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How I Took That Photo: Balcombe Viaduct (Ep 1)

In my new video series ‘How I Took That Photo’, we look at a different photo in each video, and how it was taken. We cover the thought process, location scouting, image progression, composition, and post-processing. This is the photo we’re going to be looking at in today’s episode. It’s


How to Use Leading Lines to Improve Your Composition

Leading lines are one of the most effective and under-utilised compositional tools available to photographers. They’re used to draw a viewers attention to a specific part of the frame, whether it’s a person, or a vanishing point in the background of the frame. Our eyes are naturally drawn along lines

The 5 Most Abused Rules of Composition

The 5 Most Abused Rules of Composition

There are many different rules of composition, and it’s hard to know how to use them all correctly. The fact of the matter is that most people never learn how to use most of them, and that leads to some very misused and abused rules. We’re going to look at

Why It's Wrong for Photographers to Say 'Get Closer'

Why It’s Wrong for Photographers to Say ‘Get Closer’

‘Get closer’, sounds a bit funny really, doesn’t it? How can photographers get away with telling someone this, and calling it a tip? And yet, we hear it all the time. I’ve read full blog posts on the subject, as if it’s some sort of law, when in reality, it’s

How Learning Composition Will Dramatically Improve Your Photography

How Learning Composition Will Dramatically Improve Your Photography

This is a post that I’ve had in me for almost the entire life of my website, which is nearing a year now, but I’ve never been able to put it into words before now. I always try to bring you varied content on this website, so I will look

A Beginner's Guide to Composition

A Beginner’s Guide to Composition

Composition is a funny old thing, because it’s common knowledge that learning composition will help your photography, but it’s also something you should never really pay too much consideration too. I always feel that it’s best to teach people composition under the guidance that it’s training a person’s eyes to look at a potential photo in a different way. You should never just blindly follow the ‘rules’, but you can use your new knowledge to shape your photos into something which is much more pleasing to the eye.

How to Add Depth to a Photo

How to Add Depth to a Photo

If you’ve read many of my tutorials on composition, then you’ll know by now that by implementing some of these techniques, that you can add depth quite easily, and we’re gonna have a look at them now.

The Hugely Important 'Single Point' in Composition

The Hugely Important ‘Single Point’ in Composition

When you’re working with a single point of interest in a photo, it’s one of the most basic forms of composition available, so quite a common occurrence and it pays to know what to do with it. A single point can provide interest to an otherwise plain photo, and they’re usually fairly small and contrasting to the rest of the photo.


Top 10 Composition Tutorials

Introduction When it comes to taking good photos, learning composition is key. These composition ‘rules’ are really only guides because there are no real rules to photography. The more you know about composition, the easier it’ll be to compose your photo in a way that appeals to more people. Once

How to Effectively use Juxtaposition in Your Photos

How to Effectively use Juxtaposition in Your Photos

Juxtaposition is easy to do when you know how, but isn’t a particularly common occurrence in everyday photography, so that increased the degree of difficulty. You can use it to varying degrees of effectiveness depending on how obvious you make it, and it’s a really good way of making what could have been a boring photo into something much more interesting.