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Best Action Camera Protectors (Protect the Lens!)

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 16 min read
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An action camera protector keeps your camera safe from harm. We love capturing the thrills and spills of extreme sports with our action cameras. But while many are durable, they can still get damaged in the heat of the moment. That’s why an action camera protector is so important.

There are different types of action camera protectors. And we have examples of each of them in this article. We have screen protectors that keep your LCD screen crack-free and scratch-free. We also have action camera cases for underwater protection. And there are hard cases for transporting your action camera and accessories.

Hiker wearing a GoPro on his head

Why Use an Action Camera Protector?

Good action cameras are rugged and tough. Manufacturers like GoPro and DJI produce durable cameras for extreme sports. These are high-risk activities. Many action cameras are waterproof and shockproof. But they can still take damage when the adrenaline is pumping.

A screen protector is a must-have for action camera users. They protect the glass sections of the camera. And that means the LCD screen and camera lens have extra protection. The protector prevents scratches and reduces the risk of cracks.

A waterproof case adds extra underwater protection. Many action cameras are already waterproof. But extra housing increases underwater protection, allowing you to shoot at deeper levels. These cases also protect cameras if dropped or knocked around with above-water activities.

A hard case keeps your camera protected and accessories organized, when not using it. You don’t want your camera damaged on the way to the event. And you don’t want to lose important pieces of camera gear. A hard case protects and keeps things tidy.

Snorkeler underwater using an action camera

Do Camera Protectors Reduce Image Quality?

A low-quality screen protector can reduce image quality for stills and videos. So you must buy a good screen protector that suits your camera.

You apply lens and screen protectors directly to the lens and screen. A bad-quality lens protector prevents light from reaching the sensor. It can create imperfections in your images. And it can distract the autofocus system, reducing efficacy.

A good quality tempered glass screen protector doesn’t reduce image quality. It creates a protective layer over the glass. The quality of the camera protector should prevent loss of image quality. Everything should function normally.

Underwater cases don’t reduce image quality. But they can reduce sound recording if you’re using internal camera microphones. This isn’t a major problem, but something to be aware of when buying a protective case.

Man using an action camera while windsurfing

Best Lens Protectors for Action Cameras

This section helps you find the best action camera protector for GoPro or DJI cameras. These screen protectors add durability to the glass elements of your action camera.

1. PCTC Tempered Glass Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 9, 10, and 11

PCTC glass screen protector with GoPro hero 9 product image

This PCTC screen protector is your best option if you use GoPro cameras. It protects the camera screens from the dangers of high-octane action. But there’s no reduction in performance or quality.

This screen protector set has protectors for the two screens and the camera lens. There’s a tempered glass screen protector for the front and rear. And there’s a tempered glass lens protector. You’re guaranteed bubble-free installation. And the touchscreen loses no sensitivity.

You’ll have no visibility issues with your GoPro camera. The protectors are crystal-clear with a 99.9% transparency rate. There’s no distortion on the LCD screen. And the image quality is just as good as before.

The glass protectors have a 9H hardness level. That strengthens the screen and lens against knocks and scratches in tough environments. It greatly reduces the risk of scratches and cracks in the glass. You can push your GoPro Hero to the limit, and it’ll last longer.

The PCTC screen protectors are 0.3 mm thick. They don’t add any extra weight. They don’t change the dimensions of your camera. And they’re completely clear, so there’s no aesthetic change.

These tempered glass screen protectors come in a pack. It includes three of each glass protector. You get cleaning paper and cloth. And there’s a dust removal sticker. This bundle protects and helps with the maintenance of your GoPro camera.

The PCTC screen protector set is compatible with GoPro Hero 9, 10, and 11.

2. Orzero Tempered Glass Screen Protector for DJI Osmo Action

Orzero Tempered glass screen protector for DJI action camera

The DJI Osmo also needs a good action camera protector. And the Orzero screen protector provides just that. Their tempered glass screen protector is high-quality and durable. The tempered glass protects the camera screen. It is a strong protective layer for your DJI Osmo action camera.

The camera screen protector gives you a bubble-free installation. And it comes with a dust remover for maintenance. The protector is ultra-thin and allows HD clarity. It doesn’t affect your viewing experience.

