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Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera Initial Review

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“Is it a camera? Is it a key chain? Is it a spy device? What is this?” These were all of the thoughts running through my mind the first time I saw the Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera.

This nimble colorful device is small and inconspicuous, and to the average photographer, a bit odd. But that’s just it. This device isn’t for the average photographer. It is a small waterproof camera for the consumer. Let’s explore!Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera
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These are really the only specifications you need to know about the Canon Ivy Rec camera:

  • 13 megapixels;
  • JPEG only;
  • 1080p video resolution;
  • MP4 video format;
  • Built-in fixed lens at 25mm f/2.2 aperture, and;
  • An auto ISO that ranges between ISO 100 all the way to ISO 3200.

These are actually quite impressive specs considering the camera’s size and target audience!

This camera does also have image stabilization in it, though it is (of course) not as powerful as a true DSLR or mirrorless camera.

This camera takes MicroSD, MicroSDHC, and MicroSDXC memory cards.


The build, to me, is the most unique aspect of this nifty little camera. The camera looks like a keychain to me as it features a clip carbine on its upper half, with the bottom half housing a lens and on the other side the controls. The camera is sized at about 1.8” in height, 4.4” in width, and 0.7” in thickness and 3.2 ounces, about the size of your old-school flip phone if you still remember them.Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera The camera comes in a few different vibrant colors, a fun choice for gifting the camera to a child or an adventurous teen. In addition, Canon has released faceplates that you can purchase and add to your camera, to add a bit of your style to its overall design.

Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor CameraThe backside features a large dial which allows you to switch between the settings. The bottom opens up to reveal the card slot and charging port. There is even a tripod socket!


Don’t let the simple design fool you. There are actually a few features packed into this little camera. For starters, the camera is waterproof (not just weather-sealed- actually able to go in the water) and shockproof. Spills, tumbles, and drops won’t be a problem.

The full 1080p HD video can shoot up to 60 frames per second, fantastic for a nifty little portable camera.

The clip can attach absolutely anywhere, giving this camera a new kind of portability and ease of access when needed.

Finally, this camera is able to be connected to a smartphone or tablet quite easily (and this is encouraged).A boy using Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera

Ease of Use

The design is quite practically nifty and fun. The square clip part of the camera, which features the carabiner, is also used as a “viewfinder”. You frame the shot by looking through the square. What a novelty! When not in use, you can clip the camera anywhere on your person or your belongings.

That being said, this camera is really best used when paired with a smartphone or tablet. By installing the Canon Mini Camera App, your smart device becomes an LCD screen for the camera. You can then control the camera via your device as a remote.

Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera

This camera really is as straightforward as you can get- point and shoot!

What is the Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera Best Used For?

I first saw this camera as a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a few years back. It was fascinating to see it come to fruition sometime later, being shown at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, this year along with two other Canon Ivy products.

This is a toy. A consumer toy. The quality will not exceed that of a cell phone in this day and age, and the specifications are quite similar to your average smartphone. However, this camera is waterproof, shockproof, and adventure-ready at a price tag that is significantly lower than your phone! As such, this camera really is best used for memory-sake, capturing everyday moments and having some photographic fun. Nothing professional or significant in use.

The noise is very noticeable in low light, and most images do come out with at least some level of noise even in good lighting situations.

Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera


  • Portable and fun design. Great colors to pick from;
  • Some level of image and video stabilization;
  • Waterproof and shockproof;
  • Able to be controlled with a smartphone or tablet application.


  • Does not exceed the quality of your average smartphone;
  • A bit on the pricey side.


The Canon Ivy Rec Outdoor Camera is a fun toy for the average person to bring with them and play with. With that price tag, it may or may not be worth it depending upon the individual’s ideal use for the camera!

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