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Street photographers are some of the most prolific capturers out there. We’ve gathered 16 of the best contemporary street photographers in this amazing list.

Go follow them on social media and let their work inspire you!

A monochrome street photography shot - contemporary street photographers

16. Dirty Harrrry

This Dirty Harrrry (AKA Charalampos Kydonakis) has three r’s. He is a street photographer from Crete in Greece. He has his own unique style that attracts viewers from all over the globe.

His images of daily street life look and feel ethereal – like dreams. You will see his work, like his subjects, is full of emotion.

Many images are flash-lit, a style that Eric Kim compliments. He shows us his hometown of Rethymno and the surrounding areas, but he also travels just for the streets.

A black and white portarit by Dirty Harrrry (AKA Charalampos Kydonakis) - contemporary street photographers

Instagram | Website

15. Angelo Ferrillo

Angelo Ferrillo was all set to be an engineer. But somehow he found his way to photography. And we are lucky he did.

He is a photojournalist through and through. So we should count ourselves lucky he turns his eye, and lenses, to the street.

Apart from being a Hasselblad ambassador, he is also part of the Italian Street Photography Association. He has photographed the streets of London, Berlin, Florence, and Tokyo.

He is a great storyteller, and one of my favorite contemporary street photographers.

A close up of a busy street scene by Angelo Ferrillo

Instagram | Website

14. Zack Arias

Zack Arias is a born-and-raised Atlantian. He is a strong force in contemporary street photography. That is, when he isn’t shooting commercial photography.

Music stars or huge corporations are no mystery to Zack. He has a taste for the bold and beautiful and brings his experience into his street images.

Not only is he a Fujifilm representative but he is also one of the best contemporary photographers out there.

A blacka nd white street portarit of a butcher by Zack Arias

Instagram | Website

13. JN Silva

JN Silva considers his photography a way to augment his memories of the past. He studied English and Philosophy, which you can see reflected in his work.

By browsing through his images, you’ll see bright, colorful shots of the street. People, places, and events are the center of his photographic journey.

My favorite images of his are the reflections and aerial shots of New York City.

The silhouette of an acrobat at a funfair by JN Silva

Instagram | Website

12. Steven John Irby

If you have ever heard of Street Dreams Magazine, Steve Irby is the other half of the leadership. He runs by the moniker Steve Sweatpants on Instagram because he likes to be comfortable.

You’ll find many different styles of street photography in his portfolio. It’s a breath of fresh air and will have you coming back for more.

Cityscapes, portraits, street art – he covers it all.

hildren playing in a pretty street scene - contemporary street photographer Steven John Irby

Instagram | Website

11. Phil Penman

One word I love to use to describe Phil Penman is ‘offbeat’. His images are beautiful, funny, gripping and intriguing. He captures everyday life in New York City.

The Big Apple might be his home, but Phil originated from the UK. He makes time for shooting personal street photography in-between shooting celebrities for USA Today.

The Leica M is his weapon of choice.

An atmospheric street photography shot by Phil Penman

Instagram | Website

10. Constantin Mashinskiy

This Russian designer and photographer started his personal photography by capturing portraits for his 365 Parisians series.

He continued the project after its closure, creating a huge body of work that tells the story of a city. He captures elegant women and overworked cooks.

A black and white street scene by Constantin Mashinskiy

Instagram | Facebook

9. Donato di Comillo

Donato di Comillo did for American beaches what Martin Parr did for British ones. He showed the rest of the world what a theatre it is.

He discovered photography in prison and stuck with it when he left. He found the work of Bruce Gilden and William Klein.

Street photography was his calling. He feels like an outsider, so obviously, it is the outsiders that interest him the most. People never cease to amaze him.

Portrait of a man posing on a beach by Donato di Comillo - contemporary street photographers

Instagram | Website

8. Thomas Leuthard

Thomas is a very passionate street photographer. Not only is he an international street photographer, but he has a great outlook on helping others.

His images are free to download and use, so are his five Ebooks.

He writes extensively about his own work while promoting street photography. He is based in Switzerland, yet travels all around the globe just to capture the streets.

As a contemporary street photographer, you will be hard pushed to find many better.

Street photography portrait by Thomas Leuthard

Flickr | Website

7. Girma Barta

Girma Barta is one of my all-time favorite contemporary street photographers. He is a self-taught street photographer. A great visionary who amazingly incorporates graphic design into his images.

You will often see him cut out his subjects and place them suspended in a block color background. He runs the GBox Creative and continues to shoot the streets of Adis Ababa in Ethiopia.

We love his colorful style – it is really refreshing.

Men on a horse and cart against a block blue background by Girma Barta

Instagram | Website

6. Shinya Arimoto

Shinya Arimoto is a professor of photography at the Tokyo School of Visual Arts. He still manages to capture the streets in his spare time.

His style is to find and shoot characters he sees on his journey. He often spends hours at a time traipsing around the streets.

A black and white portrait by Shinya Arimoto - contemporary street photographers

Instagram | Website

5. John Free

John Free isn’t a newcomer to photography, let alone capturing the streets. He has experience and the images to show for it.

And he shares a lot of it on Youtube.

His video outlets show his philosophical approach to street photography. He tells us how to photograph, and he also looks at why we photograph.

John gives classes and workshops out of his native Los Angeles, as well as in many other places around the world.

Atmospheric shot of people by a riverbank by John Free

Facebook | Website

4. Paola Franqui

Paola Franqui, also known as Monaris, is a street photographer based in New York City. She is actively looking to tell stories through scenes rich with emotion, expression, and color.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t love her cool and trendy style with well-lit scenes. The Puerto Rican’s Instagram feed is full of street portraits. Her use of lighting and timing is exceptional.

Check out her Instagram and website for even more inspiration.

A street portrait of a man changing a tyre by Paola Franqui

Instagram | Website

3. Rui Palha

One of the classic photographers in our list, Rui Palha doesn’t disappoint. Lisbon is his stomping ground.

This is where he paints a portrait of the city through photos of people or street scenes.

He is very active on Facebook. This might be the best place to see his textured prints, use of leading lines and rich street moments.

A black and white portrait of a woman with two children by Rui Palha - contemporary street photographers

Facebook | Website

2. Lee Jefferies

Lee Jefferies is a UK photographer, working on very important social commentary. His project Lost Angels sees portrait after stunning portrait of homeless men and women.

He isn’t after the candid moments, but instead, he engages with the community. He prefers to build connections.

This allows their soul to bear through the simple images and flood the viewer’s hearts.

A close up portrait of tattooed hands on black background by Lee Jefferies - contemporary street photographers

Instagram | Website

1. Boogie

Boogie (born Vladimir Milivojevich) is a Serbian street photographer who traveled around the world at least twice.

It was his photography of the streets of New York that first brought him recognition.

His subjects and environments are those that we would rather turn a blind eye toward. He covers neglected children, drug abuse, and self-made gangsters. The rough sides of life laid out in black and white.

A portrait of a hooded man holding two guns by contemporary street photographer Boogie (Vladimir Milivojevich)

Instagram | Website

There you have them, 16 of the best street photographers out there. Follow them on Instagram, check out their Facebook pages, and let them inspire you.

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