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18 Best Photography Magazines You Should Read in 2023

Last updated: September 21, 2023 - 7 min read
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Photography magazines aren’t only good for inspiration. They’re full of tutorials, industry highlights, new gear insight, and more.

But what photography magazines do you pick off the shelf? Options like Popular Photography are no longer in print. But many other great photography magazines are available.

Our Top Pick
Aperture Magazine
Aperture Magazine
Discover the ultimate source of inspiration for photographers with premium photography magazines. Elevate your craft with high-quality printing and exceptional binding.

The Best Photography Magazines to Read

Here are today’s most popular magazines for photographers in every genre.

1. Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer printed their first issue in 1884. This is the oldest weekly photography magazine for non-pros.

Today, you can access the Amateur Photographer website. Or subscribe to the weekly print magazine. This makes AP one of the best magazines for photographers who prefer print. AP has the industry’s latest trends and news.

AP magazine covers everything you may want to know. It has news and reviews, photography techniques, and opinion articles. The mix of topics is suitable for both beginners and more advanced enthusiasts.

Photography Magazines Amateur Photographer

2. Aperture

Aperture magazine is a photography journal created by the Aperture Foundation. Aperture is a serious photography magazine, not a publication covering the basic how-tos. The journal features top artists as well as ideas and industry insight.

The Aperture Foundation is a nonprofit that aims to connect the photography community. Aperture Magazine is a big part of that. The organization focuses on sharing inspiring work and ideas.

There are several options when it comes to subscriptions. You can opt for one that includes both print and digital.

Photography Magazines Aperture Magazine


3. B&W

As a fine art photography magazine, B&W also heavily focuses on art. As the name suggests, B&W features black-and-white photography. Within that genre, the magazine covers a variety of different topics.

It shows you everything from what it’s like to work as a documentary photographer to photography contests. B&W remains a popular magazine despite digital camera technology. The magazine is published bi-monthly.

Subscription prices vary based on your location.

Photography Magazines Black and White magazine

4. Click

The editors of Click describe the publication as a magazine for modern photographers. The contemporary photography magazine targets a female audience. It accompanies the Clickin’ Moms blog as a print resource.

Click covers a variety of topics. They have everything from business tips to inspiration, from gear to tutorials.
The magazine is published six times a year.

Photography Magazines Click Magazine


5. Digital Camera

Digital Camera is also called Digital Camera World outside the UK. This magazine focuses on DSLR and mirrorless photography. It covers topics from the latest gear to inspiration and techniques.

Digital Camera contains an excellent mix to help photographers stay on top of the latest gear news. It’s also great for those looking into new techniques and ideas.

This is an annual magazine. It’s good for amateurs and even professional photographers looking for a mix of how-tos and gear advice.

Photography Magazines Digital Camera

6. Digital Photo

Digital Photo publishes tutorials aimed at enthusiast photographers. The magazine covers gear insight, columns, contests, and industry news.

The magazine’s biggest focus is on guides to taking better photos. They also include how to choose better gear and advanced photography skills.

This is a quarterly magazine. Digital Photo also publishes an online blog for tips and insight that can’t wait until the next issue. Madavor Media owns Digital Photo, Digital Photo Pro, and Outdoor Photographer.

Photography Magazines Digital Photo


7. Digital Photo Pro

This is Digital Photo magazine’s big brother. Digital Photo Pro carries a similar range of topics. But it gears the information toward professionals.

They offer more advanced photography tutorials and topics. But they also cover business topics. Digital Photo Pro hits newsstands (or mailboxes) seven times a year.

Digital Photographer is a UK-based publication that reaches both enthusiasts and professional photographers. The magazine focuses on publishing top images. They also include photographic advice and insight into the latest technology.

Success stories from professional photographers are also often included on the pages. The publishing company behind Digital Photographer also publishes “bookazines.” These are longer guides. They focus on a single topic, such as wildlife photography and camera guides.

