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How to Professionally Share Your Photos on the Internet

How to Professionally Share Your Photos on the Internet

Time and time again, I see good photography amongst a photo album of average work, weird sizes and colourings and soft images. This tutorial is designed to help you to get the absolute most out of you photos when sharing them with the world, while protecting yourself at the same time. Read on; you may be surprised at what the pros do to present their work.

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Create A Cool Polar Coordinate Globe Using Just An iPhone and Some Free Software

This is a great little tutorial to play with, if you have an iPhone, and some spare time to get to grips with image editing software. It’s very easy to do and this step by step guide will walk you right the way through it. Feel free to leave a comment at the end with a link to your own results.

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The Ultimate Guide To Workflow

I first saw this video from Chase Jarvis about a year ago, and it completely changed the way I manage my workflow. This video is very well made and gives you a real insight on how you should be managing your work if you want to be a pro. My favourite part is perhaps the most important part, the archiving process. Give it a watch.