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21 Influential Minimalist Photographers to Follow in 2024

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 8 min read
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The internet is full of competing visual information which can make it hard to fully focus on any image or subject before us.

This may be why minimalist photography has become a hot trend among photographers and their followers.

Minimalist photography offers an escape from the chaos. The lack of clutter in each frame and focus on simplicity is a breath of fresh air.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to take beautiful and simple photos, this post is for you! We’ve collected 21 amazing minimalist photographers on Instagram you should follow immediately!

minimalist photography of a small window on a pink building facade

What is Minimalist Photography?

Minimalist photography often pushes the boundaries of what people think when they hear ‘art’. The concept of minimalism rests in the idea that less equals more, and that simple compositions are as powerful as complex ones.

The movement became popular in the 1950s. Recovering from the horrors of World War II, artists wanted to show how people could find beauty in everyday life again. The goal of this work was to focus on simple elements such as pure colour, line, and form.

Some minimalist photographers work in black and white to show how little they need to create their images.

Other minimalist photographers omit any reference to natural objects to show how much detail can come out from minimal elements.

With the help of digital editing techniques, minimalism can be achieved by cropping images, using filters, or removing elements from your photo altogether.

Minimalist architecture photo of the facade of a building

Influential Minimalist Photographers to Follow

Let’s take a look at the work of these fantastic minimal photographers that have inspired us recently.

No matter what they are shooting, each one of these artists uses reductive techniques to achieve exciting photos.


Whether the focus is facades of buildings, urban details, or beach scenes, Hans’ minimalist compositions will make you feel relaxed. He is a master of using negative space in his silhouettes of people in flux.

His work is often coloured with the warmth of sunrises, sunsets, and golden hour.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Hans (@macroe)

Costas Spathis

Costas Spathis is a Greek artist and professional architect. His formal training is evident in his stylish use of line and space in his photography.

His minimal drone photography is often focused on geometric patterns in nature, cities, and everyday life.


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A post shared by Costas Spathis (@spathumpa)

Salvador Cappiello

Salvador Cappiello is a visual artist from Mexico City.

His fine art minimalism often features clouds and blue skies. We are reminded of Magritte’s surrealist paintings when scrolling through his beautiful work.


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A post shared by Salvador Cappiello (@cappiello)

Tekla Evelina Severin

Tekla is a self-described colourist, designer, and photographer based in Stockholm.

Her background in interior architecture and furniture design is evident in her subject choices.

Colour pops out prominently throughout her work – blocks of vibrant pastel shades are present in all the photos she takes.


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A post shared by Tekla Evelina Severin (@teklan)

Minh T

Minh T is an art director and photographer based in California.

He specializes in minimal architecture shots with a calming and pure aesthetic. His compositions are reminiscent of minimalist sculpture.

Minh’s account has been voted ‘Best Individual Instagram’ by Surface Magazine.


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A post shared by Minh T (@thismintymoment)

Paloma Parrot

Paloma Parrot is a minimal lifestyle photographer with an eye for minimalist living. She hails from the Ruhr area in Germany.

Palomas fresh take on everyday interiors and home life strike a perfect balance between simplicity and stylish design. Her photos of bright scenes and simplistic living is a breath of fresh air in this sometimes cluttered world.


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A post shared by PalomaParrot (@palomaparrot)


California based artist Ingo’s account is full of minimal photos of building facades and architectural details.

Scrolling through his beautiful work, you might think you were looking at contemporary abstract paintings. He simplifies his compositions with clean lines and sumptuous shades of pastel.


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A post shared by ingo (@_ingo_1)

Olivier Morisse

Olivier is a freelance graphic design and brand content specialist.

He combines beauty and simplicity to take photos in a range of genres.

Olivier’s recent experiments with 3D rendering are true to his minimalist aesthetic.


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A post shared by Olivier Morisse (@oliviermorisse)

Carolina Nusadua

Carolina Nusadua’s dreamy minimalist landscape photos will make you feel calm.

