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17 Influential Underwater Photographers to Follow in 2024

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 8 min read
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Whether they are taken in the deepest ocean or a swimming pool, underwater images are breathtaking. And the best thing about being an underwater photographer? Knowing your work has such a powerful effect on those who view it.

But underwater photography is not the easiest niche to explore. It may require specialized equipment and knowledge of the underwater world. These challenges make underwater photography worth exploring as an art form.

We’ve listed 17 underwater photographers working today who capture unique aspects of life below the surface. Believe us; they are worth checking out!
Underwater photography of a diver in the deep sea surrounded by magical creatures

Who Are The Most Influential Underwater Photographers?

Let’s look at the work of these fantastic underwater photographers that have inspired us recently. Each of these photographers brings something special to the niche.

1. Thomas P. Peschak

Thomas P. Peschak is a wildlife photojournalist, conservationist, and assignment photographer for National Geographic. His images often show us the unique character of the wildlife he shoots.

He is also a Founding and Associate Director of the Manta Trust. The organization’s goal is to provide a sustainable future for the oceans.


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A post shared by Thomas Peschak (@thomaspeschak)

2. Brian Skerry

Brian Skerry is a photojournalist and conservationist. He specializes in marine wildlife and underwater environments. And his portfolio is full of impressive close-up portraits of whales, sharks, and seals.

Brian is a photographer for National Geographic Magazine and has been awarded Wildlife Photographer of the Year an impressive 11 times!

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A post shared by Brian Skerry (@brianskerry)

3. Juan Oliphant

Juan Oliphant grew up surfing and later got into diving. He is a passionate conservation photographer and shark photographer. His goal is to protect and save the oceans.

He uses his breathtaking shark photos to bring people closer to nature and show us what we can lose by not taking care of our planet.

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A post shared by Juan Oliphant #JuanSharks (@juansharks)

4. David Doubilet

David Doubliet is also a National Geographic photographer. He is the partner of Jennifer Hayes—another amazing underwater photographer on our list.

His mission is to give a voice to the ocean through his images. And it’s also to connect people to this mysterious world and raise awareness of its devastation.

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A post shared by David Doubilet (@daviddoubilet)

5. Elena Kalis

Elena is a photographer based in the Bahamas who brings attention to the Bahamas National Trust’s conservation work. She mostly works with models and gymnasts to create spectacular underwater images in natural environments.

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A post shared by Elena Kalis (@elenakalis)

6. Shawn Heinrichs

Shawn is an Emmy-award-winning cinematographer, photographer, and conservationist. And he has a strong passion for protecting the oceans.

He recognized that people only protect what they love. So he inspires people to act, and he does it with his stunning images. Shawn’s unique use of light in his underwater shots highlights the mysteries of the deep.

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A post shared by Shawn Heinrichs (@shawnheinrichs)

7. Craig Parry

Craig is a self-taught oceanic and nature photographer based in Australia. His work focuses on marine and landscape photography. And he aims to connect the viewers with the environment.

He travels the world and creates engaging images that make us wish to see these scenes with our own eyes.

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A post shared by CRAIG PARRY (@craigparryphotography)

8. Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel is a self-taught photographer from the US. He is also an animal activist and hosts a TV series about dog adoption.

He became world-famous when his playful series of underwater dog portraits became an internet sensation. You can’t hold back a smile when viewing these diving dogs!

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A post shared by Underwater Dogs – Seth Casteel (@sethcasteel)

9. Jason Washington

Jason Washington is a diver passionate about the undiscovered underwater worlds. Shipwrecks provide a haunting backdrop to his unique underwater images of wildlife and gymnasts.

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A post shared by Jason Washington (@caymanjason)

10. Jennifer Hayes

Jennifer is an aquatic biologist, ocean advocate, and contributing photographer and speaker for National Geographic Partners. Her images show different species and underwater scenes from everywhere around the globe.

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A post shared by Jennifer Hayes (@jenniferhayesig)

11. Andrey Savin

Andrey Savin is an underwater photographer and videographer. He is a certified diver and spends a lot of time underwater. His unique skills allow him to take outstanding macro photos you don’t get to see very often.

He travels a lot and has guided tours and workshops. So you can go with him to take as vibrant and diverse images as him.

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A post shared by Andrey Savin 📸 Solo diver (

12. Jorge Cervera Hauser

Jorge is an underwater photographer, award-winning film producer, and eco-tourism activist. He shares his love for the oceans through his work.

His images show all kinds of beautiful creatures from the deep. And he has documented some never-seen-before marine behavior.

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A post shared by Jorge Cervera Hauser (@jchauser)

13. Irina Kazakova

Irina Kazakova is a Russian rhythmic gymnast who started her underwater photography career as a model. Photography has become one of the mediums through which she expresses her creativity. And now she takes stunning underwater portraits.

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A post shared by Cayman Islands Photographer (@sunallure_studio)

14. Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson is an underwater photographer and cinematographer from Australia. He focuses on encounters with ocean giants ocean, only using natural light.

He dives on a single breath and takes fine-art images. And looking at his breathtaking photos, we begin to feel small!

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A post shared by Scott Wilson (@scottwilsonimagery)

15. Tom Cannon

Tom Cannon enjoys surfing, connecting with nature, and taking amazing underwater photographs. He co-founded Protect What You Love, a clothing line with a mission to protect different marine species.

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A post shared by Ocean | Australia | Wildlife (@tomcannonphotography)

16. Greg Lecoeur

If you want to see some breathtaking underwater images, look at Greg’s work. He is committed to preserving the oceans, and his images present the underwater biodiversity and our environmental heritage.

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A post shared by GREG LECOEUR – PHOTOGRAPHER (@greg.lecoeur)

17. Tom St George

Tom St George has two passions—diving and photography. And he combines the two in his stunning underwater photos.

He loves photographing underwater caverns, caves, and marine wildlife. And his photos show magical and unknown worlds to the viewer.

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A post shared by 📷 Tom St George (

Conclusion: Influential Underwater Photographers

These influential underwater photographers unveil the mesmerizing beauty beneath the waves. And some even have a passion for preservation that serves as a call to protect our oceans.

Through their lenses, we’re transported to a vibrant realm. And they prompt us to marvel at its wonders and actively safeguard the delicate marine ecosystems they hold dear.

We hope our list inspires your endeavors with underwater photography. If you’re new to taking underwater photos, check out our best underwater cameras article to take the plunge yourself!