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I know that some people don’t really get Pinterest, or don’t really want another social network, but it’s one of my favourite websites because of the way that you can browse the content you find. Rather than having to read masses of text, you simply glance over images to find photos, tutorials, etc. that you find interesting. These 20 photography pinterest boards are excellent, and they range from tutorials, to gear, photos, and some little extras.

I’m PhotoJosh on Pinterest, so if you like this post, be sure to give me a follow :).


DP School – Lighting Basics

Class is in session for Digital Photography School. Lessons are organized sequentially: DSLR settings, lighting, portraits and composition.

Digital Photography School is a very popular tutorial website, which has been listed twice in my Top 20 Photography Websites, and they have a truly excellent selection of Pinterest boards. Tons of tutorials divided up into almost 100 different boards, there’s something for everyone, from DSLR basics to astrophotography.

Cici Absolutely White – Photography Tips

Cici is a very active pinner, with over 200,000 followers, and over 600 photography related pins on this board alone. The board is popular for a reason, and that’s because the content is good, and comes from a wide variety of sources. She also has a few other boards covering different aspects of photography such as the business side, and weddings.

PhotoJoshPhotography Tips, Trick, and Tutorials

If you’re looking to improve your photography with the very best photography tips, tricks, and tutorials, then this is the board you need to be following. I only pin the very best photography related content on the internet, so hit follow!

Is it wrong to link to my own board here? I hope not. I’m not crazy about self promotion, but I happen to think that my main Pinterest board is actually pretty good. I find some really cool content, and I have a little help from my group board too. Check it out if you’re looking to learn photography. Community

PLEASE only post photography tips here, or truly amazing photos. Posting ads or your own pictures may result in your being banned from the board. Spam spoils everything.

Finding content good enough to share isn’t the easiest thing to do (I should know), which is why it’s a great idea to involve hundreds more people to help you find the best links to pin. When you have that many people only pinning the best links on the internet, you end up with some really cool shared content.

Zoi M – Photography-Photoshop Tutorials

This is another really good board, collecting the very best tutorials into one place. A lot of the pins are very familiar to me, as I’ve seem them across Pinterest before, which is actually a good thing really, as they’re tried and tested. Warning though, make sure you don’t have plans when you start wandering through these boards as your afternoon can just disappear.

Photography Gear

Jeremy Cowart – My Gear

Photographer. Artist. Humanitarian. App Creator. Teacher.

Jeremy Cowart is a professional photographer who’s had a mention on this website before, and his Pinterest account is one of the best I’ve seen. You’ll find everything from examples of his work and inspiration, to videos and gear. Great selection to work through, I wish more photographers would do this for their fans, because it’s great to see how other photographers think and work.

Chad Syme – Photography Equipment

Designer, Photographer & KEXP’er |

Chad is a designer and photographer with a very strong following on Pinterest, and although I’m linking to his equipment board, a lot of his other boards are really worth checking out, as design is very closely related to photography. This board is full of gear porn, and lot of exciting new photography technology.

Photography & Inspiration

Trey Ratcliff – Travel Exhibition: Cropped for Pinterest

A warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys. I run a travel photography website at

You may know Trey from his website StuckInCustoms, which is a travel photography website, and a great resource for anyone who loves HDR photography. There’s plenty of inspiration and photography pinned to Trey’s boards, ranging from his personal travel photography, to design ideas and photography gear. His travel exhibition board is one of the coolest boards I’ve seen.

Best of Pinterest Photographers

Go to to join this board. Only pin your own very best photos please!

This is a really cool concept, where photographers across Pinterest can all pin their best photography onto a group board, so that other photographers can see their work. It’s a great idea, and although the photos aren’t always that amazing, it’s a great way to find feedback, and discover new photographers.

Ben Stovold – Art and Photography

This board is a really good collection of different art and photography from across the internet. The general style seems to be quite dark, a little bit mysterious, and abstract. That’s right up my street, and if it’s up yours too, then I would recommend following this board.

Lara Jade – Inspiration: Photography

Lara Jade started her own photography career at the age of 17, originally taking on small clients in England, before becoming a fully fledged Fashion, Portrait & Advertising Photographer in New York City. She’s in her early 20’s, and listed at number 2 in my Top 20 Young Photographers post. This is her inspiration board, and it’s full of fashion photography, so if that’s your thing, check it out.

Ccil G. – Vivian Maier discovered work

Here are my favorites of Vivian Maier, all from, if you don’t know this blog go run to, you’ll find a precious story.

This is another Pinterest user who posts some really amazing photography, and this board is dedicated to Vivian Maier, and if you haven’t heard about her, look her up. She was a nanny for many years in New York, and when she died, someone bought her old film and photos. Photos she’d never shared with anyone. The story isn’t that interesting until you realise just how much of an amazing photographer she is. 

Sha Hwang – Black and White Photography 

This is a very popular board, packed full of some of the best black and white photography around. If, like me, you love black and white photography, I would suggest following this board to use as inspiration. Black and white photography is shot with a very different set of eyes to colour photography, so it’s good to pay attention to how black and white photography is captured.

Gabriel LiAbstractions

phenomenea and stretching realities

I really enjoy abstract photography (even though I’m pretty useless at it), so it’s nice to see that someone has taken the time to group a bunch of abstract photos together in one place, on this Pinterest board. Maybe if I look at it enough, I will find inspiration for myself.

Jane Wang – Patterns And Proportions

As soon as I discovered this board, it immediately jumped out at me, reminding me of old photography books that I used to read. Patterns and proportions are a really important part of photography composition, so I thoroughly recommend looking through this board, and paying it the attention it deserves.

Klaus HerrmannPinterest Discoveries

On this board I share my daily photography discoveries on Pinterest – great photos from great photographers.

I really like the idea behind this board, because it takes out a lot of the leg work for us. I love discovering new photography, but for every good photo I find, I usually have to look through 100 average photos first. Klaus helps us to skip this step, because he’s saved all of his favourite onto a board for us.

Joy Cho / Oh Joy!Photography

This board is a collection of photography, which currently has over 485,000 followers, and shows no sign of slowing down. The photos seem to mostly be focused around people, but there’s some nice abstract examples in there too. Altogether some really interesting concepts.

SiriahBlack and White Photography

This board is called black and white photography, but in actuality, it should be called black and white street photography, because that’s what it seems to be. I really enjoy street photography, especially in black and white, so this is an interesting board for me.

Photography Misc

Perfect Pallette

{The Perfect Palette}: Colorful ideas for weddings, events and life! A wedding blog dedicated to helping brides find their perfect color palette! Find us here ☛ @

As photographers, we’re constantly dealing with different colours, and trying the find the best way to use them effectively. This Pinterest board offers lots of really good examples for using colours together, effectively. A great place for inspiration too.

Richard LaRue – Design Thinking

typography, illustration, layouts, package design, advertising & marketing

You might be wondering why a design board is on a list of boards for photographers, but there’s actually a lot you can learn from design, as a photographer. Design has as much to do with composition as photography does, and I for one learn a lot by looking at good design, and that influences my photography. Try it out.

Top 20 Photography Pinterest Boards

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