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Looking for inspiration for children photography? These nine artists bring together portrait work, youth and imagination. All to create amazing child portrait photography.

Follow them on Instagram for a fresh dose of imagination in your feed.

The best artists working in children photography mix portraiture with propslight and Photoshop work. This way, they create playful, imaginative portraits.

Some capture everyday life in a memorable way. Others create their own surreal scenes with props and a bit of Photoshop artistry.

9. Jackie Jean

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It is November and thankful there are still pretty warm colors everywhere 🍂🍁❤️ . . #cameramama

A post shared by Jackie Jean (@jackiejeanphotography) on

Jackie Jean’s work mixes portraiture with digital Photoshop art. She creates stunning, colorful images of children and families. A solid portrait image and Photoshop turn into picturesque images of childhood. Her work is always colorful and often imaginative.

But besides her photography, she’s also a photo educator. She offers workshops, tutorials and behind the scenes glimpses. If you’re looking for a photographer specializing in children photography, look no further.

Jackie Jean can both inspire you and teach you how to turn your own imagination into reality.

Elena Shumilova

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Their universe…// смотреть на ночное небо и мечтать..

A post shared by Elena Shumilova (@elena_shumilova) on

Elena Shumilova’s work often looks like it came straight out of a fairytale storybook. Her work captures an imaginative childhood. From children interacting with animals to incredible locations.

Her Instagram feed shows an impressive understanding of light mixed with editing prowess.

The Russia-based photographer also leads workshops around the world. And she releases instructional videos that walk through her editing process.

Follow Shumilova on Instagram for a steady feed of storybook inspiration.

Suzy Mead

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❤ Tender ❤ Visit link in bio to book your portrait session with Portraits by Suzy

A post shared by suzy mead (@portraitsbysuzy) on

Suzy Mead is a Las Vegas-based photographer. She captures both lifestyle images infused with reality and child portraiture with a hint of fantasy.  Mead is a natural light photographer who creates vibrant, warm images. She calls capturing the spirit of childhood her passion, and it’s one that shows in her work.

Her Instagram feed is full of colorful images of children and families, as well as pets. Do your portrait photography a favour, and follow her today.

Jake Olson

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Thanks for sharing everyone! Please feel free to feature on your page or tag any of my images anytime! I'm so thankful to you all <3 #canonusa #canon_official #nikon #photographer #photographylovers #photooftheday #nationalgeographic #500px #photography #goodmorningamerica #todayshow

A post shared by Jake Olson (@jakeolsonstudios) on

Jake Olson’s work is often colorful and full of warmth. He frequently captures in remote locations like rural dirt roads and fields of wildflowers. And he has a fondness for reflections from bodies of water, large or small.

He often photographs children with animals, family members, and props.

Olson’s work has appeared in multiple major magazines, as well as being used on book covers and other works. Along with his imagery, he also creates Photoshop training tutorials.

Follow Jake Olson on Instagram for colorful images of childhood.

Annie Mitova

Annie Mitova’s work feels more like a classical painting than a photograph of childhood. Besides being a master photographer and editor, her work shows impressive creativity. She uses props and costumes to put together fantastic scenes.

That skill likely stems from her start. She had big ideas for fairytale portraits with no budget, but found a way to flourish.

Now, she’s an internationally recognized photographer creating fantastic fine art portraits of children. An excellent example of moving from self-taught to successful photography.

Her Instagram feed is full of images that inspire and evoke emotion. And somehow still remain unique despite classical influences.

Follow Annie Mitova on Instagram for excellent fine art work in children photography.

Stephanie Piscitelli

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Curious if this type of Portrait would interest potential clients? I could see it possibly working for a holiday mini? Feeling a little magical and Halloween-y over here so I worked on this to make it “extra”. What do you think and what would a portrait like this be worth to you? . . . . . #enchantedchildhood #ig_eternity #magic_marvels #childrenseemagic #follow_this_light #huffpostgram #nothingisordinary #hellostoryteller #infinity_children #fansy_kids #beyondthewanderlust #BeInstaInspired #littleandbrave #ourchildrenphoto #thiswildlingsoul #one_magic_moment #createandinspirehub #belliniportraits #cpcfeature #kidsmood #childofig #deeplyauthentic #magicinthedetails #the_sugar_jar #remarkablyimagined #wildernessinmybackyard #dearestviewfinder #pixel_kids #cameramama #childhoodwonders

A post shared by Stephanie Piscitelli (@belliniportraits) on

Stephanie Piscitelli is a photographer based in Boston. Her work, operating under Bellini Portraits, covers childhood, family, and maternity.

