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12 Best Photography Forums in 2021

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Photography forums are a great way to gain valuable knowledge. These websites connect photographers together.

They create a community where information about every facet of photography is discussed. And at great length.

Gear, composition, devices, bags, and photography fields. These are only some of the topics you can find. For the best photography forums, read on.

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12. Flickr

Flickr was once the go-to place for sharing your images online. Now, managed by SmugMug, its online presence has dropped somewhat. It lost its top position from a few years back. Saying that, it is still a treasure trove of information.

This is a place I would go for information on experimental photography processes. Caffenol or Selenium Toning are only a few. The benefit here is you get to learn from others’ attempts, trials, and mistakes.

With Flickr, you won’t see any adverts or annoying click-bait articles. It only provides information necessary for your search.

You might find better results and returns when using Google and ‘Flickr’ tag.

On the site, use the search bar, locate a group on what you’ll need. The number next to the speech bubble lets you know how many discussions are in motion.

A screenshot of the Flickr homepage - best photography forums

11. Reddit (r/photography)

Reddit is a go-to place for all news and information. The website is an American social news aggregation. It gives the viewers the chance to delve into discussions about any possible topic in the world.

If you don’t find the one you’re looking for, why not start it?

One of the most active communities is the r/photography page. Here, photographers discuss all types of topics. They cover topics such as lenses, vintage photography and photoshop tutorials.

If you want to know about something photographic, the chances are it’s here!

Go to the site, log in and subscribe to the photography page. From then on, you’ll get all the updates on your home page.

A screenshot of the Reddit photography threads homepage - best photography forums

10. Fred Miranda Forum

The Fred Miranda Forum has a strange name for a photography forum. But its a great place for all photographic knowledge.

On the front page, you’re presented with all kinds of photographic fields.

These range from nature and wildlife to a sports photography corner. Digital art, smartphone and abstract are also found here.

A specific area is set aside for ‘Gear-talk’ and another for ‘Assignments and Critique’.

One of the best parts of the website’s forum is the ‘buy and sell’ area. It doesn’t have any security, but it might be a better fit for you than eBay.

A screenshot of the Fred Miranda homepage - best photography forums

9. Talk Photography

Talk Photography is a new photographic forum for me. Immediately, from accessing the homepage, you’ll find the Main Discussion Forums.

‘Talk Photography’, ‘Talk Equipment’ and ‘Talk lighting and Studio’ are at the top of the list.

You’ll find a special area for Photo Genres. This is along with a section for ideas and inspiration and the business of photography.

The threads on this page reach well over 600K, with over 8 million messages. If it isn’t findable here, it isn’t available anywhere.

Join one of the 60,415 members today and find answers to those nagging photography questions.

A screenshot of the talk photography homepage - best photography forums

8. Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer is yet another great forum for photographers. They have a cache of information, answering any and all questions.

There are many discussions located on this site, but you’ll need to find the right board. Luckily for you, they made it easy.

From the home page, you can select any discussion you wish. These include the sections ‘AP Magazine’, ‘AP Community’, ‘Equipment’, and ‘Technical Discussions’.

Every discussion you are looking for will be found within one of these areas.

If you’re new to photography, start with the Beginner’s Corner.

A screenshot of the Amateur Photographer homepage - best photography forums

7. Photography Talk

One of the benefits with Photography Talk is the ‘Getting Started’ forum video. This is the best-starting step for you to jump right into. It covers all photographic topics and discussions.

This website is great for articles, free e-book, and how-to guides, not just an awesome forum. Within the forum, you’ll find many great sections.

‘Taking the photo’, ‘editing’, ‘camera manufacturers – by brand’ and ‘research on equipment’ are the main ones

Unlike other photographic forums, Photography Talk has a great yet simple design. It will stand out among the others on this list.

A screenshot of the Photography Talk homepage - best photography forums

6. The Photo Forum

The Photo Forum not only has great topics across all photography areas. It also houses a ‘Business District’ section, along with dedicated ‘film photography‘ and ‘digital photography‘. Everything is nicely sectioned and easy to find.

If you’re looking for information on mirrorless cameras, you came to the right place. Information beyond the basics? This is the place for all the knowledge you’ll need to answer your questions.

On The Photo Forum, you’ll find over 410K discussions holding over 3.7 million messages. Your photography question will be answered here.

A screenshot of the Photo Forum homepage - best photography forums

5. Photography Forum

On the Photography Forum, you’ll find a plethora of information. Everything designed to answer all your photographic questions.

You’ll start with the ‘Photography & Basics’.

Then learn about ‘Photoshop & Editing Tips’ and then move on to the ‘Studio Lighting’ forum.

If you’re looking to post your images, there is a dedicated section inside the forum. You’ll find every photographic field possible.

There’s even a ‘Critique Corner’ to find out what others think about your images.

A screenshot of the Photography Forum homepage - best photography forums

4. LightStalking

For a ton of articles, guides and freebies, there is Lightstalking. The area where it shines the most are the photography forums.

What you’ll find here are very active discussion boards covering all fields and ideas related to photography.

Over 80k posts can be found with another 25k relating to photographic challenges. One discussion board is for ‘constructive, yet negative criticism’.

Landscape is the biggest photographic field found here. If this is your field, then consider all your questions answered.

A screenshot of the Lightstalking homepage - best photography forums

3. Photonet

What you’ll find on are an enthusiastic group of beginner and professional photographers alike.

This forum holds a huge repertoire of content, useful for guiding photographers in the right directions.

Articles, courses and a huge active following – what more could you want? This is the place for answering those hard to define questions.

The design is simple and much better than other photography forums on the interwebs.

A screenshot of the Photonet homepage - best photography forums

2. Photography on the Net

Photography on the net is a photography forum, owned by Pekka Saarinen. For all Canon photography gear, this is the perfect place.

You also have the possibility to learn and discuss photographic techniques while showcasing your own work.

If you are looking for more risque threads, such as nude photography, you’ll need to register first. Everything is free and accessible immediately with a user account. Most of it is searchable if visiting as a guest.

Over 1.2 million posts cover this forum with the number of posts rising above 16 million. With 385k members, you can see why the photography forum is a popular one.

A screenshot of Photography on the Net homepage - best photography forums

1. DPReview

DPReview is the go-to website for all photography related questions. It is by far the most active photography forum online. You’ll definitely find the answer to your questions. If not, you get to start a thread and help others.

If you’re looking for information regarding camera gear, you found the right place. Tips for beginners? Most definitely.

Even if you have questions requiring a more advanced answer, there is no other page.

You’ll find over 35 million posts, across 3.4 million threads. What we like is the gear list attached to each user.

A screenshot of DPReview homepage - best photography forums

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