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Rule of Thirds

The 5 Most Abused Rules of Composition

The 5 Most Abused Rules of Composition

There are many different rules of composition, and it’s hard to know how to use them all correctly. The fact of the matter is that most people never learn how to use most of them, and that leads to some very misused and abused rules. We’re going to look at


Rule of Thirds – 30 Day Photography Challenge Tips

It’s now Day 2 in my 30 Day Photography Challenge, and today’s challenge is to tackle the rule of thirds. This is a great rule, and pretty much the first rule that photographers learn when it comes to composition. Here’s my full article on the Rule of Thirds. You should read the

30 Day Photo Image

30 Day Photography Challenge Project

This is my brand new 30 day photography challenge, and I want YOU to take part too. For my next 30 posts, I’m going to be providing you with tips on how to take the photos that I’ve listed here, and sharing my own results (and I encourage you to

A Beginner's Guide to Composition

A Beginner’s Guide to Composition

Composition is a funny old thing, because it’s common knowledge that learning composition will help your photography, but it’s also something you should never really pay too much consideration too. I always feel that it’s best to teach people composition under the guidance that it’s training a person’s eyes to look at a potential photo in a different way. You should never just blindly follow the ‘rules’, but you can use your new knowledge to shape your photos into something which is much more pleasing to the eye.


Top 10 Composition Tutorials

Introduction When it comes to taking good photos, learning composition is key. These composition ‘rules’ are really only guides because there are no real rules to photography. The more you know about composition, the easier it’ll be to compose your photo in a way that appeals to more people. Once

A Beginner's Guide to Photography

A Beginner’s Guide To Photography

I’ve been writing on this site for a while now, and I’ve put together a lot of good content, but the trouble is that a lot of it can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This post will walk you though everything that a beginner in photography should learn, and in the order that they’re supposed to learn it. Welcome to my 100th post.

9 Ways to Create an Interesting Background in Your Photos

9 Ways to Create an Interesting Background in Your Photos

You may have noticed by now that I’ve not put any photos of a model on a white background on this site, and there’s a good reason for this – I find these photos boring and unimaginative and the shooting environment unconducive to interesting photography. You see, the way I see it, is that every pixel in a photo have an equal amount of importance and it’s your job, as the photographer, to ensure that each part of the photo looks good.