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12 Best Video Tripods in 2023 (Photography & Videography)

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Having the best video tripod will revolutionize the way you make movies. Filming will be easier. You’ll be able to get better shots. And there will be an increased level of professionalism in everything you do. Video tripods are a must-have item for aspiring filmmakers.

The Manfrotto Befree Advanced camera tripod is the best video tripod. The fluid head gives you smooth and steady panning. It has two handles for complete control of your video camera. And it can support cameras and equipment up to 14.6 lb (6 kg). It’s the best tripod for videographers.

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Camera Tripod Kit
Manfrotto Befree Advanced Camera Tripod
A lightweight, versatile tripod kit. It’s perfect for capturing smooth, steady shots on the go.
Buy from Amazon

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What Is the Best Video Tripod?

You need to look for several elements in a good video tripod. First is the build material. Aluminum or carbon fiber are the best options for strength and durability. Plus, you need to know it has the right weight capacity for your camera and gear.

The head is also an important part of a video tripod. Ball and fluid heads are your best bet. They allow for smooth tilting and panning. And they give you smooth, shake-free footage.

Using a poor-quality tripod will be a waste of time and money. So if you need more information on what to look for in video tripods, skip to the buyer’s guide at the end of the article.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best video tripods. Keep scrolling to see each video tripod in more detail. 

Why We Love It
Buy From
Manfrotto Befree Advanced Camera Tripod Kit
Our Top Choice
  • Versatile for various shooting angles
  • Dual handles give you full control of tilt and pan movements
  • Quick-release flip locks on legs for quick adjustments
  • Supports up to 13.2 lb / 6 kg
  • Lightweight and compact design
Coman Heavy Duty Fluid Head Tripod
Best for DSLRs
  • Heavy-duty fluid head for smooth panning and tilting
  • Quick-release plate for easy setup and removal
  • Height-adjustable aluminum legs with spiked feet
  • Supports up to 6.6 lb / 3 kg of equipment
  • Non-slip rubber feet for added stability
3 Legged Thing: Patti
Best for Creative Filmmaking
  • Modular functionality for experimental shooting
  • Up to 180° leg angle for creative shots
  • Height adjustable from 12 to 56" (0.3 to 1.4 m)
  • Maximum load of 22 lb / 10 kg
  • Lightweight and compact design
GEEKOTO Camera Tripod
Budget Pick
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction
  • 360° panorama and bubble-level design
  • Extendable height limit of 77" / 1.95 m
  • Supports up to 17.6 lb / 8 kg of weight
  • Compact and lightweight design
Neewer Fluid Drag Head Video Tripod
Best for Beginners
  • Smooth, fluid drag head for tilting and panning
  • Adjustable tilt and pan
  • Quick-release plate
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Lightweight and durable
Manfrotto Befree Travel Video Tripod
Best for Travel
  • Smooth and accurate control
  • Leveling ball joint for precision composition
  • Flip lock leg joints for quick and reliable adjustments
  • Excellent weight capacity for a travel tripod
  • Lightweight and compact Design
Cayer BV25LH Video Tripod
Best for Mirrorless Cameras
  • Excellent stability with the mid-level spreader
  • Reversible center column for low angle shooting
  • 3-position adjustable leg angle locks
  • Supports up to 13.2 lb / 6 kg of camera gear
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
Neewer 2-in-1 Video Tripod and Monopod
Best 2-in-1
  • Versatile 2-in-1 design
  • Quick-release flip locks
  • Adjustable height up to 74.8" / 1.9 m
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Lightweight and portable
Joby GorillaPod 3K
Best for Content Creators
  • Universal compatibility with all cameras
  • 360° panning and 90° tilting with the ball head
  • Flexible and durable aluminum legs
  • Supports up to 6.6 lb / 3 kg
  • Compact and lightweight design
3 Legged Thing: Nicky
Best Heavy Duty
  • Innovative Tri-mount system for stability
  • Versatile base for added support
  • 5-section legs for adjustable height
  • Maximum load capacity of 40 lb / 18 kg
  • Premium-grade aluminum alloy construction
SmallRig AD-01 Video Tripod
Best for Studio Filming
  • Multi-angle adjustable legs
  • Quick-release plate for easy setup
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Supports up to 6.6 lb / 3 kg of gear
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
Aureday Smartphone Video Tripod
Best for Smartphones
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Vari-angle head with control handle
  • Built-in Bluetooth remote for wireless shooting
  • Can be used as a selfie stick
  • Portable and lightweight

The Best Video Tripods in 2023

Our list includes video tripods for all types of videographers and situations. We’ve included heavy-duty tripods for big shoots. We have compact tripods for small-scale productions.

