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21 Travel Photography Accessories

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Travel photography perfect for many. You get to travel, see the sights and then photograph them. You may even be able to make a buck or two selling the images online or to stock websites. Win-win, right?
So how do you get those perfect shots? Well, it all depends on where you are going and what you want to achieve. No matter the answer, our list of photographic gear and camera accessories is here to help you.
You may be into landscape photography, where a tripod and sturdy camera bag are needed. Or, if street photography is your thing, a set of pouches may feel better than a huge bag on your shoulder.
Extra batteries will cover any photographer away from electrical civilisation for an extended period of time, and the goTenna mesh pair will make sure no one gets lost in the wilderness.
Read our list of gear here, built with various types of photographers in mind. Let us know if we left something out, or missed that item that’s perfect for your travel photography workflow.
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Think Tank – Street Walker Camera Bag

The first thing you will need for your top travel camera accessories is a camera bag. Think Tank provides you with a quality product, that is perfectly sized as a walk-on-the-plane bag. This bag is comfortable, even when full of all your camera gear.
The laptop compartment accommodates a 17″, which is more than enough. Lots of pockets let you bring along all the camera equipment that you need, and even others that you won’t.
The tripod holder at the front of the bag is one of the things that really gained my approval. Included is a removable seam-sealed rain cover.
Image of a Think Tank Street Walker Camera Bag - travel photography accessories

Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone

This is a drone built specifically for follow footage and taking selfies. It has the ability to shoot videos at 4k. It has a 13-megapixel camera with image recognition software that allows it to keep its position without needing GPS.
Not to mention that it folds to fit easily into a backpack or purse.
The Hover Camera Passport is the kind of gadget the travelling photographer will enjoy. It is perfect for your next trip abroad or even a bike ride through the city.
Image of a Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone, camera accessories for travel photography

JOBY GorillaPod

Sometimes a tripod isn’t practical. Maybe you don’t want to schlep them around for one or two possible shots you might take. Or you don’t want to advertise that you might have a lot of expensive photographic equipment on you.
The JOBY Gorillapod is great for so many reasons. Small, compact, lightweight and fast to use. It can bend and wrap to any surface, holding your DSLR or mirrorless camera with ease. You can photograph landscape or portrait, changing with ease.
Great for the outdoors, for any kind of camera you might have and for any situation you could envision.
Image of a JOBY Gorillapod camera accessories

Lens Pen

A lens pen is a revamped version of the microfiber cloth. Yes, that thing sitting at the bottom of your camera bag, covered in dirt and dust.
This little tool is specifically for cleaning the inside of your camera, and both sides of your lenses. Through all the changing of lenses, your mirror and sensor will pick up dust and dirt.
The lens pen has a retractable brush, keeping it clean for its next use. On the other side is a pen tool, used to clean the glass on your lenses. It’s curved for that reason.
The lens pen is a perfect travel photography gear option for cleaning.

Lens pen cleaning brush - camera accessories are a perfect gift for photographers

BONFOTO Q111 Lightweight Camera Tripod

When you need something bigger and closer to your eye level than the GorillaPod, a full tripod is a must. This 55″ tripod is a great addition to your travel photography as it folds away compact and small.
It is also very lightweight due to its aluminium tubes. A lightweight travel photography gear option for the weight conscious.
This tiny package extends from 47.5cm to a huge 140cm at its largest expansion. A necessity for long exposures, time-lapses and any situation where you might want to freeze motion. Better to have it and not use it than the alternative.
Image of a BONFOTO travel tripod - camera accessories are a perfect gift for photographers

BAGSMART Design Slim Travel Cable Organizer 

If you have a lot of little gadgets and things that you like to take with you, you will need a place to keep them all neatly. This bag is great for organising all your small pieces of equipment. It will also enable you to access them quickly.
The bag is heavy duty, has many different pockets for different sized objects. It can really help to cut down on time spent searching for that charger cable. Your travel photography gear is about to be protected.
This travel cable organiser is a great photography present

Travel Surge Protection

Photographers have many things that they need to plug in. Camera batteries, batteries for strobe flash units, mobile phone and laptops. You may find yourself in a situation where you only have access to one or two plugs.
This is where this device comes in handy. It swivels, just in case you can’t quite fit it in that space on the wall.
It contains three plugs and two USB ports.  That should give you enough room to get everything charged when you only have one outlet available. No more waking up at 3 am to swap out the batteries.
Image of a travel surge adaptor camera accessories for travel photography

ONA – The Presidio Camera Strap

As a photographer, you want to have a sturdy shoulder neck strap when you’re out and about. But sometimes you’d also like it to look nice. The Presidio Camera Strap from ONA does both of these things, making it the ideal gift.
It’s designed for camera kits weighing up to 6 pounds and comes in several handcrafted leather colours (we recommend the Dark Truffle Leather!).
If you’ve been looking for a new way to carry your camera, or simply want to replace your old neck strap, treat yourself to the Presidio from ONA! Perfect to hold your travel photography gear close.
Image of a Presidio camera strap camera accessories for travel photography

Waterproof Camera Rain Cover

As I realised recently when trying out the Miops Smart Trigger for our review, this piece of kit would be very handy. I was trying to photograph lightning in torrential rain, using only an umbrella.
I quickly figured out that I’d need three hands to hold the umbrella, hold my bag and try to get a lens cloth out to wipe the lens.
With this little piece of gear, you can keep your camera dry and protected.
Image of a waterproof Camera Rain Cover photography gift

