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13 Best Luminar Neo Presets (Free & Paid)

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Looking to take your photography skills to the next level? Luminar NEO has you covered. With over 13 presets designed to help you perfect your photos, Luminar NEO is the perfect tool for any photographer looking to improve their work. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these presets will help you achieve the look you’re going for in no time at all. Check out our list of the 13 best Luminar NEO presets and get started today!

How To Install Luminar Presets

Adding presets you’ve purchased or downloaded is also easy. You’ll see the Purchased heading on the right side of the Luminar AI or Neo interface with an “+Add” button. Clicking this allows you to search your computer for files you can then upload to the software.

You can also access purchased presets back through the File menu. Open the File menu and click on the option that says “Add Luminar Preset Collection.” This will open the file explorer window so you can find and access the files.

Files for Luminar AI have the .lmp file name. And Luminar NEO files have the .lnpc file name. Once uploaded, the new preset pack will appear in your preset or template library.

The best place to access new preset and template packs is the Luminar Marketplace. This is where you’ll find all the official Luminar preset packs. They have signature templates from the Skylum team and successful photographers. There are paid and free options for Luminar users.

You can find third-party presets. These preset packs are designed independently of Skylum by artists and photographers. There are some excellent options out there. But be careful when downloading third-party templates. Make sure you can trust the website.

You can also save your own edits as personal presets. When you’ve found a combination of effects you particularly like, you can save it as a preset. Once saved, you can access it at any time. And Luminar AI or Neo will apply the changes with a simple click of the mouse.

Screenshot of a chicken photo in Luminar Neo

13 Best Luminar Presets

We’ll now take you through our favorite Luminar Presets. We’ve found the best free Luminar presets for Luminar 4, Luminar AI, and Luminar Neo. Double-check the compatibility before you make any preset purchases online.

These are our picks for the best paid and free Luminar presets. Skylum is yet to release free presets for Luminar Neo, but there are excellent free Luminar presets already installed in the software.

We’ve picked our favorites and selected some free Luminar presets for Luminar 4 and AI. They’re presets created by the Skylum Team and their top collaborators.

1. Dream Film – Sunset Collection

  • Compatible Software: Luminar Neo
  • Creator: Team Skylum
  • Price: Free

The Dream Film preset is one of my favorite free Luminar presets. The Luminar NEO preset collections are excellent, with plenty of options for any type of photography. But this collection transforms photos more than any other. And it’s free when you buy Luminar Neo.

The Sunsets Collection has five fantastic presets that turn any dull photo into a gorgeous sunset scene. The changes aren’t subtle. And they can look over-the-top if you use them on the wrong image. But the effects within the preset are transformative when used correctly.

2. SmugMug Looks

Before and after picture of a cloudy sky with a city in the distance

Skylum and SmugMug have come together to create a fantastic set of free Luminar presets. Luminar and Smugmug are perfect bedfellows. And Smugmug has used its expertise in image sharing and hosting to create a wonderful set of presets—SmugMug Looks.

It’s a well-curated preset pack, with Smugmug utilizing its experience in the image business. There’s a landscape option that adds detail and depth. And you have a black and white portrait option for moody closeups.

3. Pexels Pack

Before and after using a luminar preset for a woodland pathway in autumn

  • Compatible Software: Luminar 4
  • Creator: Pexels
  • Price: Free

This collection of Luminar presets is a collaboration with Pexels, one of the biggest stock photo libraries online. They’ve used their experience to develop an excellent set of free Luminar presets. They’re available for Luminar 4. And the pack contains ten presets, with something for landscapes, portraits, and architecture.

4. Environmental Portrait Kit

Before and after portrait of woman in a tea shop using a luminar preset

  • Compatible Software: Luminar AI, Neo
  • Creator: Team Skylum
  • Price: $$$

Team Skylum has produced a stunning set of Luminar presets for AI and Neo. Their Environmental Portraits Kit was specifically designed for a certain type of portrait.

The presets enhance environmental portraits by adding detail and texture to the environment. They also bring more vitality to the subject. This preset pack isn’t cheap, but many portrait photographers will love it.

