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11 Best Tiktok LED Lights in 2022 (To Get Ahead With Tiktok Trends)

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TikTok trends move fast, so you need to be ready for when the wind changes. You need the best equipment so you can adapt to the changing fashions in TikTok content. And TikTok lights should be at the top of your shopping list.

The best TikTok lights can be used for any kind of video. And that’s the versatility you need. You want one piece of equipment you can use no matter what content you post on social media.

You’ve come to the right place for TikTok lights. We’ve compiled a list of the best TikTok lights to improve your videos and content. There’s all the information you need to make an educated purchase.

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The Best TikTok LED Lights

We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the best TikTok lights. These are the lights you need to boost your TikTok views. The list includes strip lights, string lights, and ring lights. No matter what kind of content you produce, we have the right TikTok light for you.

1. Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Govee LED Strip Lights for TikTok

The Govee LED strip lights are the best TikTok lights you’ll find today. They’re colorful and fun, and they have so many modes and features to play with. No matter what kind of TikTok content you want to make, these LED strip lights will make your videos even more fabulous.

You get 100ft of LED strip lighting with 900 bulbs. Each one can change from blue, green, or red. You can change and customize the LED light strips by cutting along the cut lines found after every six bulbs.

The Govee LED strip lights are better than any set of string lights you’ll find. They have different color modes and lighting options. And they’re smart, so you can control them from your phone with the Govee Home App.

The Govee Home App gives you access to 16 million color options, 64 scene modes, and excellent music sync options. The light options are near-endless, so you can make every TikTok unique. And the Govee party effect will make your content stand out.

One excellent feature of the Govee Home App is the color-picking assistant. Select a photo from your phone, and the app will create a customized color palette that matches the photo. It’s a quick and easy way to achieve the atmosphere you want.

These LED strip lights also have voice activation capabilities. You can connect the lights to an Alexa or Google Assistant device for hands-free lighting changes. You can switch modes or adjust the mood of your environment with the sound of your voice.

2. Inkeltech Ring Light

Inkeltech ring light product photo including light, stand, bag, and remotes, great choice for TikTok videos

Ring lights are the secret to soft and even lighting in your videos. They don’t over-power the subject or dazzle the viewer. Ring lights make your face glow and your eyes sparkle. They’re exactly what you need for face-to-camera videos like makeup tutorials.

The Inkeltech ring light is the best on the market for TikTok content. It’s an excellent piece of kit. And it has fantastic functions and features for high-quality social media videos.

The 18-inch ring has 480 LED beads, giving you excellent luminescence. You also have control over brightness and color temperature, allowing you to change the mode of your videos. The brightness ranges from 0-100%. And the temperature ranges between 3000-6000k.

The Inkeltech light has seven lighting modes, giving you more creative options. These include night light, warm light, and cold light. And you can switch between modes from afar using the infrared remote control. You can also snap a selfie remotely with the IR controller.

The ring light is supported by a tripod stand. And the central pole is telescopic, so you can adjust the height to meet your requirements. The central phone holder is compatible with iPhones and Android devices.

The Inkeltech ring light gives you flexibility when it comes to power, too. You can plug the light into the mains for use indoors. Or you can use the battery pack as a power source if you want to shoot outside.

3. Gusodor LED Strip Lights

Gusodor LED strip lights product photo with remotes and app

The Gusodor LED strip lights are colorful, fun, and give you excellent options for creative TikTok videos. They’re easy to install and use. And they offer great value for money.

This set of smart LED strip lights gives you 32.8ft of colored lights. This total length gives you 150 LED bulbs to play with. And you can stick them to any flat surface using the adhesive back.

You can customize the length and make different LED light strips by cutting along the cutting marks. Then you can also link strips back together.

The Gusodor LED strip lights are controlled using the app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. And it gives you thousands of color choices and 23 lighting modes. The modes include breathing, strobe, and flashing.

You can also sync the LED strip lights to music. The colored lights will change with the rhythm of the music you’re playing. It gives you excellent options for creating different atmospheres in your videos. You can go for romantic ambient light or a full-on party vibe.

