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12 Best Magazines Looking for Photo Submissions in 2024

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 10 min read
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Our article looks at the best magazines looking for photo submissions. When submitting work, ensure that the publication suits your style of photography. Thankfully, our article includes a wide range of magazines- and they’re all looking for photo submissions!

You might think you must be a seasoned professional with a big reputation to have your work featured in a magazine. But many magazines accept submissions from up-and-comers and readers. You might not make the cover, but you can get your photos published.

Check out our easy Editing With Lightroom course to make your photos look amazing. We guide you through each step to create professional, magazine-worthy pictures.

Overhead shot of a woman's hand flipping through a magazine on a white table
Photo by Sarah Dorweiler (Unsplash)

12 Best Magazines Looking for Photo Submissions

We’ve included the best magazines looking for photo submissions. They are a mix of magazines covering a good selection of photography niches. It’s hard to get your work seen by others as a photographer. But this is an opportunity to get your work into a major publication.

Submitting your photography to a magazine is a great way to promote your work and gain exposure. Although your work is not guaranteed to be featured, even being rejected can help. At least you’ll know you need to improve your skills or refine your style.

It never hurts to submit your work to more than one publication. But always stay relevant to the themes and tone of the photography magazine. You have a better chance of being featured if you match their style and message.

1. Dodho Magazine

Dodho is a magazine made by photographers for photographers. It’s an open, free, and independent magazine. Launched in April 2013, it quickly became one of the most visited photography sites.

Dodho accepts submissions from all around the world. Whether you are an emerging or professional photographer, you can get accepted. They are looking for creative, unique, and innovative work from photographers.

It is both an online and a printed magazine. Four annual calls, each lasting 60 days, are opened for the printed version. Go to Dodh’s website for submission guidelines.

A fashion portrait cover of Dodho, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine cover courtesy of Dodho

2. Harper’s Magazine

For photojournalistic submissions, Harper’s may be a perfect fit! Guidelines are quite loose for photo submissions. They give only an email for contact and accept all formats.

Harper’s focuses on literature, politics, culture, finance, and the arts. As with any photojournalistic submission, the subject should be relevant to current topics. This will make an image an ideal fit for publication.

Go to Harper’s website for submission guidelines.

A documentary photo cover of Harper's, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine cover courtesy of Harper’s

3. Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography Magazine is a fantastic publication opportunity for wildlife, nature, or travel photographers. The magazine prefers photos that encourage outdoor activities and emphasize photographic technique over gear.

Outdoor Photographer does not accept digital photo submissions. You must send physical prints in the mail for consideration.

Culling your submission down to a maximum of 20 images is important to the editors. Narrow down your images as much as possible while maintaining impact.

Go to Outdoor Photography’s website for submission guidelines. Check out our Wonderful Wildlife eBook for tips and tricks to submit your best work animal shots.

Sheep cover for Outdoor Photography, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine covers courtesy of Outdoor Photography

4. F-Stop Magazine

F-Stop publishes a wide range of photography genres. Check back often to see if your work fits specific deadlines well.

Each issue is themed, so editors seek images on specific topics. Generally, this lowers the possibility of being featured. But if your images match the theme, you have a great chance of making the magazine.

Their submission guidelines are quite detailed. Make sure to read it in its entirety so your submission can be properly reviewed.

Submissions are only accepted digitally. The general limit is 12 images per submission. Go to F-Stop Magazine’s website for submission guidelines.

An advertisement with a red car in a driveway for F-Stop, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
An advertisement courtesy of F-Stop

5. Lucy’s Magazine

Lucy’s focuses on beauty and fashion and is free online or available for print-to-order. It has a fresh and clean look, but each issue has specific editorial needs.

You can submit photos for print or web, with guidelines for each being almost identical. All submissions are digital. They limit the number of photos and the number of looks per submission.

Go to Lucy’s Magazine website for submission guidelines. For creative, fashionable portrait ideas, check out our Fairytale Portraits course.

A fashion headshot cover for Lucy's, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
Image courtesy of Lucy’s

6. Drift Travel Magazine

If you’re a globe-trotting photographer with a bank full of exotic images, consider submitting your work to Drift Travel

Every edition of Drift features stunning pictures from all over the world. And while we’ve become desensitized to certain types of travel photos from Instagram, Drift will reignite your passion for travel photography. 

Drift is now mainly an online publication, but every edition is still available in print. If your images get featured, you should request a printed version. 

Submit work to Drift Travel Magazine’s photo submission page on their website. Check out our Next Stop: Travel Photography eBook for ideas and inspiration.

An exotic golf course cover for Drift Travel, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine cover courtesy of Drift Travel Magazine

7. Noice Magazine

Offering a unique collection of photographs, Noice focuses on powerful images that combine minimalism, social issues, and a twist of humor.

Each issue is themed and available for print-to-order and in very few select shops worldwide. Submissions are also accepted worldwide. They have an online portal to complete the submission process.

