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Simple Wedding Photography Review – Photography Concentrate

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Wedding photography is a field that, in a strange way, is simple and complex at the same time. It’s simple because once you get used to its challenges, the process becomes second nature. But it’s also complex because until you get there, you have to work hard and tediously.

Lauren Lim of Photography Concentrate knows this, so she created an ebook, ‘Simple Wedding Photography’. Read on to find out if it’s for you.

Photography Concentrate’s Simple Wedding Photography
Photography Concentrate's Simple Wedding Photography
Capture beautiful, timeless wedding photos with ease using this comprehensive wedding photography guide.

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Simple Wedding Photography: An Overview

Who Is ‘Simple Wedding Photography’ For?

The answer is pretty simple: for photographers who want to be professionals in the wedding business.

To get the most out of it, you need to have strong fundamentals in photography. This includes solid technical knowledge and a good taste for composition. Besides, you need to understand lighting and posing, and have effective editing skills.

You need to be serious with your intentions. Not only is this ebook on its own a serious investment, but gear and other costs will also be in the thousands if you decide to jump into wedding photography.


‘Simple Wedding Photography’ consists of two main parts: Photography and Business. The two take up roughly equal parts.

In the ‘Photography’ section, you’ll find practical advice on equipment, technique, approach, and other photo-related skills. In the second, ‘Business’ half, there is a cohesive guide on setting up and running your wedding photography business.

Check out the table of contents:

A screenshot of the Table of Contents from Simple Wedding Photography ebook


In addition to the ebook, you also get a number of useful perks. These include:

  • an Album Commentary,
  • a Branding Worksheet,
  • a Post-Wedding Report Card,
  • a Sample Wedding Album,
  • Seven SimpleMarketing Tips,
  • a typical Wedding Day Shot List,
  • a Wedding Day Worksheet,
  • and a Wedding Prep Checklist.A screenshot from the Simple Wedding Photography ebook extras

About the Authors

It was the team of Photography Concentrate who created this course. The primary author is Lauren Lim. She is a wedding photographer from Edmonton, Canada, and a long-time educator.

I have reviewed two other products by them:

Photo of a woman standing in front of shelves full of cameras


You can purchase ‘Simple Wedding Photography’ for $129 at the time of writing. For a business ebook that can potentially make you earn a lot more, it’s not necessarily expensive – up to you to decide.

What I Liked in ‘Simple Wedding Photography’


Probably the most important advantage of this ebook is that it covers pretty much everything you’ll need in the wedding business.

You get a clear idea of the investments you need to make, the skills you need to acquire, and the process of both photography and management.

This is really valuable – you won’t really have information gaps.


Most points are supported by detailed descriptions, as well as a ton of practical advice.

Screenshot from the Simple Wedding Photography ebook

Many also have original images as examples.Screenshot from the Simple Wedding Photography ebook

Overall, I think that the ebook does a good job of explaining every little aspect in detail.


Lauren’s images have a unique style, full of color and life. They both inspire you and illustrate the text nicely.
My favourite photo from the ebook is this one below. I love how it plays with light and color, while also fulfilling its role as a solid wedding photograph that anyone would hang on their wall.

Business / Marketing

Explaining the ins and outs of wedding photography is one thing. The bigger challenge is explaining the business side in an informative but concise way.

And ‘Simple Wedding Photography’ does just that. It’s a fantastic summary of everything you need to take care of and be aware of.

Here, too, the ebook is very detailed, discussing things from basic logo design to invoicing.


The parts I’ve found most useful were the questions you need to ask, either from yourself or your clients.

This example helps you achieve better engagement sessions, and as a result, better engagement shots.

Screenshot from the Simple Wedding Photography ebook


The entire PDF is fully navigable with internal links and interactive buttons. You can jump to the table of contents, and go back instantly where you were, for instance.Screenshot of the Simple Wedding Photography ebook

Areas to Improve

Business Section is Too Dense

In contrast with the first part, there’s not a lot of illustrations in the second half of the ebook, even though some paragraphs cry for them.

Screenshot of the Simple Wedding Photography ebook
I would’ve added visual examples of personal branding here. The only thing we see is Rob & Lauren’s (Lauren’s business) logo, three pages later.


I don’t know of many alternatives, but there’s one I have to mention here.

It’s SLR Lounge’s ‘Wedding Photography Training System’, a huge, 70-hour video course on everything you can possibly imagine about wedding photography. It’s not so detailed in the business aspect, though: there’s a separate, similarly excessive course on that.

Of course, it’s more expensive, but it also has incomparably more content. You can get it for $299 on its own, or for $348 yearly as part of the SLR Lounge Premium membership.

Our Verdict

As a recap or an introductory ebook, ‘Simple Wedding Photography’ does an outstanding job. Of course, in the long run, it will pay you a lot more than its $129 price – up to you to decide, if that’s worth it for this ebook.

If you’re thinking about investing a little more, you might be better off going with SLR Lounge’s offer. Provided you have the patience and determination to watch 70+ hours of video material densely packed with information.


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Photography Concentrate’s Simple Wedding Photography
Photography Concentrate's Simple Wedding Photography
Capture beautiful, timeless wedding photos with ease using this comprehensive wedding photography guide.

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