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High Angle Photo Ideas Tips for Interesting Photos

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 3 min read
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When it comes to photography, angles can make all the difference. A high angle photo, for example, can add interest and drama to an image. In this article, we’ll share our fantastic high angle photo ideas. So if you’re looking to try something new, keep reading!

High Angle Photo Ideas


Now, it’s pretty clear that if you’re using a photo with a horizon in it, then it’s not as high as it could be. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t work though, because it can, in fact, the I nearly used the photo below for this experiment.
So long as you keep the horizon at the top of the frame and make sure that the rest of the photo is interesting, it can work really well. Read more about using high horizons here.An image of a cityscape, shot at an angle. High Angle – 30 Day Photography Challenge Tips


Whether you’re shooting in portrait or landscape, can make a big difference to the feel of your photo as it changes the balance and feeling of stability. We all know that a long flat bottom is going to be sturdier than the tall, skinny, precarious image. This is magnified when you look down because we start to lose our sense of balance. A portrait image of a city. High Angle – 30 Day Photography Challenge Tips
When there’s no horizon in particular, it’s hard to find a balance.


This is the photo that I chose for day 5, because it meets the criteria: it looks down so that you can’t see a horizon at all, and views a familiar sight, from an unfamiliar angle.
This is what you’re looking for.
You can do this with anything, perhaps out of your apartment onto the street below, or looking down from a cliff to some people on the beach.
It doesn’t even have to be that high.
The reason I love this sort of shot is because it breaks free from the sort of photography that I’m personally used to. I take so many photos of people from my height, or from my hip, that I often forget about other possible angles. An image looking down on terraced houses. High Angle – 30 Day Photography Challenge Tips
If you would like to keep track of the 30 Day Photography Challenge, come on over to my Facebook page, Twitter and/or Pinterest, and share your photos with me and the rest of the community. The best ones will be included in these posts. Alternatively, you can leave a comment below. (Note: if you’re linking from Facebook, be sure to ‘copy image address’).

Low Angle Picture Ideas

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An image from a plane window overlooking plains. High Angle – 30 Day Photography Challenge Tips
Patrick Connolly