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The rise of visual web: from the Instagram epidemic to Pinterest-ing everything, means that users are using photographs really much.

When it comes to photography startups – hundreds and hundreds appear every year, and only a very few of them got approved by public and become successful.

Here in this collection you’ll find 15 brand new, exciting and useful photography startups which were launched in 2014.

The showcase includes a few smartphone photo apps, website builders focused on photographers and creatives, image storage services, photo sharing websites, and even a site with free of charge and copyrights images you can use for your projects.

Some of these startups are still available in beta-versions, some of them are already quite popular and profitable, but all of them are worth your attention. So, scroll down and enjoy the showcase!

1. 4ormat


4ormat is a multiple platform that allows artists, designers, photographers, and general business representatives to create a website and showcase their works and offers in a professional yet elegant way.

This year 4ormat added a new feature to their toolset, it’s blogging tools to built a blog on the base of the website.

2. Unsplash


Photo by Oscar Nilsson

Unsplash is a site that gives high-resolution beautiful images free of charge and free of copyright. You can do with these images what you want under Creative Common licence. Unsplash puts up 10 new unique images every 10 days.

3. PictureLife


PictureLife is phoot storage and image management app that was launched in early 2014. It ensures that your memories in pictures are safe and secure.

It allows you to access and upload pictures from almost any device, be it Mac, PC, or iPhone. It also enables to sort out pictures by organizing various albums.

4. Defrozo


Defrozo is an awesome free service that enables photographers to manage their workflow and business online, using the same login.

It’s all-in-one tool for all your online actions varying from creating photo galleries to sending emails with updates to your clients. Also, after registration on Defrozo you’ll get 5GB of free cloud storage for all your assets.

5. Piccolo


Using Piccolo you can have your pictures from Instagram and Facebook printed and mailed to you each month. It’s a good tool if you’re gathering a home photo library to show off your friends or simply collect memories.

You can choose your favourite shots for printing or let Piccolo select the best popular photos from your social profiles. They have 3 year plan options: up to 20, up to 40, and up to 60 images each month.

6. ImageBrief


This Australian startup is a new way to connect clients and photographers. Image buyers post the brief description of the image they want to get, how it will be used, and the price they’re willing to pay.

After that photographers, in their turn, post the best pictures following these guidelines. Also, clients could choose the pictures from the existing collection, without creating a “brief”.

7. MaxStone


MaxStone is a new company that produces a remote allowing you to connect your smartphone to your DSLR in order to use it as a remote. The gadget itself can be used as a remote trigger for the smartphone camera.

Actually, MaxStone is so new that the device is not ready yet. But they had have a successful Kickstarter campaign, so the devices are currently under production.

8. August


August is a website where the world’s most talented photographers share their works. There Photographers can get a feedback on their photos, create a community based on interests, and grant a financial and social freedom to ceaselessly create.

9. Shutter


Shutter is a photo publishing platform that is focused on quality first of all. This startup is currently available in beta version. Share your own images and discover the photos of other photographers in a beautiful easy way.

10. Promo


Promo is a mobile video promotion service that could help you to spread the world your products, services, properties, or events.

All you need to to is just record your promotion video, upload it and select a category and price. Moreover, you can share your Promo video through various social media platforms.

11. Snapwire


Snapwire is a website where mobile photographers share their custom images. Image buyer submit their requests and photographers upload their best mobile shots that match their vision.

In the end, winning photographers get paid.



One of the most difficult things about being a creative is having to come up with fresh ideas all the time. OKDOTHIS is a cool photography app created by Jeremy Cowart, an award-winning photographer.

It allows you to share your own shots and discover the pictures of other people, share ideas, and follow the ideas of others.

Just create a DO, upload your photo and other photographers will upload their images following your DO. Moreover, it has awesome photo editor with photo effect and corrections to make your photo finished and post-processed.

13. Folio


Folio is the first mini portable photo studio for your smartphone. This device would be extremely useful for those who sell handmade things online.

You can take a professional pictures of your products at home with studio lights and clean white background.

14. Rinse


Rinse is a photo sharing site aimed to share stories behind each uploaded image. The team review every photograph, so only the high quality photos will be shown.

The founders of this startup are driven by passion to give viewers the opportunity to see the majesty behind each creation.

15. VSCO Cam


VSCO Cam is a premium way to shoot, edit, and share your mobile images. VSCO Cam lets you edit basic elements such as the temperature, contrast, exposure, cropping, and rotating natively.

Along with that you;re able to apply a set of majestic filters. After editing process, you can save image to the camera roll, or share through various social networks.


I hope this collection of new photography startups were useful for you.

Which startup do you like best and why?

Maybe you have an experience of launching and/or managing photography startup? Feel free to use comment section to share your thought with us.

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15 New Crazy-Cool Photography Startups You’ll Love

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