5. Film Look

Before and after using a luminar preset for a skateboarder in the air

  • Compatible Software: Luminar AI
  • Creator: Marina Liashchuck
  • Price: $

People tend to think you can achieve a film aesthetic by adding a bit of grain. But there’s more subtlety to it than that. And the Film Look preset collection gives you an authentic look every time.

6. Universal Horizons

Before and after image of cable car over a canyon

  • Compatible Software: Luminar 4, AI, Neo
  • Creator: Edin Chavez
  • Price: $

Universal Horizons is the perfect Luminar preset pack for travel photographers. It’s a sky replacement preset package with ten glorious templates. The skies are replaced with one click when you apply the preset. It’ll add new dimensions to your travel images.

7. Seaside Artistic Collection

Before and after image of a seaside church

  • Compatible Software: Luminar AI, Neo
  • Creator: Team Skylum
  • Price: $

The Seaside Artistic Collection from Team Skylum is something completely different. With one click of your mouse, your seaside photos become works of art. Even the dullest coastal photo can become something that looks crafted by an artist. This set is well worth the price.

8. Studio Portraits

Before and after using a luminar preset on the image of a woman in a white dress

  • Compatible Software: Luminar AI, Neo
  • Creator: Irene Rudnyk
  • Price: $$

This Luminar preset pack is for photographers that love classical portraiture. Studio portraits are still big business. And the Studio Portraits preset pack is the perfect way to improve your portrait game. It isn’t the cheapest set, but you get 25 templates. And it’s ideal if you’re passionate about portraits.

9. Dynamic Result – Overcast

  • Compatible Software: Luminar Neo
  • Creator: Team Skylum
  • Price: Free

Overcast skies can often be drab and uninteresting. But the Overcast preset pack in Luminar NEO turns boring overcast skies into dramatic and eventful scenes. We particularly like the Dynamic Results preset. It brings out the details in any cloudy photo.

10. Influencer Collection

Screenshot of Influencer collection of presets on Luminar AI

  • Compatible Software: Luminar AI
  • Creator: Team Skylum
  • Price: Free

Social media has become the central marketplace for young creatives. And the Influencer Collection of free Luminar presets is a fantastic way to give your content a boost. This preset pack comes free with Luminar AI.

It isn’t easy to get ahead on Instagram. But these are the best free Luminar presets that give you a leg up to make a splash on the socials.

11. Creating the Wow Factor

Before and after Landscape photo of a mountain village

  • Compatible Software: Luminar 4, AI
  • Creator: Elia Locardi
  • Price: $

If you’re feeling uninspired by your landscapes and cityscapes, Creating the Wow Factor is the perfect preset pack to get you excited again. The presets bring out the detail, adding color vibrancy and rich tones. They enhance your landscape photos without making fundamental changes. They turn “whatever” into “wow.”

12. Unique Architecture

before and after using a luminar preset on the image of staircases from above

  • Compatible Software: Luminar 4, AI, Neo
  • Creator: Nancy Da Campo
  • Price: $

It can be tricky to find the perfect settings for architectural photography. You no longer need to spend hours tweaking one setting and adjusting another. The Unique Architecture preset pack allows you to enhance your architecture photography at lightning speed. Nancy Da Campo has designed nine templates any architecture shooter will love.

13. The Cinematographer

Before and after photo of a girl by a road at night

  • Compatible Software: Luminar 4, AI, Neo
  • Creator: Justin Lim
  • Price: $

The Cinematographer Luminar preset pack is ideal for photographers with a cinematic eye. These templates give you the perfect opportunity to try your hand at cinematography. They add a depth you only find in movies from the big screen. It’ll change the way you compose your photos and construct narratives in photography.


The Luminar presets are the highlights of Skylum software. The Luminar Looks collection is a quick and convenient solution to complex editing problems. And while the presets are a quick solution, they make no compromise in quality.

All Luminar presets are precise and sophisticated. That’s not to say every preset will improve any photo. But when you find the right template for the right image, it’s like magic. You’ll see a transformation that gives your photos a brand new dimension.

We’ve included our favorite free Luminar presets from the Skylum Marketplace. And we’ve also listed our top picks for the paid preset packs for Luminar 4, AI, and Neo. Try them today and see how you can transform your photography with just a click.

If you don’t have Luminar editing software, but still want to try presets, check out our Preset Collection for Lightroom!

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