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11 Best Led Light Panels in 2023 (For Photography & More!)

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The best LED light panels are the perfect lighting tool for all kinds of photography and media production. You need a light panel that gives you a wide range of brightness options. And you want a panel size that suits your subject. Plus, a good set of accessories maximizes results.

The Neewer USB LED light panel set is the best one right now. You get a complete lighting kit with two panels, two tripods, and eight color filters. And it’s an affordable option for photographers, content creators, and streamers.

Neewer USB LED Light Panels
Neewer USB LED Light Panels
Experience studio-level lighting with these USB LED light panels. They are perfect for creating stunning visuals with ease.

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What Are the Best Led Light Panels?

The best LED light panel provides consistent lighting for taking photos and shooting videos. Unlike a camera flash, an LED light panel has a constant output.

This allows you to achieve the perfect lighting you want in any scenario. And it allows you to record videos without stopping to change the lights.

You need an LED light panel that gives you control over brightness and color temperature. Color control is also helpful for some creatives. But not everyone needs colored lighting. These controls give you the control you need to perfectly light your subject.

Many LED panels come as a set. You might get more than one LED panel. And some sets include tripods, color filters, and remotes. There are some excellent lighting kits on our list. And buying the best set can save money on other purchases.

Think about the type of media you want to create. Are you a portrait photographer? Are you creating “edible images” with food photography? Or are you a vlogger or streamer on YouTube and Twitch?

Keep your objectives in mind when looking through the list. That will help you find the best LED light panel for your content.

Here’s a quick look at all of the best light panels. We go into more detail on each LED panel in the section after. And we have a FAQ section at the end if you need more information.

Our Top Choice
Neewer USB LED Light Panels
Neewer USB LED Light Panels
Neewer USB LED Light Panels
  • Two-panel set
  • 66 LED beads per panel gives you excellent illumination
  • Sturdy mini tripods have a good height range
  • Eight color gels for more lighting options
Best On-Camera LED Panel
ULANZI VL49 Cold Shoe LED Video Light
ULANZI VL49 Cold Shoe LED Video Light
ULANZI VL49 Cold Shoe LED Video Light
  • Compact LED panels that connects directly to your camera
  • 49 LED beads give 5500K light output
  • Excellent battery life and convenient USB charging
  • Compatible with all DSLR and mirrorless cameras
Best for Video Podcasts
RaLeno LED
RaLeno LED
RaLeno LED
  • Soft, uniform, no-glare lighting
  • Professional, adjustable color temperature and brightness
  • Built-in, dual 8000 mAh rechargeable batteries
  • High-resolution LCD display
Best for Product Photography
EMART LED Video Light
EMART LED Video Light
EMART LED Video Light
  • 11 brightness settings for excellent lighting control
  • Four different color filters
  • Two sturdy tripods with a good height range
  • USB-powered for easy usage
Best Professional LED Panel
Neewer CN-480
Neewer CN-480
Neewer CN-480
  • 480 LED bulbs, 240 white, 240 yellow, adjustable tungsten-daylight 3200-5600K
  • Light diffuser gives you softer light
  • U-mount bracket enables adjustable lighting angles
  • AC power cable and carry case included
Best Three-Light Set
Obeamiu LED Light Kit
Obeamiu LED Light Kit
Obeamiu LED Light Kit
  • 3-in-1 light set gives you fantastic value
  • 9 color filters for creative lighting options
  • Tripods have clip locks and ball heads
  • USB-powered
Best for Music Videos
Lume Cube RGB LED Panel
Lume Cube RGB LED Panel
Lume Cube RGB LED Panel
  • Hundreds of RGB lighting options
  • 4 built-in scene modes and a strobe function
  • Attaches to your camera with the cold shoe connector
  • LCD control screen
Best for TikTok Content
Altson LED Studio Lighting Kit
Altson LED Studio Lighting Kit
Altson LED Studio Lighting Kit
  • 18-piece, 9-color filter set for creative lighting effects
  • Tripod head rotates 180° for more creative control
  • Adjustable tripod stand, reaches up to 55'' / 140 cm
  • USB port-powered, no stand-alone charger needed
Best for Selfies
Neewer LED Selfie Light
Neewer LED Selfie Light
Neewer LED Selfie Light
  • 10 brightness settings and three color temperatures
  • Panel contains 60 LED beads
  • Clips directly onto your smartphone or laptop
  • Two hours of use from a fully-charged battery
Best Professional Colored Lighting
GMV RGB Video Lights
GMV RGB Video Lights
GMV RGB Video Lights
  • Wide range of RGB color modes
  • 560 LED beads give you fantastic illumination
  • Tripod, U-bracket, and diffusers included
  • Remote lighting control with the GMV app
Best for Studio Photography
Neewer Ultra Thin LED Panel
Neewer Ultra Thin LED Panel
Neewer Ultra Thin LED Panel
  • Precise brightness and temperature controls
  • Packed with 192 LED beads
  • Cold shoe mount for camera or tripod mounting
  • LCD display on the rear