The color options are incredible. The Gusodor app gives you thousands to choose from. And you can have them change automatically. You can change them with the remote or app, set them on a timer, or by reacting to sounds and music. Their versatility makes them the best LED strip lights for TikTok creators.

4. UBeesize 10″ LED Ring Light

UBeesize 10 inch ring for lighting product photo

This handy LED ring light from UBeesize is perfect for TikTok, selfies, and social media videos. It’s a great set that gives you everything you need to produce interesting and well-lit content.

The ring light is 10 inches, giving you even lighting on your face when shooting. You have three lighting modes to choose from—white, warm white, and yellow. And you have 11 brightness settings for more versatility.

A universal 360-degree phone clamp is included. It’s compatible with all major phone manufacturers. The adjustable clamp makes it easy to record yourself for Tiktok and Instagram stories.

The tripod is small and portable. And it provides excellent stability when working on a tabletop. You can use it in your bedroom, the kitchen, or any other room with a flat surface.

The wireless remote lets you control your phone when it’s attached to the clamp. You can strike your pose and then snap the perfect selfie without moving. The light is powered by USB. That can be a laptop, wall charger, or power bank.

5. Supernight 2835RGB LED Strip Light

Supernight LED strip light set for TikTok, with remote and power source

The Supernight LED strip lights are colorful, playful, and fun. You can create different atmospheres in any room of the house. And you get the perfect ambient lighting for your TikTok videos.

With 16.4ft of lighting, you get 300 LED bulbs. And you can create customized LED light strips by cutting at the cutting lines. These lines are found after every six lights, so there’s plenty of room for creativity.

Your LED color options are red, green, and blue. While each LED bulb can only emit one color at a time, the 24-key remote gives you hundreds of different lighting options. You can mix and match the colors with flash, smooth, strobe, and fade settings.

The downsides are that the colored LED lights aren’t waterproof, and you need an electrical outlet as a power source. But the Supernight LED strip lights are excellent value. They’re affordable and give you plenty of lighting styles for social media videos.

6. Skytex Softbox Lighting Kit

Skytex softbox lighting kit product photo with kit bag

If your TikTok business is taking off, you’ll need a lighting setup that’s a bit more professional. The Skytex softbox lighting kit gives you a step up to the next level. The set is great value for money. And it has everything you need for professional-looking lighting.

The LED bulbs have three color options, white, warm, and cold. And you also have dimming options for more control over the lighting. You can select a brightness level anywhere between 1 and 100%.

The set includes two softbox heads. A softbox diffuses the light emitted from the bulb. It gives softer and more even lighting than the uncovered bulbs. The softboxes give the perfect lighting for talking-head videos, interviews, and makeup tutorials.

You can adjust the lights using the remote control. And the tripod stands are height-adjustable, giving you freedom with your lighting options. The maximum is 6ft, which is plenty of height. The lamp heads also have 210 degrees of rotation for more creative options.

You need to plug both lamps into an electrical outlet. And each light has a separate power cable, which isn’t ideal. But you don’t need to use both all the time. Having two is a luxury that allows for more possibilities when setting up your lighting for Tiktok.

7. Weeylite 18″ RGB Ring Light Kit

product photo of Weeylite ringlight, a good choice for TikTok videos

The Weeylite ring light gives you a near-professional lighting setup. But you don’t need a studio for the best results. You can use these TikTok lights in your bedroom at home. There are plenty of options to give your social media content a professional feel and lots of variety.

The 18-inch ring holds 352 LED lights with a color temperature of 2500-8500k. You have a brightness range from 0 to 100%. And there’s a 360-degree full color and custom red, green, and blue modes for colorful lighting.

The Weeylite ring light has 17 built-in lighting effects. They offer perfect lighting for any type of content you want to create. You’ll find something for selfies, reviews, tutorials, and dance performances.

You can control this TikTok light using the remote control or the Weeylite app. You can control it from up to a distance of 65ft. And with six wireless channels, you can control more than one light at a time.

