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3 Best Lightroom Courses in 2024 Reviewed

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 4 min read
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Finding a good Adobe Lightroom course can take time and effort. It is no surprise that there are plenty of them on the internet. And each one promises to teach you how to use it best.
Lightroom is an essential tool for photographers. It offers excellent flexibility. And it has many options for editing and perfecting our images.
This article introduces you to our three favorite Lightroom courses. And we think they all live up to their promises!

3. Mastering Lightroom with the SLR Lounge Lightroom Course

Mastering Lightroom is claimed to be the “Complete A-Z Lightroom Tutorial”. This statement is very close to reality. Starting at a beginner level, the course carries on to advanced techniques and options. It reaches a firm pro user level. No matter how much you know about Lightroom, you can learn a lot from it, just as I’ve done while reviewing it.
It’s a real gem because of its extensive coverage, flawless precision, and outstanding production. It also has a fun, logical, and to-the-point presentation. There are cheaper, still great alternatives. But if you want for the best you can get, especially if you’re a professional or aiming to be one, this is it.
This course is authored and presented by Pye Jirsa.
It’s available for $129 or as part of SLR Lounge’s premium subscription (a great offer!).
For whom: Beginners to advanced photographers who want to be proficient in Lightroom.
Read our review about Mastering Lightroom here! Mastering Lightroom has scored 91/100 in our system. 
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2. Introduction to Lightroom by Fstoppers

To fully understand and appreciate what Lightroom is able to do, it’s not enough to be able to pull some sliders.
Introduction to Lightroom by Fstoppers offers you not only the basic set of tools but also the right approach and philosophy for editing.
The course focuses on showing Lightroom’s image editing capabilities. Two-thirds of the chapters are about that.
This stands in contrast with SLR Lounge’s Mastering Lightroom course. There the focus is a bit more on workflow optimisation and speeding up processing.
Also presented by Pye Jirsa, this course is easy to follow, entertaining to watch, and very precise.
This course is available for $129 from the Fstoppers store.
For whom: Beginners in need of a well-rounded education on the software.
Read our review about Introduction to Lightroom here! Introduction to Lightroom has scored 82/100 in our system.
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1. Decoding Lightroom by Contrastly

Decoding Lightroom is a great choice for the hobbyist photographer who wants to learn Lightroom’s ins and outs. It is a less expensive alternative to the courses above. It promises to teach you everything Lightroom Classic CC has to offer (even its “secret” features). It’s a 5-hour long video course.
You don’t need to have any former knowledge to take this course. Yet, it has the potential to take you to a level where you will intuitively use even the more hidden features of the application. Proper editing, after all, is a core part of a successful photograph.
Decoding Lightroom is authored and presented by Adam Welch, a renown landscape photographer.
This course is cheaper than the other two. You can get it for $48.
For whom: Beginner to intermediate photographers who want to understand Lightroom.
Read our review about Decoding Lightroom here! Decoding Lightroom has scored 75/100 in our system. 
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+1. Effortless Editing with Lightroom by Expert Photography

We also happen to have a great video course teaching the ins and outs of Adobe Lightroom. Check out our course, Effortless Editing with Lightroom here, and use the coupon code bestlightroom10  at checkout for a 10% discount!


Here you have it. From the several Lightroom courses we’ve reviewed, these three stand out as the most compelling options.
You won’t go wrong with any of them.
Don’t forget to check out our own course – Effortless Editing With Lightroom
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