11 Best LED Light Panels

Now we’ll look at all the LED light panels in more detail. We’ve included a wide range of LED panels, so you won’t have a problem finding the perfect one. We have large and small panels. There are light panels for photography. And there are LED panels for social media content.

1. Neewer USB LED Light Panels

Neewer USB LED Light Panels
Brand Neewer
Panel Dimensions 5.5 x 3.7 inches / 14 x 9.4 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 66
Brightness Settings 10 to 100%
Other Key Features Two-panel set, mini tripods, USB-powered, USB remote, color gels
Best For Streaming, vlogging, and tabletop photography

The Neewer USB LED light panels are our favorite LED lights right now. The two LED panels give you excellent light options. They are versatile, and you can use them for all types of media production. And you get an entire lighting set for creative lighting.

Each panel measures 5.5 x 3.7 inches (14 x 9.4 cm) and has 66 LED beads. With a total of 132 beads, you get excellent illumination. And have two panels means you can position them in different locations. This gives you unlimited lighting options.

The color temperature is fixed at 5600K, which gives you a fairly cold light. You have more control over the brightness, with ten settings from 10 to 100%.

The set also includes color gels for extra lighting options. You get two gels of white, red, blue, and yellow. That gives you eight gels you can mix and match.

Neewer makes excellent tripods for photographers. And these mini tripods have the solid build quality you expect from this brand.

They have a height range from 3.15 to 13.4 inches (8 to 34 cm). And you can get a full extension of 16 inches (40.5 cm) when using the tripod as a handle.

Plus, the tripod head has a useful range of motion. It rotates 360 degrees. And it has a tilting range of 180 degrees. This helps you get the perfect lighting angles, whether you need a high or low angle.

And these Newer LED light panels are powered using a USB cable. You can connect it to your computer or laptop. Or you can use a power bank or a plug adaptor. That gives you incredible freedom as you can shoot from anywhere.


2. ULANZI VL49 Cold Shoe LED Video Light

ULANZI VL49 Cold Shoe LED Video Light
Panel Dimensions 2.3 x 3.1 inches / 6 x 8 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 49
Brightness Settings 5
Other Key Features Cold shoe connection, 5500K color temperature, USB-C charging
Best For Photographers and video makers who need an on-camera lighting solution

The ULANZI VL49 cold shoe video light is the best on-camera LED light. It’s a compact and lightweight LED panel. And it connects directly to your camera. Plus, it’s compatible with all the best 4K cameras.

It has a wide range of applications. You can use it for product photography or macro photography. And it’s a great option for selfies, vlogging, and streaming.

The cold shoe connection means you attach it to the camera’s hot shoe connector, but you can’t control it through the camera. You control the LED panel by using the buttons on the body.

You can also mount it on a mini tripod. Or you can attach it to a smartphone mount for mobile media making.

And it’s also possible to attach several of these ULANZI LED panels together. So it’s a simple and affordable way to get even more illumination.

The light panel has 49 LED beads. They give you good illumination with a color temperature of 5500K. It’s a cold light. But you get five brightness settings to control the output.

The battery life is excellent. It gives you two hours of continuous lighting at full brightness. And you get even longer when using the lower brightness settings. It has a maximum charging time of two hours. And it charges using a USB-C connection.

The VL49 cold shoe LED video light is simple and effective. It’s also an affordable lighting solution for photography, streaming, and video calls. That’s why it’s one of the best LED light panels.


3. RALENO LED Soft Light Panel

RaLeno LED
Brand RaLeno
Panel Dimensions 10.6 x 7.5 inches / 27 x 19 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 192
Brightness Settings 0 to100%
Other Key Features Two color temperature settings, hot shoe mount compatible, built-in rechargeable battery
Best For Video podcasts and streaming

The RALENO LED soft-light panel gives you professional lighting in any situation. It has a large surface area. And the panel is packed with 192 LED beads. It gives you powerful lighting with good control. And it’ll take your video content to the next level.

