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577020_10151391562767017_1084142335_nHey, I’m Josh, and I’m the founder of ExpertPhotography. I was born and raised near Brighton, England, and have been running this site since April 2011.

I’m a self taught photographer, and I learned mostly by reading my camera manual, a stack of books, and a bunch of websites. It may not have been the simplest way to learn, but when you’re starting out as a photographer, and you have no idea that it’s going to be your full time professions, it’s a free and flexible way to learn.

It was a rather long and arduous process, and the reason I created this website was to make the process easier for others who are walking down the same path.

My biggest frustration when learning was the lack of high quality websites, packed full of all the photo examples I required to help understand everything.


And that’s why you’ll find all the images and visual aids you could ever need on this website.

In the past couple of years, ExpertPhotography has grown to be bigger than myself, we now have a team of content creators who write the majority of the content, and even help to create courses too.

I trust you’ll find everything you’re looking for – thanks, and enjoy the website!

Joshua Dunlop
July, 2016

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