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Secure Photography Backup Workflows with the ioSafe 214

When it comes to photography, there are tons of places you can cut corners and save money. Lenses, tripods, cameras, there’s always a low cost alternative, but when it comes to photography backups, this is one area you really shouldn’t scrimp on. Lenses, tripods, cameras, there’s always a low cost alternative,

10 Classic Film Cameras for Less Than $100

10 Classic Film Cameras for Less Than $100

When we think about classic film cameras we wish we owned, many of us will stare off into the distance, with eye glazed over, imaging another world where our everyday shooter was a Leica M6 rangefinder. Unfortunately, reality is harsh. The body alone costs upwards of $1,000. Although it may remain


15 New Crazy-Cool Photography Startups You’ll Love

The rise of visual web: from the Instagram epidemic to Pinterest-ing everything, means that users are using photographs really much. When it comes to photography startups – hundreds and hundreds appear every year, and only a very few of them got approved by public and become successful. Here in this


Top 6 Websites for Amateurs to Submit their Photos to

Hacking it as a photographer is tough. Between the perils of aperture, shutter speed and troublesome editing software, getting the technical side of things right can be a mission in itself. Not to mention the task of getting your snaps to stand out against a growing sea of competitors. As


A Photographer’s Guide to Posing Men In Portraits

While most posing tip tutorials usually focus on the female form, there isn’t that much information available about how to properly pose men. And even when you do find a guide, it is more about listing some poses and seldom do you see somebody explaining the why. Why is it


Gura Gear Unita Camera Bag Review

About 6 weeks ago, I received the Gura Gear Unita in the mail, and I was excited to giving it a thorough going over after having used the Gura Gear Kibobo 22L+ for over a year now. I liked the bag from the outset, but there were three main things


How To Avoid Getting Underpaid As A Photographer

How to Avoid Getting Underpaid – Borrow from another Industry The passion for photography can easily be turned into a profitable career. Plenty of people who live in every corner of the world prefer to select a job that they love to do. If you are into photography, then you…


How I Took That Photo: Balcombe Viaduct (Ep 1)

In my new video series ‘How I Took That Photo’, we look at a different photo in each video, and how it was taken. We cover the thought process, location scouting, image progression, composition, and post-processing. This is the photo we’re going to be looking at in today’s episode. It’s


10 Weekend Photography Projects

Weekend photography projects are a great way to try something new, or improve a certain skill, in a very short space of time. Like many of you, I live a busy life working behind a computer and a camera, that it’s often hard to dedicate time to photography for the


Top 10 Inspirational Photography Books

There’s nothing like some Inspirational Photography Books to reignite your interest in photography. There are just about a million reasons why photography is an amazing and moving craft. Many people—whether photographers or not—are drawn to the art of seizing life and capturing moments, and pictures truly have the innate capacity to