The 10.6 x 7.5-inch (27 x 19 cm) panel has a powerful output. And you can set the brightness between 0 and 100%. You also get two color temperature settings to set the mood. You get a 5600K cold light. And there’s a 3200K light with more warmth.

The LED panel has a hot shoe connection. So you can connect it to your DSLR or mirrorless camera. But the large size might encourage you to mount it on a tripod. It isn’t heavy, so a good travel tripod is perfect.

There’s a built-in rechargeable battery convenient for remote shooting. And you don’t have to worry about limited socket space. It gives you 90 to 110 minutes of continuous lighting on full power.

And the charging cable is two meters. So you can use it while it’s plugged in.

This RALENO LED panel is a great choice if you’re a Twitch or YouTube creator. It gives you professional lighting with good controls. And your videos will attract more viewers. It’s also great for product and food photography.


4. EMART LED Video Light

EMART LED Video Light
Panel Dimensions 5.5 x 3.7 inches / 14 x 9.5 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 66
Brightness Settings 11
Other Key Features Four color filters, adjustable tripods included, USB remote
Best For Product and photography

The EMART LED video light is exactly what you need if to get started with product or food photography. You get a full lighting set with tripods and color filters. And it gives you the lighting control you need for fantastic product photography.

This LED light panel has a color temperature of 5600K. That’s a cold light temperature. But you have 11 brightness levels to help you get the perfect illumination.

You also get four color filters for even more options. There’s white, red, orange, and blue. And the orange filter is the best if you want a warm light.

The tripods have a wide height range for excellent versatility. They have a minimum height of 21 inches (53 cm) with a central column. And this extends to a maximum height of 54 inches (1.36 m).

You can also use them without the central column. That gives you an even lower working angle. Plus, the tripod head gives you 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of tilting.

A USB connection powers the LED panels. You can run them directly from your photo editing laptop. That’s handy if you use the EMART LED video light for conference calls. So it’s a versatile and affordable lighting kit for photographers and video makers.


5. Neewer Bi-Color U-Bracket LED Panel

Neewer CN-480
Brand Neewer
Panel Dimensions 8.3 x 10 inches / 21 x 26 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 480
Brightness Settings 0 to 100%
Other Key Features Color temperature adjustment knob, adjustable U-mount bracket, white filter
Best For Professional photography and videography

The Neewer Bi-Color U-Bracket is the best LED light panel for professional photographers and videographers. Whether you’re shooting product, food, or portrait photography, this light will improve results.

It’s ideal for studio photography. But it’s also great for a more professional at-home production setup.

This LED panel is one of the largest on our list. It has 240 white LED beads and 240 yellow beads, giving you 480 LED beads in total. That gives you even lighting over a large are and fewer shadows.

The light also comes with a light diffuser that softens the output. And you control the brightness and color temperature using knobs. That means you can set the brightness between 0 and 100%.

Then you can also adjust the temperature anywhere between 3200 and 5600K. So you can find the perfect lighting for any subject or scenario.

The LED panel is connected to an aluminum U-bracket. This can be attached to a stand or tripod. And it gives you 360 degrees of tilting rotation. That allows you to light from high or low angles.

You can power the light using an AC power adaptor. This gives you unlimited shooting time indoors. Or you can also use two NP-F550 or NP-FN70 batteries for location lighting. But you have to buy these separately.

This Neewer U-Bracket LED panel will transform your photography and video work. It’s a professional piece of equipment for photography, videomaking, and live streaming. And it’s an investment you won’t regret!


6. Obeamiu LED Light Kit

Obeamiu LED Light Kit
Brand Obeamiu
Panel Dimensions 5.7 x 3.8 inches / 14.5 x 9.7 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 70
Brightness Settings 10
Other Key Features Nine color filters, tripods, USB remotes
Best For Photographers, vloggers, and streamers looking for a three-light set

The Obeamiu LED light kit offers incredible value for money. You get a full lighting setup for photography or video making. That includes three LED panels and tripods. And you get nine color filters for creative lighting.

Each panel has 70 LED beads. You have 10 brightness settings. And you switch the color temperature between 5400 and 5800K. Both options give you a cold light. But you have a fantastic selection of color filters that give you complete control.

The tripods are secure and reliable. The central column has three sections. So you can adjust them to get the perfect height. And each section has a quick-flip lock to keep it in position.

Plus, the tripods with the Obeamiu light kit also have ball heads. And these give you an excellent range of movement for panning and tilting.

Having three LED light panels is a game-changer. Of course, three panels give you more light. But it also gives you more freedom with your lighting arrangement. You can completely remove unwanted shadows.

