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How to Create a Mockup in Photoshop

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 2 min read
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Creating a mockup in Photoshop can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide simplifies the process, helping you visualize your design in a realistic context. Mastering this skill can enhance your project presentations and boost client satisfaction.

Step 1. Open the Base Image

Choose the image where you intend to position and incorporate your design. This will be the base image for your project.

Step 2. Importing Your Design

After setting up your workspace, import your design into the project.

Step 2.1 Using the ‘Place’ Command

To use the ‘Place’ command, click ‘File’, then ‘Place Embedded’. Locate your design file and click ‘Place’.

Step 2.2 Using the ‘Drag and Drop’ Method

Alternatively, you can drag and drop your design file directly into the Photoshop workspace from your file explorer.

Step 3. Creating a Smart Object

Right-click your design layer and select ‘Convert to Smart Object’. This allows non-destructive editing and preserves the quality of your design.

Step 4. Using the Transformation Tools

The transformation tools can further refine your design’s appearance.

Step 4.1 Using the ‘Free Transform’ Tool

Press ‘Ctrl+T’ or go to ‘Edit’ then ‘Free Transform’. Drag the corners to resize, or drag outside the bounding box to rotate. Hold ‘CTRL or Command’ to change the perspective of the image.

Step 4.2 Using the ‘Warp’ Tool

The ‘Warp’ tool, found under ‘Edit’ then ‘Transform’, can distort your design for a unique look.

Step 4.3 Adjusting the Perspective

To adjust the perspective of your design, select ‘Edit’, then ‘Transform’, and finally ‘Perspective’. Drag the corners to alter the perspective.

Step 5. Applying Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers can modify colors and tones. Click the half-filled circle at the bottom of the layers panel and select your desired adjustment.

Step 6. Finalizing and Exporting Your Mockup

Once satisfied with your mockup, go to ‘File’, then ‘Export’, and select your preferred format. Name your file, choose a destination, and click ‘Save’.