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The Best Messenger Camera Bag for Urban Photographers

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 9 min read
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In this article, I reveal my choice of messenger bag for urban photographers. But perhaps it’s not the best one for you.

Choosing a messenger camera bag for equipment is a challenging task. I have experimented with a wide variety of options… from top loaders to sling bags to internal camera units (ICUs) and inside backpacks for hiking. And, of course, I’ve looked at a messenger camera bag or two.

But I found that there is no easy solution to this problem since there is no such thing as the “best camera bag.” The bag that works for you depends on your photography niche and the extent of your equipment.

Our Top Pick
Tenba Messenger DNA 11 Shoulder Bag in Gray
Tenba Messenger DNA 11 Shoulder Bag in Gray
Looking for a convenient messenger camera bag for urban photography? Look no further than this stylish and secure bag, designed to protect your gear in all weather conditions.

Size of a Messenger Camera Bag

You can choose one of four different sizes: DNA-8, DNA-11, DNA-13 and DNA-15. What changes between the models is, of course, their size. This impacts the amount of gear you can carry as well as the size of tablet/laptop that the camera can accommodate.
Yes, the DNA is basically a messenger bag with a removable internal camera unit. You can use it everyday for commuting to/from work, as well. So you  get two bags for the price of one.
The Tenba Messenger Camera Bag and removeable camera cube
Last year I converted to “lightweight photography”. I abandoned the bulky and heavy world of digital DSLR cameras. Instead, I replaced these with the smaller, lighter universe of mirrorless micro four thirds cameras.
I could not be happier and my back agrees with me.
I decided that the DNA-11 was the right size for me. This is the model I will review.
The bag feels solid and is well padded. It has five adjustable separators kept in place by Velcro. This creates up to 6 compartments to conveniently store your gear in.
The empty inside area of the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag
You can use the height of the bag to create 6 compartments. All you have to do is rearrange the five padded separator, as demonstrated in the photo below:
The 6 compartments of the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag
This way you can carry, say, three lenses at the bottom, two on the top and the camera body. And have a small lens attached in the top-middle compartment.
the top and bottom inner part of the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag
There are also a number of pockets both on the bag and attached to the exterior of the removable internal camera unit. You can use these to store filters, batteries and other small accessories.
The inner compartment of the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag
And a nice, padded sleeve for your tablet or laptop computer up to 11”. Additionally, it fastens securely with a Velcro strap.
The iPad pouch inside the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag
In the DNA-11 I can comfortably fit (and, more importantly, carry) my iPad, wallet, iPhone, notebook, business cards, the Olympus OM-D EM-10 with 3 to 4 lenses, a flashgun, filters and other small accessories.
All gear that can fit inside the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag

Gear Protection

I feel my gear is very well protected in this bag. The internal camera unit is well padded and the material is soft. Moreover, the Velcro of the five separators is strong enough to ensure that what is at the top remains at the top.
If you get caught in the rain, the exterior of lightweight 600 Denier Helix™, with a durable water repellant coating and new flap design, will help to keep your gear safe and dry. Moreover, the external rain cover means you can carry it in heavy rain too without any worries.
Tenba Messenger Camera Bag side view
The bottom is composed of water repellent, heavy duty material – no need to fear putting it down on gritty, dirty or wet pavements.
The bottom of the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag
The shoulder strap is large and generously padded. Therefore, it helps evenly distribute the weight in a more comfortable manner. And the smaller secondary strap will keep the bag securely in place if you choose to cycle with it.
The strap of the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag

Access To The Camera Compartment

Ok, I hear your objection: these are all nice features but, honestly, many of the shoulder bags from well respected brands are similarly well equipped.
So… why should I get this one?
For its price?
For its size?
For its lighting quick and easy access to the gear compartment?
…You bet!
Firstly, this bag has a magnetic clip to secure the opening of the flap. You can easily operate this with one hand. And there’s no need to look at what you are doing as it will fall back in place automatically.
But the real point of interest is that you can reach the contents of the bag even without messing with the clips and the flap Velcro. This is because a YKK large zip on top of the flap allows for the fastest, easiest and noise-free access to all of your gear.
The inside of the Tenba Messenger Camera Bag
This is the reason why the Tenba stands out in the sea of messenger bags that I have checked out in my local camera shops.
I find it both annoying and impractical having the flap of a messenger bag in the way when I need to get something out of my bag quickly.
This is the reason why, until now, I kept resorting to small, vintage Samsonite hand luggage bags from the 70s, featuring a similar opening.

