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10 Most Exciting Kickstarter Photography Products 2018

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Kickstarter is one of my favourite websites. It’s a fantastic resource for photographers who want to fund their own Kickstarter photography products.
I present to you, the 10 most exciting Kickstarter photography products…
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10. OKO | An Immersive Viewfinder For Your Smartphone Camera

OKO is a phone camera enhancer. It lets you fully immerse yourself in the setting, allowing you to concentrate and focus on that perfect image. No glare and no distractions. It will work with any phone, even with phone cases attached.
Stabilisation is offered through the headband support. OKO comes with a strap, allowing you wear it like a camera, which folds together into a tiny package. There are even a choice of lenses to choose from.
The wide angle lets you capture the entire scene, macro for the close-ups and the fisheye for a unique angle. Find and fund here.

9. SOUL Solar Scroll – The Ultimate Solar Charger

The Solar Charger isn’t exactly a photography project, but it will help you capture those amazing images. Nature, wildlife and landscape photographers are always at a disadvantage as they are so far from any electrical power outputs.
The Solar Scroll aims to fix that by harnessing the power of the sun.
It is powerful enough to power a number of devices, especially your smartphone. All weather conditions ensure you have power no matter where you are. Just strap it onto your backpack, and away you go.
The best thing about this is it will always work in urban areas. Great for the long and short trips alike.

8. Mystic: The AI-powered drone that sees and understands

The Mystic by Airlango is a revolutionary idea of drone usage and photography. It folds to a very small package, easy for packing away nice and neatly.
This drone understands it’s surroundings, being able to distinguish between plants, animals and people. It follows its users, as facial recognition allows it to know who you are.
Using Safari mode, you can plot out an area for it to photograph, which it will go and do it all on its own. the runtime is 27 minutes, but they aim to get that up to 30 mins.
What we like about this device is that when the WiFi range falls away, the drone will hover, waiting to reconnect. If it doesn’t reconnect before the battery runs out, the drone will make its way back to its set point. Neat.

7. Let Astrophotography Transport You to the Stars and Beyond!

The iEXOS PMC-Eight 100™ 90 isn’t only a mouthful, but an advanced telescope system for Astrophotography. It includes:

  • 90mm f.5.5. OTA, iEXOS 100 Mount
  • Imager/Auto Guider Camera Module
  • Camera Connector Cables and Software
  • 8000ma Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack
  • Built-in Astronomer’s Red Flashlight 12v output with Universal DC Power Cable AC Cables and 5v USB Output
  • 15mm Explore Scientific 52 Degree Series AR Waterproof Eyepiece
  • 1.25-inch 90 Degree Star Diagonal
  • Illuminated Red Dot Finder
  • Smart Phone Camera Adapter
  • Case for Entire System

This wonderful kit also gives you a Webinar, which aims at teaching you how to use the entire system. Precision object location and tracking is no problem. It even has a wireless computer that controls the equatorial mount.
All the information can be found here, on its Kickstarter page.

6. Revolutionize Macro Videography, Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens

Most macro lenses only get you so close to your subject. What about a lens that is so thin and small that it can enter some of the places you never thought possible.
The probe lens not only lets you get close, but it gives you a wide angle view of your setting. There is a 2:1 macro magnification, which is better than most macro lenses on the market today.
A 40cm long barrel is that makes this possible. It keeps you from the bugs you want to capture, but not touch. Or enter areas other lenses can’t even reach.
The LED light helps you focus when stuck in bug hideouts. Either for filming, photography, but also focus assisting. How cool?! 27 elements make up the lens, which is not only dustproof but also waterproof. There is no where you cant go.
For the barrier-free macro lens from Venus lenses, see the Kickstarter campaign here.

5. Passport Pro – The Ultimate Global Travel Adapter

The Passport Pro isn’t just a travel adapter, it’s a saving grace. This little device fits into any bag, not taking up much space at all. A small gadget, a large number of possibilities.
Remeber when you had to carry an adapter for every little thing you need to charge. Not only is it a waste in space and weight, it is also costly.
Here, the Passport Pro gives you something for every country you may come across. A total of four USB ports – One USB-C Power Delivery port and three USB-A ports.
Our favourite thing is the resettable fuse. If the connect short circuits for any reason (surge protection), the fuse can reset, allowing power to return in seconds.
Compact and easily adjustable. The press-and-slide system lets you do everything with one hand.
We know you want it, so you can find it here.

4. The Travel Line: Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools

We all know Peak Design. So far, they have released seven other Kickstarter photography projects, all successfully funded.
The 45L travel bag, tech pouch, wash pouch also comes with two sorts of cubes – packing and camera. Work, play and a mixture of the two is possible.
The cube system allows you to pack easily, separating items as you see fit, keeping them all nice and neat. It is expandable, has extra straps for that one extra thing. The camera is side-accessible, allowing your shots to be as fast as possible.
This company knows how to make a modular bag, and this is no exception. Water resistant, a whole slew of pockets and multiple ways of carrying makes this bag very different to anything else on the market.
This is the perfect bag for the travel and adventure photographer, where camera equipment isn’t the only items you will be taking with you.
Find your perfect bag here.

3. MagBox, MagShoe, MagRing—Revolutionary New Softbox System

MagMod is no stranger to Kickstarter. This should give you some peace of mind, as not all Kickstarter campaigns are legitimate.
The MagBox, MagShoe and MagRing are a new take on the bygone idea of the softbox and lighting possibilities. The MagBox is a magnetic system, letting you connect and set up the system quietly and quickly.
This combines with the MagRing, a system that holds two speedlights magnetically. Two offers you double the power of the usual and available systems that let you use only one, without owning more stands and equipment.
Lastly, the MagShoe lets you take the other two products on the road. By having the mobile access, you can move it where ever you need it to go. They are all quick, easy to use – even with just one hand.
Find all the information on all three products here.

2. ULH: The Ultimate Lens Hood

The ULH or Ultimate Lens Hood is a King among Princes. You won’t realise how much you need this item until you watch the video.
There are two main uses this product offers you, plus others you haven’t thought of. Number one is that it removes the reflections from shooting through glass.
Perfect for street and travel photography alike. The second is that it folds backwards, protecting your camera from the elements you might face from adventure and nature photography.
It’s a versatile tool, and laid flat on the floor or wall allows you to use it as a lens changing mat. Not only is it affordable, it folds and fits in your bag, easy as pie.

1. Steadify

The Steadify is something I am really interested in. As a videographer, on top of my photography projects, I know how hard it is to hold a camera still.
This is either from filming a project or trying to photograph with my telephoto lens. The image stabilisation only gets me so far, especially if catching something far away.
Number one on our list is the wearable stabiliser. A band fits around your waist, and the telescopic pole extends out.
It can either attach to your camera using the tripod catch or can act as an extra hand in supporting your equipment.
Fast to set up, flexible enough to get you into areas where a tripod is unusable. The father and son team brings you this awesome item, available here.


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