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27 Famous Landscape Photographers You Should Know

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Landscape photography is one of the most popular photography genres in the world.

Looking for some inspiration or ideas? These famous landscape photographers portfolios might be just what you need.

27. Anne Strickland

Anne Strickland turned her life around when she replaced law studies with photography. She’s been taking gorgeous landscape photos for over 10 years.

Anne’s photos often feature wide and open spaces. She’s able to capture the soft and graceful side of even the coldest landscapes. She often uses long exposure techniques to take dreamy pictures.

26. Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was the king of landscape photography. He specialised in black and white landscape photography. He was also an environmentalist who was passionate about taking sharp photos of nature.

Ansel Adams photos are full of clarity and contrast. Despite their lack of colour, Ansel’s photos continue to inspire today’s landscape and nature photographers.

25. Lucie Averill

Lucie Averill finds inspiration in her surroundings. Her images focus on seasons and how they can change the same location.

Lucie’s photos are minimalistic. this style is one of the many qualities that make her work so appealing. She also takes many abstract landscape photos.

24. Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna’s black and white landscape photography is a genre of its own. He uses long exposures to create atmospheric images of deserted places.

Inspired by haikus, Michael aims to focus more on atmospheres than details. He often shoots in cold weather conditions to enhance this effect. This coldness makes his work a combination of ethereal and spooky.

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Torii, Study 1, Japan. 2002. #michaelkenna

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23. Jenifer Bunnett

Jenifer Bunnett started her photographers journey later in life, but she was always in love with it thanks to her creative father.

Her work often revolves around peaceful seascapes. She often uses pastel colors. This use of color makes her images look like a professional abstract artist painted them.

Unlike other landscape photographers, Jenifer prefers to use shorter long exposures. As she said in an interview with LEMAG, “Some people use the effect beautifully to produce a feeling of absolute serenity. But I’m looking for a sense of movement; where the water came from and where it’s off to.”

22. Michael Frye

Michael Frye is a versatile landscape photographer who likes to experiment with different subjects and styles. He’s also an educator and author of five photography books.

Michael’s approach to taking photographs of landscapes is classical but unique. His images include all kinds of subjects, from stars reflected in a lake to trees in a blanket of fog.

Michael’s Instagram account focuses on both his photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories.

21. Rachael Talibart

Rachael Talibart is considered one of the best landscape photographers in the UK. This isn’t surprising given her powerful work.

Many photographers don’t find inspiration in stormy weather. Rachael thrives because of it. Her portfolio features tides and storms of all kinds. Some are abstract and soft, while others are crystal clear.

Regardless of the technique she uses, Rachael manages to find the unique beauty in every storm that she photographs.

20. Max Rive

With over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Max Rive is taking the landscape photographers world by storm. His landscape photos have a fantastical atmosphere. The images look like they are taken straight out of a TV series.

Max’s editing style plays a vital role in his work. His images are vibrant and moody, but not in a way that makes them look too Photoshopped.

This natural approach to editing makes Max’s work a brilliant source of inspiration.

19. Merve Cevik

Merve Cevik is an excellent example of two photography genres merged into one. Even though she’s a travel photographer, she often takes photos of landscapes alone.

Her images are vibrant and optimistic thanks to her editing style. Even her winter landscapes, which often feature a massive amount of snow, have a certain warmth in them.

18. Charlie Waite

Charlie Waite started in theatre and design. Inspired by lighting, he began to take photos of landscapes. This turned into a lifelong career that made him one of the most famous landscape photographers around the world.

Elements of theatre and design inspire Charlie’s photos. His extensive knowledge of compositions and lighting are evident in his work. What makes his pictures even more impressive is that it looks like he hasn’t edited them at all.

17. Renee Hahnel

Renee Hahne is another example of travel and lifestyle photography combined into one inspiring genre. She often photographs herself and her husband in breathtaking locations.

Renee isn’t only a landscape photographer, but there’s a lot you can learn from her photography techniques.

