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How to Change the Color of a Selection in Photoshop

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 2 min read
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Mastering how to change the color of a selection in Photoshop can transform your design process. This article provides a step-by-step guide, simplifying this often daunting task. With this knowledge, you can manipulate images more effectively, enhancing creativity and productivity in your projects.

Step 1. Selection of the Desired Area

Begin by selecting the area you want to change the color of. Photoshop offers several tools for different selection types.


Step 1.1 Using the Select Subject button

This one-click solution makes it easy to choose your subject.

Step 1.2 Using the Quick Selection Tool

With the Quick Selection tool, click and drag over your desired area. Photoshop will automatically find and follow defined edges.

Step 1.3 Using the Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand tool selects areas based on color and tone. Click on the color you want to select.

Step 2. Understanding the Selection Menu

The Selection Menu, located at the top, has options for refining your selection. You can add to your selection, subtract from it, or intersect it with another selection.

Step 3. Modifying the Selection

Under “Select and Mask” in the Selection Menu, you can smooth, feather, or expand your selection for precise control.

Step 4. Inverting the Selection

To select everything except your current selection, go to the Selection Menu and click “Inverse”.

Step 5. Saving the Selection

To save your selection for future use, go to the Selection Menu, select “Save Selection”, and give it a name.

Step 6. Loading the Selection

To load a saved selection, go to the Selection Menu, select “Load Selection”, and choose your saved selection.

Step 7. Changing the Color of the Selection

Once your selection is ready, you can change its color using several methods.

Step 7.1 Using the Hue/Saturation Adjustment

Under “Image” -> “Adjustments”, select “Hue/Saturation”. 

Adjust the sliders until you achieve your desired color.

Step 7.2 Using the Color Balance Adjustment

Under “Image” -> “Adjustments”, select “Color Balance”. Adjust the sliders to change the color balance of your selection.

Step 7.3 Using the Replace Color Command

Under “Image” -> “Adjustments”, select “Replace Color”. Use the eyedropper to select the color you want to replace and adjust until satisfied.

Step 8. Deselecting the Selection

Once you’re done, go to the Selection Menu and click “Deselect” to remove the selection and view your final result.