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8 Best Smartphone Apps for Creating a Photo Collage

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Remember when creating collages used to take a lot of effort and editing skills? These days, you can get beautiful results with just a collage app.
In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best photo editor app options available out there for your iPhone or smartphone.

8. Canva

3 Phones showing the results of using the Canva photo collage app
This free app is perfect for people who want to create professional-looking collages but aren’t good at graphic design. Because of all the tools and features it offers, it’s also useful for those who work with social media a lot.
Canva offers different templates from Instagram Stories to Facebook banners. That way you don’t have to readjust your photo dimensions every time. The workflow with this app is quick, easy, and provides consistent results.
Once you tap the platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that you want, several custom layout options will pop up below it. They all contain sample pictures and text to make it easy for you to envision how they will look like.
You can double-tap either the words or the photo to change or edit them.
To create a collage, look for Photo Collage and choose the template you like. There are plenty of options to choose from such as simple diptychs and even wallet-sized tiles.
You can further customize your work by adding graphics or text on the photos. And it’s available both for iOS and Android devices.

iPhone | Android

7. Diptic

4 Phones showing the results of using the Diptic photo collage app
Tired of the usual borders in your photo collages? Diptic is a $2.99 app that offers creative custom layouts that you won’t find anywhere else. Its Fancy Designs include peace signs, hearts and even waves.
Apart from the unusual designs, it also has the classic layouts if you prefer a clean and simple design. And if you’re in the mood for bolder frame options, there are even bordered layouts for you to try.
Diptic also features animated selections for creating unique content. By switching the photos from one grid to another, people can view the images better.
But this photo collage app’s most significant selling point is that it allows you to customize your work. That means you can change the colors, sizes, and even the aspect ratio of your borders and frames.
It even includes a variety of textures to choose from. So if you’re bored with using plain colors, you can always try using patterns, instead.
And what if you don’t like any of the layouts? The app lets you manipulate your frame by dragging the joints to alter the size and shape of the grids.
The lines may confuse you at first. But don’t worry, it’s intuitive, and you’ll understand how to use it in no time.
It’s an excellent way to create collages, whether for Christmas greeting cards or to upload on social media.

iPhone | Android

6. Moldiv

4 Phones showing the results of using the Moldiv photo collage app on the screens
This free photo collage app is a one-stop shop for all your mobile photography needs. It offers free collage templates, filters, and photo editing tools to let you do everything.
In fact, it even has its own camera and beauty function for those who love to look good in selfies.
Moldiv has one of the most extensive photo collections of different layouts with 312 options to choose from. Once you find a template, the app will tell you to tap one of the photo collage frames so you can upload a photo.
As soon as you fill the template, you’ll have access to various editing tools such as Switch, Rotate, as well as Filters.
At the bottom of the screen, you’ll also find the Background icon. Tap it to change the frame and the color of the layout.
If you want to have a little fun, you can also try the app’s Magazine layouts. You can choose from dozens of templates and change the titles and add text or captions.
This option is not only perfect for blogging, but it’s also a useful tool for creating Instagram stories.

iPhone | Android

5. PicStitch

4 Phones showing the results of using the Picstitch photo collage app on the screens
Photo collage apps are everywhere, and they all offer the same features for the most part. But what makes PicStitch different is that it allows you to place video clips in your layouts.
And if that isn’t enough, you can even add music within the app.
To use PicStitch’s video function, all you have to do is drop a short clip into one of the frames like a regular photo. Once it’s in place, a video editor would pop up.
At the bottom of the screen, you can drag the blue tabs to trim your footage between 6 seconds and 15 seconds long.
After trimming your video, you now have the option to adjust the orientation and change the speed of the clip. You can also add filters to bring out the colors of your collage.
When you’re satisfied with the edit, press Done and the footage will be ready to download.
Of course, you can create regular photo collages with this app as well. It has all the features every other app offers such as templates and borders.
It even lets you add stickers and text for a personalized touch for the perfect photos.

iPhone | Android

4. Layout

Four smartphone screens showing the results of using the Layout photo collage app
If you like to keep everything simple, this free photo collage maker from Instagram is perfect for you. It doesn’t have as many features as its counterparts.
But its lack of customizability is ironically what makes it one of the most user-friendly options on this list.
Once you get on the app, all you have to do is select all the photos that you’d like to use. Then they’ll show up in all the layout options available for you. You can then slide the images around to rearrange them.
If you want to change the size of the frames, tap the blue handles and push them in or out.
At the bottom of the screen, you have four icons to help you edit your design. Tap the Replace icon if you want to change your photos. You also have the option to use the Mirror or Flip tools to reorder the images.
If you want to try another frame, select Borders to look for a new layout. Once you’re finished, you can save the file and share it directly to Instagram.

iPhone | Android

3. Photo Grid

Four smartphone screens showing the results of using the Photo Grid photo collage app
If you want to have fun and make cute collages with your photos, then you need to try this collage app. It has dozens of free collage templates similar to what others already offer.
But what sets it apart is its Scrapbook feature which lets you add backgrounds, stickers, and even type some text.
This collage app lets you choose templates on the Photo Grid app by their aspect ratios. For instance, you can select 1:1 or 4:5 if you want to create collages for Instagram. But you can also try the regular 4:3 or 5:7 if you’d like to have regular-sized prints.
Once you fill all the panels with photos, you can change the border or place stickers on it.
The scrapbook works the same way as the grid layouts. All you have to do is place the photos into the frames like a regular collage. You also get to change the background and even try different shapes as your frames.
That means you can now use stars and triangles instead of square and rectangular borders.

iPhone | Android

2. Pic Collage

Four smartphone screens showing the results of using the Pic Collage photo collage app
This collage app is perfect for you if you’re still new to creating collages. It even shows you what to do with helpful on-screen instructions. With visual illustrations and arrows, you’ll know where to add photos and where to edit them.
Its icons also have bright colors and are labeled, so you know what they’re for.
Apart from grid layouts, this collage maker app also has a Freestyle feature which lets you arrange the frames any way you want.
For a personalized look, you can add stickers, text, and even create custom backgrounds.
And if you want to spice up your Instagram stories, you can also try Templates. There are plenty of colorful options to choose from no matter your style.
You can even customize them with stickers if Instagram graphics aren’t enough for you. All these awesome features will ensure you’ve got all the collage-making options you’ll ever need.

iPhone | Android

1. Photo Blend & Shape Collage Maker

Four smartphone screens showing the results of using best photo collage app
Want to turn your photos into an eagle or moon-shaped mosaic? Then this photo collage app is the one for you. It’s fun to use, and it creates art without much effort using an algorithm.
To use this collage app, you’ll first need to choose eight images from your gallery. Afterward, select a shape that you like, and the app automatically trims those photos to fit your chosen frame.
If you want to make improvements to your collage, adjust the exposure and the colors by tapping the sliders icon.
If you don’t like its custom shapes, you can try the app’s collection of grid layouts, too.
I admit that it has much more limited editing features than its competitors, so we wouldn’t call it the best photo collage app out there. But it does the job if you want to create a simple collage.



Choosing the best photo collage app for you is a matter of deciding which features you love the most. Each of these options has something unique to offer. So in the end, it’s up to you to figure out which one you’d like to use.
Since you can download most of them for free, you should test them out. You even have the option to use one or two applications to produce unique collages.
Have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment.

We’ve recently been checking out Instasize as another great app for creating photo collages. Be sure to check back in for our full report!

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