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Excire Foto Review 2022 (Best New Photo Management Software?)

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Excire Foto is an AI-driven image cataloguing program. It lets you search by gender, age, or any automatically (or manually) assigned keywords. Can this powerful new software help you uncover hidden photo treasures? We put the Excire AI to the test.

Excire Foto Product Shot

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What is Excire Foto?

Excire Foto uses AI technology to analyse your photos and automatically assign keywords. This automation sets Excire Foto aside from other photo management software. Its sibling software ‘Excire Search 2’ works as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic. This adds Excire Foto keywords to your Lightroom Catalogue. The powerful search tool lets you filter to keywords, rating, flag colour, and people.

A one-time purchase price of €69.00 puts Excire Foto in the ‘affordable’ category. The ‘Excire Search 2’ Lightroom Plugin is also €69.00. Both packages are compatible with Apple’s new M1 chip and run 64-bit on Windows 10.

Excire Foto Search By Keyword

Why Do I Need AI Photo Management?

Excire Foto analyses photos without importing or duplicating files. This means it does not need much disk space, which is useful if you have images across several hard drives. You can add folders to the browser panel, and Excire Foto scans, catalogues, and ads its own keywords to them.

The keywords are quite specific. The first folder I pointed Excire Foto to was a shoot from Istanbul. The AI knew it was looking at pictures of architecture, a building, and a mosque related to religion. It spotted the leading lines, the shots in silhouette, and those with bokeh.

a screenshot of excire foto scanning folders

Key Features of Excire Foto

Excire Foto Interface

Like most digital asset management software, Excire Foto is divided into four sections.

  • The main window showing your images
  • The browser panel on the left
  • The current selection data across the top
  • The control panel to the right.

The dark grey background gives a good contrast to the image thumbnails. The white text and blue selection highlights look efficient if not friendly.

a screenshot of the Excire Foto Interface

Folders & Collections

When you add a folder to the browser pane, the software scans and adds keywords. The whole process is blazingly fast—a folder with 200 RAW files took 14 seconds to analyse.

Images from multiple folders can be put into Collections much like Lightroom or Capture One. Drag the Image thumbnails onto a Collection to add them.

To go one step further, your Collections can be organised into Groups. Allowing you to manage and organise tens of thousands of images without ever moving them.

a screenshot of organisation in Excire Foto

Rate & Flag

A click in the bottom left corner of a thumbnail will open the Rating window. You can rate up to five stars, flag by colour, and select or reject the image. The toolbar at the top of the main window lets you filter your view based on these selections.

Double click on a thumbnail, and you can view a large preview, with a filmstrip of the surrounding photos at the bottom of the screen.

This is our preferred view for arrow keying through our shots and using the number keys to add ratings. Numbers 6-9 flag red, yellow, green, and blue (command+9 flags purple). There is also a handy little button in the top right of a thumbnail that helps you find similar photos.

a screenshot of Excire Foto Rating Large View

Keyword Search

The list of applied keywords lives in the control panel on the right. Disclosure triangles reveal sub-keywords within the greater categories. For instance, ‘Face’ opens to reveal things like ‘Eyes Open’, ‘Beard’, and ‘Sunglasses’. The vehicle category accurately identified Boats, Busses, Quad bikes, Trams, and Ambulances.

a screenshot of the Excire Foto Keyword hierarchy detail

Searching for People

The most impressive of the program’s numerous smart features is its ability to search people by age. ‘Find Faces’ lets you search by how many people are in the shot and whether they are smiling or not. We were also impressed by the Male to Female attribute slider, making the software inclusive.

a screenshot of the Excire Foto Find Faces Window

Using Excire Foto to Edit Metadata

Selecting a thumbnail shows its Metadata in the control panel on the right. Clicking the edit button brings up the Metadata Editor. Here you can manually input IPTC data such as copyright and location or apply an IPTC profile. File > IPTC Profile Manager lets you create metadata profiles. These can be applied to multiple images in a single click.

a acreenshot of the Excire Foto Metadata Edit Window

Software Integration

A right-click on a thumbnail lets you open the original image in your preferred image editing software. Unlike Lightroom or Capture One, the edited photo will not automatically show up in your catalogue. You have to save your edit to the folder with the original file. Then right-click the folder in the browser, and select ‘Update’.

Excire Foto can import images from your camera or move files from place to place. Built-in integration with both Dropbox and Google Drive lets you share images straight to your online storage.

a screenshot of Excire Foto software integration options

Search Accuracy

Excire has added keywords we would not have thought of, narrowing the field the instant you click. As you will see below, there were a few discrepancies in our tests. Updating keywords is quick and easy. It certainly takes less time than it would to manually keyword a whole library of images.

Excire Keyword Search Technology example
Imagine my surprise at having photographed a Circuit Board

Auto Keywording Alternatives

There are online platforms like Extensis Portfolio. They offer auto keywording as part of an online digital assets management platform. These are primarily cloud-based programs built to share digital assets across a team, with conversion and asset deployment tools.

Lightroom Plugins like Any Vision or LrTag are available on subscription and require an internet connection to work. They are no way near as fast and require a subscription to Adobe Lightroom. Excire Foto works locally and is a self-contained standalone app.


Excire Foto is an intelligent, easy photo management system. Excire keywords are, for the most part, accurate, and the super-fast image display shows your search results in a clear navigable way. We would like to see improvements such as live folder updates and integration with more platforms like SmugMug or SquareSpace.


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