That’s great for product and food photographers. And it means you achieve dynamic lighting for vlogs and live streams.


7. Lume Cube RGB LED Panel

Lume Cube RGB LED Panel
Brand Lume Cube
Panel Dimensions 4.8 x 2.6 inches / 12.2 x 6.6 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 45
Brightness Settings 1 to 100%
Other Key Features RGB color modes, strobe light, four scene modes
Best For Music videos

The Lume Cube RGB LED panel offers incredible creative lighting options. It’s one of the more compact LED panels on our list. But it has the best selection of built-in RGB modes and features. So it’s perfect for music videos or fashion videography.

The panel has 45 LED beads. And each one can omit white, red, green, and blue light. Plus, you can mix and match the colors, so you have hundreds of color options to play with.

It also gives you pre-programmed scene modes. And you also get a strobe light option.

It comes with a cold shoe mount for your camera. So you can attach it directly to your music video camera, which is ideal for head-on lighting. And you also get a silicone diffuser for softening the output.

The internal battery gives you 90 minutes of use. And that’s when you have it set at 100%. It also uses a USB-C connection for charging. And you can run it while plugged in for unlimited use.

The Lume Cube RGB is the best LED light panel for creative videographers. The color and strobe options make it perfect for dance videos and commercials. And it’s also a fantastic choice if you want to jazz up your vlog lighting.


8. Altson LED Studio Lighting Kit

Altson LED Studio Lighting Kit
Panel Dimensions 5.9 x 3.9 inches / 15 x 10 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 70
Brightness Settings 10
Other Key Features Two tripods, nine color filters, USB-powered
Best For TikTok and makeup tutorials

The Altson LED studio lighting kit is great for boosting social media content. It gives you the perfect lighting for TikTok videos. And no matter if you’re shooting vlogs or makeup tutorials, you’ll see a big improvement.

The set includes two LED light panels. And each panel has 70 LED beads. They give a good spread of even light that highlights your face. And you have 10 brightness settings for perfect illumination.

The LED panel omits a 5600K cold light. This is ideal if you want intense white light. But you can also change the mood with one of its nine color gels. And you can mix them for even more color lighting possibilities.

The tripods have good build quality. And each one has three sections you can adjust for the perfect height. They have twist locks that hold them in position. And the head gives you 360 degrees of rotation.

This Altson lighting kit isn’t the most advanced one. But it’s a great place to start. The good performance and low cost make it a top choice for TikTok creators. You’ll see lighting improvement immediately. And your list of followers will grow!


9. Neewer LED Selfie Light

Neewer LED Selfie Light
Brand Neewer
Panel Dimensions 4.8 x 3.6 inches / 12.2 x 9 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 60
Brightness Settings 10
Other Key Features Clip mount, super compact, built-in rechargeable battery
Best For Selfies, video calls, and mobile content

The Neewer LED selfie light is the best LED panel for smartphones. It’s very simple, clipping directly onto your smartphone. And it gives you excellent illumination for smashing selfies! But it also clips onto laptops, making it a top choice for video calls.

It’s a lightweight and compact LED light panel. It measures only 4.8 x 3.6 inches (12.2 x 9 cm) and weighs just 0.3 lb (140 g). It’s so convenient you don’t even need a camera bag to carry it. It can go straight into your pocket.

Despite its small size, you still get fantastic lighting. It has 60 LED beads. And it gives you three temperature settings—cold white, bi-color, and warm yellow. Plus, you get 10 brightness levels to choose from. That’s a total of 30 light settings!

It has a chargeable battery built-in. So you don’t have to buy batteries all the time. And you can charge it with a USB-C cable. At three hours, the charging time is a bit long. But you get two hours of use at full power when fully charged.

This Neewer LED light is ideal for lighting your selfies for more pizzazz. And it’s the perfect partner for your webcam for Mac or Windows laptop. It’s also excellent to shoot macro photography with a smartphone macro lens.


10. GMV RGB Video Lights

GMV RGB Video Lights
Brand GMV
Panel Dimensions 12.5 x 10.6 inches / 31.8 x 27 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 560
Brightness Settings 10 to 100%
Other Key Features RGB color modes, U-bracket mounts, tripods, light diffusers, app controls
Best For Professional colored lighting

The GMV RGB video lights give you professional-standard, colored lighting for photography and video. You get two large LED light panels with a full set of accessories. But you do have to splash the cash a bit more for this kit.

Each panel has 384 white and yellow LED beads and 176 RGB beads. That’s 560 beads in total. Plus, the two control knobs give you complete control over brightness and temperature. And you get a ton of color modes for more creativity.