A small fee is charged for every 10 images submitted. To increase the impact of each submission, show only your best work. You can read Noice Magazine’s Submission guidelines on its website.

A close-up seascape cover for Noice, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine cover courtesy of Noice

8. Dwell Magazine

If you photograph beautiful homes, Dwell has several submission options with various themes and examples. Since writing always accompanies photos, the editors ask you to submit a brief project description with your photos.

This would typically include any interesting information about the project and the team of designers and builders that worked on it.

Submissions are sent via email, but a second option gives you more instant access! Dwell lets you upload a project to share with its online community. All shared projects are considered for Editor’s Pick features in print.

Submission guidelines are on Dwell’s pitch, submit, and contact page. And check out our Picture Perfect Properties eBook that can help you take magazine-quality real-estate images.

Architecture cover for Dwell, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine cover courtesy of Dwell

9. Local Wolves

For a magazine geared completely towards young creative spirits, Local Wolves delivers. The publication is “driven by the passion of storytelling for creative minds from diverse fields of work.” And it accepts a wide range of photography genres.

Photo submissions must not be published anywhere, or you must unpublish them. This includes social media platforms. There’s no fee to submit. You must have all the credit information for the project team, including social media handles.

Submissions are fully digital. Files are transferred via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive. You can view the full submission guidelines and submit photos on Locatio Wolves’s website.

Group-photo cover for Local Wolves, one of the top magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine cover courtesy of Local Wolves

10. Shots Magazine

Shots Mag is print-only and features a variety of fine-art photography from around the world. Submissions are made easy with an online form. All other submission methods are not accepted!

Shots Magazine is entirely image-driven. There are no photography articles to educate the reader on technique or gear. So, images must be powerful and speak for themselves. Each issue is themed. Be sure to look at their editorial calendar to submit photos that fit well with their needs.

All images submitted must be converted to black and white. Make sure that your photos show well once converted. Each submission can include a maximum of eight photos. Additional ones require an extra fee.

Submitting is free for subscribers, but non-subscribers must pay a fee. Thus, if your photography is suitable for the publication, it’s beneficial to subscribe. You can view Shot Magazine’s submission guidelines on their website.

A woman holding a dog on the black-and-white cover for Shots, one of the magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazin cover courtesy of Shots

11. Burn Magazine

Focusing on emerging artists, Burn offers photo-documentary stories with a fine art twist. It’s officially open to all genres of photography. But you should look at past published stories to see if your photography style aligns with theirs.

Submission is online via a form. They have you link to a gallery that shows your submission images. Once accepted, arrangements are made to transfer photos as needed for publication.

Strong emphasis is placed on following the guidelines and editing your work tightly. Please take time to read through all the information before submitting! Review Burn’s submission guidelines and submit a project on their website.

Environmental portrait of a child facing a painting in a house for Burn, one of the magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine cover courtesy of Burn

12. Black+White Photography

Black+White Photography Magazine clearly shows black-and-white images. Its genres of subjects are documentary, portraiture, still life, landscape, and street.

This publication offers the most options of any publication on our list regarding ways to get published! You can submit photos digitally or by mailing prints in. The guidelines are detailed and clear.

In addition to being published within their print publication, photos can be submitted for their three other calls:

  1. Salon series for emerging artists
  2. Smartshots series featuring photos taken on smartphones
  3. Last Frame competition that features one powerful image competing for a free large print for your walls

Go to the Black+White website for full submission guidelines. Check out our list of the best black-and-white film stocks if you shoot black-and-white images.

Portrait of three boys for the cover of Black+White Photography, one of the magazines looking for photo submissions
Magazine cover courtesy of Black+White Photography

Bonus Tip: Local Magazines

Local magazines are an excellent place to start if you want your work to reach more eyes. While many national and international magazines are becoming online-only, some local papers and mags are still available in print.

One problem with local publications is that they often lack content. That’s why they are often very happy to receive submissions from local constituents.

Like the other magazines we’ve featured, keep your work relevant. Local magazines don’t want photographs from other parts of the country. They want to see the best from the surrounding area.

Getting your work published in a local magazine or paper is fantastic for your confidence. It’s also a good way to build contacts. You’ll have an in with that publisher, and other businesses from the area will see your work. Plus, you’ll have something published to pad your portfolio.

Two stacks of newspapers on a table
Photo by Eirel Ezequiel Reyes Saviñon (Unsplash)

Conclusion: Magazines Photography Submissions in 2024

We hope one of these magazines looking for photo submissions piques your interest. Having your work published greatly boosts your photography career. It builds confidence, validates your style and skill, and gives you something impressive for your portfolio.

Remember, only submit to publications relevant to you and your work. You’ll have plenty of competition no matter which magazine you submit work to. But you have zero hope if you don’t fit their theme.

Be confident and submit your work to photography magazines. Even if your work is not published, you take a positive step in taking quality photos. You might also receive constructive feedback from the magazines. And it doesn’t cost anything to submit!

Learn composition with our Intuitive Composition eBook to boost your chances of submission approval!