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10 Classic Film Cameras for Less Than $100

10 Classic Film Cameras for Less Than $100

When we think about classic film cameras we wish we owned, many of us will stare off into the distance, with eye glazed over, imaging another world where our everyday shooter was a Leica M6 rangefinder. Unfortunately, reality is harsh. The body alone costs upwards of $1,000. Although it may remain

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15 New Crazy-Cool Photography Startups You’ll Love

The rise of visual web: from the Instagram epidemic to Pinterest-ing everything, means that users are using photographs really much. When it comes to photography startups – hundreds and hundreds appear every year, and only a very few of them got approved by public and become successful. Here in this

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How to Understand Aperture in 5 Simple Steps

Aperture is 1 of 3 factors that create an exposure so understanding aperture is a good way of getting to grips with taking an evenly exposed photo. There are also negative and creative effects of different apertures and this post will teach you what they are and how to use them to your advantage.

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Royal Wedding Minolta - May 01, 2011 - 8

How to Capture Great Photos in Low Light

The buttons you press on a camera to produce the right exposure in low light, are all the same as when you shoot in the middle of the day; the same rules of exposure apply, it’s just a little harder to get there. When there’s less light in a scene, you have 2 choices; either you create more light yourself or you change the settings on your camera to react differently to the light available. Read more to find out how!

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