She captures tender moments from that perfect look to a laugh between families. She’s not afraid to move between soft, muted colors and vibrant, dark tones to match the mood of the image.

Piscitelli says she’s always loved photography. This passion led her to work alongside other photographers before launching her own photography endeavours in 2005.

Follow her on Instagram for inspiring images of childhood and families.

Adrian Sommeling

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A brand new image and a brand new video tut 🙂 An image I wanted to create already for many years. It's a mix of backgrounds that I shot in Iceland, a 3D trex and my son, shot in Studio34x in Holland. If you would like to create images like this… click on the link in my bio, or swipe the image up in my today's story 😉 The image is a night scene, so pretty dark. To see all the details, don't view this image when the sun is above your head 😁😁 #trex #tyrannosaurus #lava #fire #spectacular #adobe

A post shared by Adrian Sommeling (@adrian_sommeling) on

Children often imagine the impossible. That’s something Adrian Sommeling infuses into his work through photo manipulation. Sommeling uses Photoshop to create the impossible and bring dreams to life. He creates surreal imagery and often uses his own son as the model. From riding on the wing of an airplane to jumping on a T-Rex, his work is often creative.

He also often exaggerates the dreamlike-content with otherworldly, saturated colors.

Sommeling is an excellent source of inspiration. And he also teaches other photographers through his tutorials on composting techniques.

When he’s not imagining surreal images or creating tutorials, Sommeling works as a commercial photographer. He’s based in the Netherlands.

Follow Adrian Sommeling on Instagram for childhood photography inspiration beyond reality.

Natalie Greenroyd

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Shoot if you dare. Or if you can promise pretty water bokeh 🤗 . . . #shotwithmoxie #clickpro #mom_hub #magicofchildhood #dearphotographer #childofig #clickmagazine #childhoodunplugged #cameramama #cpcfeature #documentyourdays #runwildmychild #galleryoflightfeature #let_there_be_delight #theartofchildhood #dearestviewfinder #themindfulapproach #exploringcreativephotography #nikonnofilter

A post shared by Natalie (@natalie_g_photography) on

Natalie Greenroyd captures everyday childhood moments and turns them into something magical. She has a knack for capturing seemingly mundane moments. Those that we often remember well after our kids are grown. Her work is candid, colorful and creative.

When she’s not photographing clients or her own children, she helps guide new photographers. She’s a mother of two based in Oklahoma City.

Follow Natalie Greenroyd on Instagram for inspiration on turning everyday childhood into incredible images.

Emily Lucarz

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Loving this session. So. So. Much! Off to a newborn lifestyle session but when I’m back I’ll be for sure sharing more of this darling family! #stlouis #momanddaughter #stlouisfamilyphotographer #familyphotography

A post shared by Emily Lucarz (@emilylucarzphoto) on

Emily Lucarz is a lifestyle photographer from St. Louis. She photographs newborns as well as children and families. She has an impressive knack for minimizing the distractions. And creating a moment between families in their own home. 

Her images are often light and airy without becoming overexposed.

Along with her lifestyle imagery, she’s also a mentor to other photographers. She leads workshops and online classes.

Follow Emily Lucarz on Instagram for a look at what’s possible without elaborate props and costumes. You’ll learn all about capturing kids, infants and families in their own home.


Children have the best imaginations. Oftentimes, so do photographers working in the child portrait photography space. Artists capturing childhood work in many different spaces. From lifestyle and traditional portraits to surreal images and fairytale imagery. The possibilities are endless — but so is the inspiration.

Go ahead and follow some of the top childhood photography artists on Instagram. You’ll find inspiration to turn your own idea into reality. Whether you’re photographing your own children or grandchildren or working as a professional photographer.

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