Technical Specifications (From Tenba Website)

  • Fidlock® patented magnetic clips allow blind, drop-on attachment and a fast slide release. This is the quickest clip in the world. You can both secure and open it with one hand. Even if you’re wearing gloves, or when the bag is behind you.
  • Adjustable security strap connects to D-rings on the back of bag. It anchors it in position behind you and prevents the bag from sliding forward while riding a bicycle or scooter.
  • Quick Access™ zipper lets you securely swap out cameras and lenses without opening the front flap and exposing an entire camera system to prying eyes in unfamiliar or dangerous locations.
  • Tapered front flap with a sewn hinge ensures easy closure and excellent weatherproof coverage at the corners.
  • Included WeatherWrap rain cover is removable and reversible, with silver on one side to reflect the heat, and black on the other side for a bit more stealth and subtlety at night.
  • Large elasticized micro-mesh pockets hold a water bottle, or can even be used for temporary storage of a lens.
  • Zippered pockets in the main flap provide out-of-sight, out-of-mind secure storage for important items like a mobile phone and keys.
  • The shoulder strap combines smooth-sliding seat-belt webbing and a contoured, non-slip shoulder pad. The non-slip pad grips the shoulder while the seat-belt webbing slides through smoothly, making it quick to move from the bag from front to back.
  • Removable padded camera insert protects a mirrorless camera system with 3-5 lenses, or a DSLR with with 2-3 lenses. It will fit a DSLR with an attached 24-70mm 2.8 lens.
  • The padded camera insert slides out to convert the bag for general-purpose, non-photo use.
  • Rear padded sleeve fits an iPad or similar sized tablet, or a laptop up to 11 inches (such as MacBook Air). And a velcro retaining strap covers the sleeve for security.
  • Rear trolley strap slides over the extending handle of a rolling suitcase or equipment case for secure and convenient piggyback travel.
  • Tenba’s exclusive heavy-duty tarpaulin bottom panel is water and abrasion resistant. This protects the bag if you have to put it down on a wet and/or dirty surface, and is easy to wipe clean.
  • Rear pocket fits magazines or documents, and includes smaller interior pockets for pens and accessories.
  • Tons of pockets and compartments to keep hard drives, mobile phones, cables, chargers, pens and business cards organised.
  • Exterior of lightweight 600 Denier Helix™ with a durable water repellent coating.
  • Interior made with lightweight ripstop nylon and soft, brushed tricot.
  • The hardware is second-to-none: YKK® zippers and clips, contoured zipper pulls and welded steel D-rings.


The Good

  • Sturdy, well padded and comfortable.
  • Plenty of room for photographic gear, accessories and personal items.
  • Ensures the fastest access to your bag contents thanks to the zip on the top.
  • Removable camera compartment allows everyday use of the bag.
  • It is a “neutral” bag – it does not scream “I am carrying expensive, photographic gear!”

The Bad

  • There is no easy way to attach even a small, lightweight tripod to it.

If I had to rate this bag, I would give it a solid 4.5/5. And the half point under perfection is only due to the tripod issue.
I suffer from an herniated disc in my back. As such, my fear with messenger bags is that I will carry the weight in a non-balanced way. But I find this bag very comfortable, even when full.
Nevertheless, this kind of bag may be a nightmare for DSLR owners. I, however, think they are extremely practical for city shooting with lightweight equipment.
The sturdy materials used for the base and exteriors make it durable. Additionally, the well padded removable insert ensures the best protection for all of your equipment.
Finally, there is the wonderful zip on the top that (finally!) allows me to access my gear in a fast, noiseless and easy way.
Where to Buy It
If you can’t find the Tenba DNA bags at your local store, they are easy to obtain from amazon or other online shops.
This review is based solely on my personal experience as a user of this product. This review has not been sponsored or endorsed by Tenba in any way.

Our Top Pick
Tenba Messenger DNA 11 Shoulder Bag in Gray
Tenba Messenger DNA 11 Shoulder Bag in Gray
Looking for a convenient messenger camera bag for urban photography? Look no further than this stylish and secure bag, designed to protect your gear in all weather conditions.