She manages to photograph both people and landscapes in a harmonious, non-disruptive way. These skills have earned her over 400,000 followers on Instagram alone.

16. Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan photographs the very best sides of landscapes all across the globe. Whether he’s shooting in an empty desert or an icy landscape, he manages to take photos that are not only technically perfect but also emotional.

Daniel’s portfolio features a lot of wide and spacious shots. He often includes elements of culture to enhance his stories. Thanks to his unique landscape photographers skills, he has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

15. Caroline Foster

Caroline Foster, also known as Wilderness Addict, is an adventure photographer. Caroline beautifully captures lakes, mountains, and cabins.

Caroline’s photos are the perfect mix of mystical and inspiring.

Self-portraiture is typical in adventure photography. But it can also be used by landscape photographers to make photos stand out even more. Caroline finds picturesque locations wherever she goes and often includes herself in her images.

14. Michael Shainblum

Michael Shainblum is a photographer and filmmaker who takes exceptional landscape photos. He’s one of the most famous landscape photographers on this list, with over 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Michael continually challenges the limits of landscape photography. He shoots from unusual angles, uses creative editing techniques, and manipulates light in a way that makes his images look surreal.

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“Fire Swirl” 🔥🌀 Swipe to see the full panorama!

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13. Kathryn Dyer

Kathryn Dyer is passionate about nature. As someone who survived cancer, she appreciates the little things in life. This is very evident in her photos, which often feature details that most people overlook.

Kathryn’s dreamy portfolio features peaceful locations and people enjoying their surroundings.

12. Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff is an American photographer with many impressive achievements. On top of being a public speaker and writer, he runs a popular travel blog. His work has been reviewed by famous people like JJ Abrams and Hans Zimmer.

Trey specialises in HDR landscape photography. One of his HDR photos was the first to be featured in the Smithsonian Museum. His photos are quirky, surreal, and full of life.

11. Rachel Jones Ross

Rachel Jones Ross, also known as Astralis Photography, specialises in nightscape photography. While she often takes photos of landscapes during the day, most of her pictures feature stars, cool tones, and snow.

Rachel focuses on the majestic and powerful side of nature. She finds beauty in the coldest landscapes and often includes herself in the pictures. This gives her work an ethereal feel.

In short, she transcends the traditional boundaries of landscape photography.

10. Simon Baxter

Simon Baxter’s landscape photos focus on woods, movements, and self-portraits out in nature.

Simon focuses more on atmospheres than on technicalities. Most of his photos don’t feature humans and facial expressions. But they’re still very emotional and thought-provoking.

He aims to show that landscape photography is more than just a pretty picture in a frame.

9. Adrienne McLeod

Adrienne McLeod specialises in nature photography, but often takes photos of beautiful landscapes. In addition to taking photographs, Adrienne likes to paint, read, hike, and more.

Her openness to creativity allows her to take all kinds of versatile landscape photos.

8. Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi learned how to take landscape photographs on his own. In addition to being self-taught, he’s an award-winning photographer.

His work has been featured by National Geographic, BBC, CNN, and other media outlets.

Marco’s photos capture the dramatic and peaceful sides of different landscapes. His images have a very high dynamic range. The tones, colours, and atmospheres in his shots make him an outstanding landscape photographer.

7. Courtney Wilson

Some landscape photographers specialise in specific sub-genres of photography. Courtney Wilson isn’t one of those people.

Instead of sticking to one theme or style, she experiments with different photography genres. Her gallery is versatile and exciting.

Every shot features an entirely different landscape and atmosphere.

6. Joshua Snow

Joshua Snow’s epic landscapes look like they were taken straight out of a fantasy film. He uses dramatic lighting to bring out the very best in any scene.

Joshua’s portfolio is the definition of fine art landscape photography. His images are detailed, emotive, and technically perfect.

His portfolio is an excellent source of inspiration for those who want to take intensely artistic photos of nature.