Carolina is a master of balancing tones. Her work is reminiscent of thoughtless summer days walking without a destination.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @carolina_nusadua


This Instagram account transports us to gorgeous destinations in a minimalist dream.

Within these images, we often see a solitary figure observing landscapes in layers of pastel shades. Her use of clean lines and dreamy tones are majestic.


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A post shared by fameisficklefood (@fameisficklefood)

Mark Cushway

Mark Cushway is an Australian artist who uses his mobile phone to create his beautifully pared-back photos.

A clean horizon line and silhouettes of people are prominent features in his work. His use of the sky for negative space brings his work to another level.


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A post shared by Mark Cushway (@mark_pc)

Karen Vikke

Karen is a Danish photographer with a passion for the urban landscape. Karen works only with her iPhone to capture stunning images of urban minimalism.

Karen’s playful use of negative space, colour and repetition really make her photos stand out from the crowd!


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Karen Vikke (@vikkeview)

Leda de Piart

Natural elements are prominent features of Greek artist Leda’s minimalist work. In these photos crystal clear beaches and smooth white architectural curves dominate.

The beautiful consistency of colour, shape, and line in this work will make you feel balanced and refreshed.


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A post shared by Leda de Piart (@ledart)

Peter Chan

Peter Chan’s images of fresh outdoor scenes remind us of lazy summer days without a care in the world. The washed-out highlights add elements of nostalgia to his minimal compositions.

You can almost feel the gentle breeze running through his photos!


Venezuela born artist Téber says he is ‘naturally compelled to look for light where there is darkness’. His use of vibrant colours definitely evokes positivity.

Téber has used his knack for surreal minimalism to create images for brands such as Adidas, HP and Google.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Téber (@teber)

Johan Karlsson

Johan Karlsson is a Swedish artist whose minimal photography focuses on outdoor scenes.

His hazy style focuses on small details to highlight the beauty of precious moments.

His frequent use of fog and mist adds a sense of mystery as well as clever use of negative space.


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A post shared by johan (@j.kson)

Marina Collin

Although the subject matter is minimalist, Marina Collin’s use of colour is bold and bright.

Whether she is shooting interiors or patterned facades, her Instagram profile is awash with brightly coloured blocks.


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A post shared by Marina Collin (@marinatamsol)

Matías Celis Areco

Matías Celis Areco’s vibrantly coloured minimalist shots are sublime.

Scrolling through his Instagram account reveals a sumptuous selection of candy-coloured facades and skies.


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A post shared by Matías Celis Areco (@matiascelis)


Marcus is a Swedish photographer based in Malmö. He captures the personality of buildings with this collection of house portraits all shot on film.

His unique minimalist style has an aesthetic that’s reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s films. Check out his use of symmetry and negative space too!

Al Jackson

As well as being a prolific painter, Al Jackson has an impressive portfolio of minimal photographs. In his photos, the negative space is not a stage, but the actual focal point itself.

Windows are a recurring theme in his collection of photos. His minimalist work often details the beautiful textures of building facades.


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A post shared by Al Jackson (@al.jackson.minimal)

Ömür Kahveci

Ömür Kahveci’s black and white landscapes are beautifully haunting.

His atmospheric use of fog and mist reduces each subject even more. These minimal photographs evoke the stillness and simplicity of nature.


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A post shared by ömür kahveci (@omurkahveci)


Whether you take landscape, portrait or architecture photography, we hope you are inspired by our list of minimalist photographers.

Now it’s your turn to find minimal compositions to capture. Try focusing on basic elements like line, shape, and colour without focusing on what the subject is. We are waiting to see the results!

Did we miss your favourite minimalist photographer? Drop it in the comments below!

We are always on the lookout for exciting new minimalist photographers. If you’re a minimalist photographer, and you feel like you should be considered for this list, make sure to drop us an email at with your bio, website, and Instagram link!