Memory Card Case

A memory card case is pretty obvious, it keeps your memory cards together in a case. This case is waterproof and shock proof, keeping your images safe and protected.
This case is designed to store 4 x CF cards or 8 x SD Cards. Unlike other camera card cases, this stores all three types of memory card; CF, SD and Micro SD cards. This is great for me as I use a Canon DSLR, a Ricoh GR III and Go Pros.
Your memory cards will hold your most precious images, so they need to be kept safe.
Memory Card Case camera accessories as travel photography gifts

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

If leather is not to your taste (or to the liking of the photographer you’re buying it for), have a look at Altura Photo’s Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap. Like the name suggests, this neck strap is perfect for fast-paced shooting.
You, the photographer, might use it for those street photography moments, or that wildlife action adventure, trying to capture two foxes mid-fight.
Image of altura neck strap is a great camera accessories gift for a photographer

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

For the photographer who’s always on the go, the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip is a perfect tool. It will sit comfortably on their waist (or their backpack strap), leaving their camera within easy access.
It clips onto any strap or belt up to 3 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick. Photographers of all levels will appreciate the versatility of this tiny accessory.
Image of a camera clip from Peak Design is a great travel camera accessories

Peak Design Clutch CL-2 Quick-Attaching, Quick-Adjusting Black Hand Strap

What if neither a shoulder strap nor a camera clip is something you aren’t interested in? Fear not. Then you can get the Peak Design Quick-Adjusting Black Hand Strap.
This will allow you to carry your camera in hand, shoot at a moment’s notice, and put less strain on the wrists. It will also provide you with much-needed security so that your camera doesn’t end up on the ground.
This can even go hand in hand with the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip simultaneously.
Image of a hand strap by Peak Design. Camera accessories for travel photography

Neewer LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control

The shutter release cable is a great advantage to those pushing their camera to the long end of shutter speeds. If you are photographing a longer-than-a-few-seconds long exposure, you don’t want camera shake.
This shutter release cable enables you to access the shutter without touching the camera.
This means less accidental shakes and movements. This is absolutely necessary for professional looking photographs.
Image of a shutter release cable , camera accessories

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000mAh, Dual Port 2-in-1 Portable Charger and Wall Charger

Nothing could be easier than plugging your charger into the wall to charge or top up your smartphone. This charger also lets you store some of that energy to take with you.
Up to three phone charges can be held inside and you won’t waste space as this compact storage device has two jobs.
This charger / power bank by Anker is a great photography gift idea. Camera accessories for travel photography

IOGEAR 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Pocket Flash Memory Card Reader

The card reader is a necessary piece of equipment for any photographer. Whether shooting on DSLR, mirrorless or adventure camera systems, this device works with all the memory cards you might be using.
Even more beneficial is if you have a few different systems that need different types of memory card.
Its fast and efficient copying of photographic information via USB enables you to spend more time photographing. Use this alongside the GNAR box for perfect and seamless storage.
image of a IOGEAR 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Pocket Flash Memory Card Reader on white background - camera accessories photography gifts

GNARBOX – Portable Backup & Editing System

GNARBOX is a rugged device that not only stores your photographs like an external hard drive but lets you edit the images too. This is all done with their app, and due to the processor inside the box, you have similar power and speed to a laptop.
This is a great way to store and edit images without the need of a laptop. Great for outdoor shoots too, especially when weight becomes very important. It keeps your valuable photographs safe and lets you work on your images on the journey home.
Image of a GNARbox camera accessories on white background

Kogalla SSB2210 Solar Storage Bank

Travel or outdoor photographers can have a hard time keeping all their devices charged. Extra batteries for DSLRs are not cheap, and even having a few means more weight and extra organisation.
Having some sort of device that can help with power out on the road can be very beneficial.
This is why I recommend the solar storage bank from Kogalla. This foldable pack is left in the sun to charge as you move around the local area, or it can sit on your backpack to charge as you go.
When you need a top up, it is right there. It can hold 10,000 mAh, and charges in under 5 hours.
The Kogalla solar panel and battery is the perfect photography gift. Kogalla SSB2210 Solar Storage Bank camera accessories


This is a great device for those who plan on doing a lot of hiking on their travels. This little device will let you text and call without the need for your mobile having service or not.
You could be in the middle of nowhere, and this will let you contact another person in case someone gets lost.
The free goTenna app includes detailed offline maps for any region in the world, which is beautifully handy. It also provides you with your GPS location, which is great for knowing exactly where your photograph was taken.
They come in pairs, are completely waterproof and have a 24-hour battery life.
Image of two gotenna camera accessories on white background

Photo Belt Storage System

The RoryTory 5pc Camera Organizer is a great way to have your camera gear very accessible, in any situation. You can even leave your camera bag in the hotel if you use the Peak Design camera clip or hand strap.

It is functional, fully adjustable and can hold just one or all four pouches. The pouches will double as extra protection inside your bag. They can hold anything, such as extra batteries, flash units and smaller pieces of photographic gear.

Image of a Photo Belt Storage System camera accessories for travel photography

Spare Batteries

Spare batteries are absolutely necessary, especially for the adventurous, traveling photographer. You never know when the next chance you will have to charge your battery, so you can’t just rely on that one battery. You want to have at least three batteries, which will give you many hours of constant photographing.
Spare batteries are great as they could become lost, or damaged. Then you realize that the country you are in doesn’t understand the languages you speak and don’t have what you need. That is something that could ruin your trip, so don’t take the risk.
Wasabi power batteries are some of the best non-native batteries that work perfectly, at a lower cost than the Canon or Nikon counterparts.
Image of Spare Batteries for travel photography - camera accessories

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