Plus, the LCD screen is as bright as ever, so you get max image sharpness. There’s also no negative effect on the touch screen sensitivity.

The Orzero tempered glass has a 9H hardness rating. It has an anti-scratch finish. And it strengthens the screen against hard knocks. You won’t experience any cracks in the glass. It puts your mind at ease when filming extreme moments.

The full-screen protector has round edges. This prevents it from peeling off accidentally. The pack also includes a lint-free dry cloth. This helps with dust-free installation and maintenance.

DJI users need the best action camera protectors. And the Orzero tempered glass screen protector set is the best option. They’re strong and affordable… a small price to pay to protect your DJI Osmo action camera.

3. Diruite Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 5, 6, and 7

Diruite GoPro Hero 7 screen protector set

Your action camera is still worth protecting, even if it’s an older GoPro Hero model. The Diruite screen protector is the best way to add years to your GoPro’s lifespan. It adds protection, allowing you to keep using your older GoPro camera.

The Diruite set comes with a tempered glass screen protector. It fits the Hero 7 screen perfectly. And the clarity of the glass means there’s no degradation to picture quality.

There’s also a tempered glass lens protector. Again, the glass helps the image quality. It keeps the lens free of scratches and other imperfections.

The glass is strong as well as clear. It has a 9H strength rating. And it gives full protection against hard knocks and cracks. Your durable action camera becomes more durable.

You’re assured of bubble-free application. And the set comes with two of each screen protector. And there’s a complete cleaning kit to help you maintain your action camera. The set is excellent value for money.

The Diruite action camera protector set is compatible with GoPro Hero 5, 6, and 7.

4. MIHENCE Screen Protector for Akaso Brave 7 LE

Mihence screen protector for Akaso Brave 7 LE
Akaso action cameras are brilliant. And they’re more affordable than GoPro cameras. The Akaso Brave 7 LE is one of their best and most popular action cameras. If you have one, it’s worth protecting the more delicate parts.

The MIHENCE screen protector is tailored for the Akaso Brave 7 LE. It’s a perfect fit for the LCD screen. And the thin protective layer allows you to use the touch screen as before. You don’t lose any visual quality on the screen. And you won’t experience any bubbles when applying it to your camera.

The screen protector doesn’t smudge. And it has an anti-fingerprint coating. It’s resistant to scratches and made of an anti-shatter material. So it’s the best way to protect your Akaso Brave 7 LE.

5. Aemus Screen Protector for Akaso Brave 8

Aemus protector for Akaso Brave 8

The Akaso Brave 8 is the latest action camera from Akaso. It’s their most advanced camera to date. They’re durable cameras. But it’s worth adding the extra protection if you have one.

Aemus has the best action camera protectors for the Brave 8. It’s a pack that includes protectors for the front and rear screens. The material is thin and clear. There’s no degradation to the viewing quality. And you can still use the camera’s touch screen.

The oleophobic screen coating protects the glass. This makes it oil repellent. So you won’t see smudges or fingerprints. And it protects against scratches and cracks. There’s no risk of shattering after you apply the protector to the camera screen.

It comes with application accessories and a bubble-free adhesive. It’s the best action camera protector for the Akaso Brave 8.

Best Action Camera Protective Cases

This section includes the best cases for transporting your GoPro Hero 11 Black (or older) or Akaso Brave. They’re convenient for travel photography. They keep all accessories organized. And they protect your action camera against damage when you’re on the move.

1. Smatree Waterproof Hard Case for Action Cameras

Smatree hard case for GoPro Hero 10

A GoPro Hero or DJI Osmo action camera doesn’t come cheap. You don’t want any unnecessary damage before you’ve even started shooting. And you need to keep all your accessories together. That’s why serious action photographers need a hard case for their GoPro or Akaso.

Smatree has the best protective case for GoPro Hero or DJI action cameras. It’s made of a hard and durable material, creating a shockproof shell for your camera. It’s also a waterproof case. So you can travel in wet conditions.

The interior is filled with foam padding. And you can customize it to fit your gear. You can create individual pockets for each piece of equipment. Your camera will have a snug fit. And nothing will move around when you’re moving.

You can buy the Smatree case with the foam cut for a GoPro Hero. That makes it the perfect hard case for GoPro Hero cameras. It’s durable and portable. And it’s good value if you’re an action cam pro.

