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How to Copy and Paste in Photoshop

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 2 min read
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Mastering the Copy and Paste feature in Photoshop can enhance your design efficiency. This article will guide you through the process, allowing you to manipulate and adjust images with greater ease and precision.

Step 1. Select the Desired Area

Start by selecting the area you want to copy. You can choose from a variety of selection tools in Photoshop depending on your specific requirements.

Step 1.1 Using the Marquee Tool

The Marquee Tool allows you to make rectangular or elliptical selections. Simply click and drag your mouse across the area you want to select.

Step 1.2 Using the Lasso Tool

The Lasso Tool is perfect for freeform selections. Click and hold your mouse button to draw around the area you want to select.

Step 1.3 Using the Quick Selection Tool or Object Selection Tool

The Quick Selection Tool is ideal for selecting areas with similar colors. Click on the area you want to select and Photoshop will automatically extend the selection to similar pixels.

Step 2. Copy the Selected Area

Once you’ve made your selection, copy it by pressing Ctrl+C (Cmd+C on Mac).

Step 3. Paste the Copied Area

Paste your copied selection onto the new layer by pressing Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on Mac).

Step 4. Position the Pasted Area

Move the pasted area to its desired location by clicking on the “Move Tool” and dragging the selection.

Step 5. Apply Necessary Adjustments

You can make further adjustments to the pasted area as needed.

Step 5.1 Resizing the Pasted Area

To resize, select the “Transform Tool” (Ctrl+T, Cmd+T ) and drag the corners of your pasted area to adjust its size. To rotate, drag your mouse around the pivot point.

Step 5.2 Adjusting the Opacity of the Pasted Area

To adjust opacity, go to the layers panel and adjust the “Opacity” slider.

Step 6. Save Your Work

Finally, save your work. Go to “File” > “Save As”, choose your desired format and location, and click “Save”. Your work is now complete.