composition” is the easiest and most effective way to improve your photography.

Don’t miss out on this deal. Master composition today!