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~The Stillness~ Hey everyone! I’ve been a little uninspired lately, and am feeling itchy to hit the road again soon to find some cool new images! I started working on a simple focal length blending tutorial this morning using this image and got totally side tracked😂 a little Dueter in the 🎧 and two hours later I wake up to this on my screen…I have binge watched episodes 1-4 of Star Wars in the last week though 😂😂 maybe a little George Lucas Inspiration here! Patagonia did kind of feel like an alien planet though! This image was taken back in April on a trip with a couple of friends. We didn’t have a lot of time this morning and needed a place to get to quickly and it was right outside of town! I’m sure it’s shot a bunch given it’s easy access but hopefully mine stands apart a little! I’ll get back over there one day! P.s. Thank you to everyone that signed up for a workshop, or purchased anything something from my website over the holiday!!! ======================================= Join me on a custom private workshop this winter here in Moab, UT! Or on one of the awesome group workshops in 2020! New tutorials coming soon! ======================================= @earth_shotz #earth_shotz @earthfocus #earthfocus @earthpix #earthpix@earthoutdoors #earthoutdoors @earthofficial #earthofficial @splendid_earth #splendid_earth @capturelandscapes #capturelandscapes @dreaming_landscape #dreaming_landscape @landscapescapture #landscapescapture #longexposure #longexposure_shots #NikonNoFilter #ig_shots_le #big_shotz #artofvisuals #roamtheplanet #earth_shotz #nationalparkgeek #moodygrams #longexpo #usinterior #worldclassphotographers #worldtravelscapes #amazing_longexpo @tentree #tentree #landscapecapture #ourplanetdaily @ourplanetdaily @earthpix #southamerica @nikonusa #dreaming_landscape #lensbible @lensbible #yourshotphotographer @natgeoyourshot

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5. Cassell Archinuk

Cassell Archinuk focuses on the raw side of landscape photography.

She doesn’t believe in adding fake sunlight or clouds to her shots. Instead, she photographs everything as she sees it. This makes her landscape photos unique.

In her portfolio, you’ll find many dramatic photos of deserts, cliffs, and waterfalls.

4. Jake Guzman

Jake Guzman’s deep love for fine art led him to photography. Today, he combines his two passions to create masterful photos of nature, animals, and landscapes.

His portfolio features photos from all over the world, including Sweden, Iceland, Canada, and Hawaii.

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Still afternoons on the Merced River 🌲

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3. Mandy Lea

Mandy Lea is a full-time traveller who lives in a teardrop trailer. In her gallery, you’ll see the world through the eyes of someone who’s always close to nature.

Mandy often experiments with unusual angles and focal points. This makes her an outstanding artist in the landscape photography community.

2. Massimo Pistone

Massimo Pistone is an Italy-based electrician and landscape photography. He often photographs the graceful beauty of Italian coastlines and villages.

Massimo’s photos stand out because he often shoots during the golden or blue hour. This allows him to play with specific tones that complement his subjects.

1. Verity Milligan

Verity Milligan has the creative eye of someone who has been educating photographers for years. She’s a ZEISS Camera Lenses ambassador and a columnist for Practical Photography Magazine.

Verity’s images are as diverse as her subjects. She explores different themes and experiments with a wide variety of colours. Her photos are reminiscent of childhood fairytales. Yet their magical quality doesn’t make them any less real.


Common Landscape Photography Questions

Who Is the Most Famous Landscape Photographer?

Some of the most famous landscape photographers in the world are Ansel Adams, Michael Kenna, Max Rive, and Verity Milligan.

What Defines Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography focuses on landscapes of different kinds. It usually features open spaces in nature and cities.

A landscape can be the view from your kitchen window or what you see when you climb a hill.

What Are the Different Types of Landscape Photography?

There are many different types of landscape photography. A few examples are black & white, urban, travel, and abstract landscape photography.

You can even merge some of these genres to create unique landscape photos.


There are millions of talented landscape photographers around the world. These landscape photographers stand out because of their creative eye. They all experiment with different styles.

No matter your level of experience, you can learn something valuable from these photographers.

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