Photography Magazines Digital Photographer


8. Foam Magazine

Foam Magazine takes a different approach. This contemporary photography magazine focuses each issue on a specific theme. Within that theme, the magazine includes interviews, articles, and, of course, photographs.

The photography magazine is also often noted for its quality printing. This helps show off the photos inside.
Foam Magazine only releases three issues a year.

Photography Magazines Foam Magazine


9. N-Photo

N-Photo doesn’t focus on a specific type of photographer. Instead, it focuses on a particular range of gear. The Nikon-only photography magazine focuses on gear from the camera giant. But it isn’t owned by Nikon.

The magazine includes the latest Nikon Gear and tutorials. And it has advice from professional photographers. N-Photo publishes 13 issues a year.

Photography Magazines N Photo

10. Olympus OM Magazine

Olympus UK publishes Olympus OM Magazine. It’s an excellent resource for the company’s OM-D and Stylus cameras. Olympus OM Magazine is free and completely digital, unlike the other magazines on this list.

The photography magazine covers various topics, from behind-the-scenes insight to how-tos. The publication also includes contest news from the company and features reader images.

There’s no print version. But the digital Olympus OM Magazine is well designed with a clean, classic look. And it has a modern interactive design to take advantage of the digital format.

Photography Magazines Olympus Magazine


11. Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer mixes photography and the outdoors. It’s a publication focused on actually getting out there and taking photos.

The photography magazine covers anything outdoors, from landscapes to wildlife photography. Outdoor Photographer features topics like dream photography locations, technique guides, and professional insights. They also include gear news. There are 11 issues per year.

Photography Magazines Outdoor Photographer

12. Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography is another excellent photography magazine focused on the outdoors. The difference is that Outdoor Photography is a UK-based magazine.

The magazine includes everything you need. It suggests locations in and around the UK to shoot news and gear reviews. It also contains several features with tips from industry experts.

Photography Magazines Outdoor Photography


13. PDN

A photography trade journal, PDN stands for Photo District News. The monthly publication covers news, product reviews, tutorials, and industry insight.

The photography magazine also includes details on recently released photography books.

Photography Magazines PDN

14. Photography Week

Photography Week is a digital photography magazine. They aim to help photographers get the most from their gear. The magazine publishes the latest gear news and tutorials. They also include industry insight and special features.

The magazine was initially designed for iPhone and iPad. Now it’s also available for Kindle and Fire devices and others.

Photography Magazines Photography Week


15. PhotoPlus Magazine (Canon)

PhotoPlus Magazine is designed to help Canon users learn new techniques. The Canon-focused magazine also includes reviews as well as tutorials on post-processing. PhotoPlus is another publication from Digital Camera World.

Photography Magazines Photo Plus Canon

16. Photoshop Creative

There are plenty of magazines focused on taking pictures. Photoshop Creative is one of the few that focuses on what happens after you take that photo.

The magazine focuses on photo editing through Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It includes how-tos and ideas.

Photography Magazine Photoshop Creative


17. Rotor Drone

Rotor Drone is an excellent magazine for aerial photographers. The bi-monthly magazine explores drone technology, news, and tips.

Photography Magazines Rotor Drone

18. Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer skips the newbie advice. It tailors articles to those who use the camera as a career tool. The magazine includes gear reviews and news. They also offer business tips and insight from pros in the industry.

The Professional Photographers of America publish it. And it’s been around for more than 100 years.

Photography Magazines Professional Photographer


Conclusion: Best Photography Magazines

Photography is a constant learning process. And photography magazines are a great way to continue learning, no matter your level. Explore photography magazines tailored to your experience level. You’ll find inspiration from industry leaders, whether a beginner or a professional.

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Our Top Pick
Aperture Magazine
Aperture Magazine
Discover the ultimate source of inspiration for photographers with premium photography magazines. Elevate your craft with high-quality printing and exceptional binding.