The TikTok light kit includes a universal device mount that can support phones and iPads. And there’s a hotshoe adaptor for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The Bluetooth shutter remote also lets you take pictures from a distance.

The dual power source setup gives them more appeal as TikTok lights. You can plug the power cable into the wall for a home setup. Or you can switch to battery power for remote video shoots.

8. Hedynshine Color LED Strip Lights

Hedynshine smart LED strip lights product photo of tiktok lights

These LED strip lights from Hedynshine are great fun. And with their smart controls and music functions, they make perfect TikTok lights. They’re great value too.

Hedynshine gives you 50ft of smart LED strip lights to play with. And each LED light has red, green, blue, and white color options. They’re dimmable and have many lighting options to choose from. There are four brightness options that range from 25 to 100%.

The big appeal of this set of LED strip lights is the ability to sync them with music. You get four music modes, including color jumping and fade. You can also switch the music sensitivity. This feature is great for recording dance routines or musical performances.

They are smart LED strip lights, so you can control them using the 40-key infrared remote. Or you can use the Hedynshine mobile app for more fun options. The app is available for iOS and Android, and it gives you excellent color control for the strip lights. They’re some of the best TikTok lights for creatives.

9. BrizLabs Fairy String Lights

Colorful string tiktok lights product shot

These string lights from Brizlabs are the perfect way to add colorful lighting to any room. They create a magical ambiance with plenty of lighting control. These help you add a new dimension of creativity to your TikTok content.

The Brizlabs string LEDs make perfect TikTok lights, with 200 LED lights on the line. You have loads of control of the lights, thanks to the timers and color settings. There are 16 color options and 12 color modes for different lighting effects.

You can control these TikTok lights with the remote. It allows you to change the color pattern or adjust the timer very easily. You can change the room’s atmosphere with the click of a button. You can even do it in the middle of your video as if it happened by magic.

The LED fairy lights are waterproof, so you can use them outside. But they need a power socket, so you can’t stray too far from the house. These Brizlabs string lights are an excellent choice for TikTok creators.

10. Neewer LED Panel Lights

Neewer Panel LED best tiktok lights product photo

Strip lights and string lights are loads of fun. But panel LED lights make excellent TikTok lights as well. And these panel lights from Neewer are the best value for money. They give you fantastic lighting options, and they’re more professional than colored strip lights.

Each panel consists of 66 energy-saving LED bulbs. They have a low-heat, low-energy output that produces soft and even light. It’s ideal for interviews and conference calls. And you can use it for TikTok tutorials and reviews.

The lighting units are powered by a USB cable that plugs into a wall outlet or computer. You can tilt the panels 180-degrees. And you get eight color filters for plenty of lighting effects.

Both LED panels have a tripod for stability. They’re Neewer mini tripods made of aluminum, with a height range of 8.86 inches to 3.8 feet. They can stand alone, or you can use them on a tabletop. You have plenty of options with these panel lights.

11. Selfila Clip-on LED Ring Light

Selfila clip on tiktok lights attached to a laptop

The Selfila clip-on LED ring light is a simple option. It might not have the functions and features of the other Tiktok lights on this list. But it’s perfect for selfies and videos for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

This ring light clips onto your laptop, providing soft, even light when recording or on a video call. You can turn it 360-degrees. And you get brightness adjustments and a color temperature range of 3200-6500k.

The ring has 48 LED lights and provides excellent illumination. You simply plug the light into your computer using the USB for power. And that’s all the equipment you need. It’s simple, effective, and an underappreciated TikTok light.

Green LED Strip lights in a dark setting


That’s our list of the best TikTok lights available today. We’ve included TikTok lights for every type of social media creator. We have the best ring lights for selfies and tutorials. And there are LED strip lights for creating colorful atmospheres for music videos.

You need to think about the content you want to create to find the best TikTok lights. But whether you like dancing or reviewing movies, this list has the best TikTok lights you’ll find today.

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