2. Surewo Hard Carrying Case for Action Cameras

Surewo hard case for GoPro Hero cameras

The Surewo hard carrying case for GoPro and DJI Osmos is perfect if you want something small but secure. The case is the perfect fit for an action camera. There’s no room for accessories. But it’s the perfect hard case for your GoPro Hero.

The camera case is hard and durable. It has a water-resistant nylon shell. It’s shockproof and dampproof. It also has a double zipper. That allows you to put the camera in the case when it’s attached to a stand or selfie stick. The hard case has a special section that protects the GoPro camera lens.

The case comes with a mini-carabiner hook. You can attach it to a bigger photography bag. It’ll clip onto your belt. Or you can attach it to your harness when rock climbing or other extreme sports.

It’s the perfect hard case for GoPro Hero cameras. The GoPro Hero 10 fits snuggly inside. And it’s great for DJI Osmo and Akaso Brave action cameras. It’s a handy little hard case for thrill-seekers on the go.

3. Vamson DIY Carrying Case for Action Cameras

Vamson Hard Carrying Case for action cameras

Vamson has produced a stylish and durable carry case for action cameras. It has a strong outer housing. The interior is spacious enough for all your accessories. And it has a useful carry handle for easy transportation.

The outer case is tough enough for life on the road. It’s impact-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about knocks and bumps. It also protects against sharp objects. And it’s water resistant for use in all sorts of wet conditions.

The interior is spacious. You have room for several action cameras and your accessories. The case includes padded dividers to protect your gear. You can adjust them to fit bigger or smaller cameras. And you have several sizes to experiment with.

The Vamson hard carrying case for GoPro and DJI is perfect for travel. It’s the perfect size for hand luggage when flying. And it’s easy to carry on shorter trips. You can fit any action camera in there. It carries your GoPro Hero, DJI Osmo, or Akaso Brave. It’s strong, versatile, and affordable!

4. Lekufee Hard Carrying Case for DJI Action 2

<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-897952 size-full” title=”Lekufee Hard Case for DJI Action 2 cameras” src=”” alt=”Lekufee Hard Case for DJI Action 2 cameras” width=”643″ height=”700″ />

The Lekufee hard carrying case is the perfect option if you have a DJI Osmo Action 2. It’s the best camera action camera protector for long journeys and overseas trips. It’s hard and durable. And it gives you all the protection your DJI action camera needs.

The case has a hard plastic outer shell. It protects against shocks and knocks. And it’s water resistant with a waterproof seal around the opening. It has double latches and a metal hook. It’s also lightweight with a hand strap. It’s easy to carry around. And it doesn’t weigh you down like a brick.

The inside is filled with foam padding for protection. The foam cushions gear against impact, keeping it safe. And the foam has been custom cut to fit the DJI Action 2 camera. There are pockets for the camera and accessories. The mounts and battery charger fit perfectly.

The Lekufee hard carrying case is essential for DJI action camera shooters. It’s strong, safe, and functional. And the price is more than competitive. It’s a bargain action camera protector!

5. Meijia Protective Hard Case

Meijia Hard Carrying Case for cameras product image

The Meijia protective hard case isn’t specifically designed for action cameras. But it’s a versatile protective case you can use to protect fragile equipment. It’s ideal for action camera media makers. It protects, organizes, and makes everything easy to transport. Plus, it also has a reasonable price tag!

The outer shell is tough plastic. It protects against high-impact drops and hard knocks. It’s shockproof and water resistant. It can take a beating while fully protecting your precious GoPro Hero 10. It also has a pressure value for flying. But it’s still a sealed waterproof case when closed.

The inside has dense foam padding. You can adjust the foam to fit your camera and accessories. There’s enough space for more than one action camera. And you can make a snug nest for each one. Once closed, nothing will move, and your gear is protected.

The Meijia protective hard carrying case is an excellent option for long-distance travel. It’s small enough for hand luggage. But it can also cope with hours in the hold. The carry handle also makes it easy to transport by hand. It’s protective and can hold any action camera you have.

Best Underwater Action Camera Protectors

Now we help you find the best action camera protector for underwater activities. These cases add waterproof protection so you can shoot under the waves. They allow you to go deeper than ever and protect cameras from harm.