The panels have an extensive control panel on the back. But you can also control the lights using the GMV smartphone app. (Compatible with Android phones and iPhones.)

The app gives you even more control over color settings and modes. And it allows you to change settings remotely.

These GMV video lights are perfect for fashion photography and music videos. You can record high-standard video podcasts for YouTube. And you can take your food and product photography to another level. You’ll see a big return on this investment!


11. Neewer Ultra Thin LED Panel

Neewer Ultra Thin LED Panel
Brand Neewer
Panel Dimensions 7.4 x 9.3 inches / 18.8 x 26.8 cm
LED Beads (Per Panel) 192
Brightness Settings 0 to 100%
Other Key Features LCD, cold shoe mount, great battery life
Best For Studio photographers

The Neewer ultra-thin LED panel gives you professional lighting in a studio setting. Whether it’s product, food, portrait, or editorial photography, this light panel delivers results.

It gives you a broad spread of even light. And the precise controls put the power in your hands.

The panel is densely packed with lights. It has 192 LED beads (96 white, 96 yellow). So this gives you a high level of luminosity. Plus, you can adjust the brightness anywhere from 0 to 100%.

You also get the same freedom with the color temperature. You can set it at any point between 3200 and 5600K.

The cold shoe mount allows you to attach it to your camera. This gives you excellent head-on lighting. Or you can mount it on a tripod for more directional control. The mount gives you a wide tilting range for the perfect lighting angle.


Best LED Light Panel FAQs

There’s a lot of information to digest when looking for the best LED light panel. It can be confusing and makes it difficult to find the best one. But we’ve answered some of the hottest questions to help you find the LED light panel you need.

Who Uses LED Lights Panels?

LED light panels have become one of the most popular creative lighting tools. They are popular with commercial photographers trying to put their Products in Focus. And they are becoming more and more popular with portrait photographers.

LED panels are a great option for any photographer shooting in a studio. While portrait and fashion photographers prefer light reflectors when shooting outside, LED light panels give you excellent control inside.

They are also ideal for miniature photography and stop-frame animation. And videographers are also turning to LED lights for more controlled lighting.

They are ideal for shooting video interviews or dramatic recorded media. And the LED light panel is perfect for video podcasts, vlogs, and live streaming.

Plus, sometimes you want to look your best when using a 4K webcam. And an LED light panel is the perfect partner for your vlogging camera or streaming camera.


What Settings Do LED Light Panels Have?

Brightness and color temperature are the two main settings on LED light panels. And some LED panels also give you color control.

Changing the brightness gives you more lighting control in different situations. In low light, full brightness might be too much. And when you’re working in a well-lit space, a dim light won’t be effective. That’s why you need brightness controls.

Color temperature is another key consideration when working with LED lights. The color temperature determines whether the light is cold or warm.

Cold light is white and harsh. And warm light has a yellow tone. It’s measured in Kelvins and denoted with a K. 3200K is a warm light. And 5600K is a cold light.

Some LED light panels also have color options. Color gels or filters are the most common way to change the color light of your LED panel.

Some of the best LED light panels come with color filters included. But you can also buy color gels separately, like this 20-piece set from Selens.

Other LED lights can change color without filters. So the LED beads themselves can change color. The colors are often limited to red, green, and blue. But they can be used in combination to give different lighting colors.

Which Brand Makes the Best LED Light Panels

Neewer makes some of the best photography equipment. And Newer’s LED light panels are an excellent example of their quality. They make reliable gear that photographers want to use. So we have four Neewer LED lights on this list.

ULANZI makes excellent mini LED light panels. RALENO has LED lights for the more professional end of the market. And Lume Cube is another company of growing stature in the creative light department.

Then you also have LED lights from Altson and Game Video Maker (GMV).


Conclusion: The Best LED Light Panels

Finding the best LED light panel is about focusing on your objectives. Ask yourself what kind of media you’re creating. There are LED panels for everyone, from professional portrait photographers to Twitch streamers. And we’ve included a wide range for you to pick from.

The Neewer USB LED light panels are our top pick. It’s a two-panel set that comes with tripods and color filters. You get brightness controls to nail the lighting in any situation. And they can be used for vlogging, streaming, and tabletop photography. It’s excellent value for your money becuase you get a full lighting setup!

Neewer USB LED Light Panels
Neewer USB LED Light Panels
Experience studio-level lighting with these USB LED light panels. They are perfect for creating stunning visuals with ease.
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