1. FitStill Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero 9, 10, and 11

FitStill Underwater Case for GoPro product photo

The FitStill screen protector is the best underwater case if you have a GoPro Hero 9, 10, or 11. It’s a strong housing that protects the camera. It keeps the camera lens and screens free from scratches and knocks. But there’s no loss of image quality thanks to the large flat glass lens.

The GoPro Hero 9, 10, and 11 are waterproof down to 33 ft (10 m) without a case. But the FitStill underwater case lets you dive much deeper. With the FitStill screen protector, your GoPro Hero has a waterproof depth of 197 ft (60 m). That’s ideal for deep water diving.

The FitStill case also offers protection for land activities. It protects against dust, mud, and snow. It increases durability, so there’s no limit to what you’re GoPro can do. It can handle any extreme expedition with the FitStill waterproof case. It’s also an affordable GoPro accessory.

2. FitStill Underwater Housing for DJI Osmo Action 2

Fitstill underwater case for DJI Action 2

FitStill also has an underwater case for the DJI Osmo Action 2. The waterproof housing allows for deep water exploration. And it offers extra protection for all action-packed activities.

It’s specially designed for the DJI Osmo Action 2 camera. The case has space for the action camera screen. And the thin glass plate has perfect clarity, so the image quality isn’t affected.

The DJI Osmo Action 2 is waterproof to 33 ft (10 m) without a case. But the FitStill case gives you a waterproof depth of 147 ft (45 m). You can go swimming and snorkeling. And you can also shoot when deep sea diving.

It’s a tough and durable case. It takes your DJI action camera deeper than ever before. And it provides extra protection when mountain biking, climbing, or skateboarding. It’s a small amount to pay for a lot of protection.

3. FitStill Underwater Housing for DJI Osmo Action Camera

FitStill underwater case for DJI Osmo Action product image

This FitStill waterproof housing case is for the original DJI Osmos action cam. It provides the same excellent protection as the case listed above. But this is perfectly designed for the older Osmo action model.

It gives you complete protection beneath the waves. It increases the waterproof depth to 147 ft (45 m). And the housing is high-quality. So it has no negative effect on picture quality. It’s ideal for reef diving and sea swimming.

It also protects your camera above water. And the case has a mount for overground activities. It’s a versatile action camera protector. It’s the best way to protect your DJI Osmo action camera.

4. TEKCAM Waterproof Case for Akaso EK7000

TEKCAM underwater case for Akaso EK7000

You need the TEKCAM waterproof case if you have an Akaso EK7000. It’s also compatible with the Akaso EK5000. It’s a lightweight action camera case that’s strong and durable. It’s a fantastic outdoor camera protector. And it gives you more underwater protection.

The TEKCAM case gives you a waterproof depth of 100 ft (30 m). It’s the perfect camera protector for snorkelers and reef explorers. The screen protector is perfectly clear. And you won’t be able to tell there’s a protector in front of the camera lens.

5. Husiway Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero 9, 10, and 11

Husiway underwater case for GoPro Hero bundle product image

Husiway provides another excellent waterproof case and screen protector for GoPro. It’s compatible with GoPro Hero 9, 10, and 11. It protects against knocks, drops, and scratches. And it gives secure underwater protection.

It has a tempered glass screen protector. The visibility is excellent. You can still see the LCD screen with full clarity. And there’s no reduction in image quality. You also get a silicone sleeve protective case for further protection.

The case allows you to dive deeper with your GoPro Hero, increasing the waterproof depth to 164 ft (50 m). That’s perfect for surfers, snorkelers, and divers.

The Husiway action camera protector set has everything you need to increase durability. You can push your GoPro Hero to even further extremes. And you won’t have to pay much for the extra protection.

GoPro Hero in a case on a surf board


Protecting your action camera is a good idea. Action cameras are durable. But the extra protection allows you to push them beyond their natural limitations. Action cameras are put through high-risk situations. And adding the right protection expands their lifespan!

A screen protector is the best place to start. It adds durability to the more vulnerable parts of the camera for little cost. You can also buy a hard case for transportation and organization. And then there are plenty of underwater cases if you want to dive deeper on marine expeditions.

An action camera protector is essential for thrill-seeking photographers. They don’t cost much. And they can save you more money in the long run. They are a worthy investment!