And no matter what your budget is, we’ve included tripods from all areas of the price spectrum.

1. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Camera Tripod

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Camera Tripod Kit
Brand Manfrotto
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 15.7 inches / 40 cm
Maximum Height 59.4 inches / 1.5 m
Max Load Capacity 13.2 lb / 6 kg
Head Type Fluid head
Other Key Features Dual handles, 3-section legs, quick-release flip locks
Best For Mirrorless and DSLR cameras, travel videographers

Manfrotto has built a reputation as a company that makes high-quality camera gear. And the Manfrotto Befree Advanced 3-way tripod kit is the perfect example. It’s strong, sturdy, portable, and convenient to use. But it tops our list because it’s designed for video makers.

The Manfrotto fluid head is the top feature of this video tripod. It gives you smooth panning and tilting in three directions. The movement is so smooth you can move the tripod head while filming. You’ll have a silky shot with no jerks or jolts.

The three handles on the fluid head give you complete control. They fold flush with the tripod when you’re done, making it easy to carry.

You can also lock the head into a vertical position. This is ideal for interviews, vlogging cameras, and portrait photography businesses. And the vertical format is perfect for social media videos.

It’s a strong aluminum tripod. It can hold a maximum payload of 13.23 lb (6 kg). That’s enough for a mirrorless camera or DSLR with a large lens. But you need a stronger tripod for professional video cameras.

The tripod legs are easily adjusted using quick-release clips. And you can adjust each tripod leg individually on uneven surfaces.

The Befree Advanced is a 3-way travel tripod perfect for shooting video. It’s strong yet lightweight. And the Manfrotto fluid head makes filming a breeze. It isn’t a budget tripod. But it offers excellent value for money.

2. COMAN Heavy Duty Fluid Head Tripod

Coman Heavy Duty Fluid Head Tripod
Brand Coman
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 35.4 inches / 90 cm
Maximum Height 74 inches / 1.88 m
Max Load Capacity 17.6 lb / 8 kg
Head Type Fluid head
Other Key Features Bowl head base, knob height adjusters, mid-level spreader
Best For Heavy cameras and video setups

The Coman heavy-duty fluid-head tripod is popular with photographers and video makers. Coman has taken a no-thrills approach to the design. And the result of that strategy is a strong and reliable video tripod.

It isn’t the lightest video tripod on the list. But it’s a sturdy piece of equipment. The tripod legs are made of aluminum alloy tubes. They’re hollow yet strong, so the weight is manageable.

It also has a mid-level spreader. It stops the legs from collapsing in, adding extra stability. And the rubber feet prevent slippage on smooth surfaces.

The Coman tripod also has a fluid video head. It gives you a fantastic range of motion. And it has a dampening system, giving you more control over panning and tilting.

You can also counter-balance the fluid head against the camera when it’s attached. That means no unexpected movements while filming. And it also has a quick-release plate, so there’s no time wasted.

This Coman tripod can hold up to 13.2 lb (6 kg). That’s strong enough for a heavy setup with a large DSRL, a big lens, and extra gear.

You can raise the outer leg tubes to increase the tripod’s height. And you can set your camera as high as 74 inches (1.88 m). This is plenty for most video shooters. Plus, the tripod head handle allows easy control even when it’s above you.

3. 3 Legged Thing: Patti

3 Legged Thing: Patti
Brand 3 Legged Thing
Build Material Magnesium alloy
Folded Height 17.7 inches / 45 cm
Maximum Height 64 inches / 1.6 m
Max Load Capacity 22 lb / 10 kg
Head Type Ball head
Other Key Features Flip locks, adjustable central column, modular functionality
Best For Vari-angle, experimental videos, heavy cameras

“Patti” by 3 Legged Thing is one of their smaller tripods. But it’s no less rugged and tough. This company knows what they’re doing. And they have some excellent video tripods. Patti is one of their best if you want a well-priced, portable tripod that carries a heavy load.

The three tripod legs are made of magnesium alloy, giving you a strong construction. And each leg has four sections that can be adjusted for height.

The flip locks make adjusting the height quick and easy. And they allow you to get a tight grip without hurting your hand or the tripod leg.

The center column can also be adjusted, giving excellent height control. It supports a video camera to a height of 64 inches (1.6 m). You can also remove the center column for handheld shots.

At the top, you’ll find a ball head with a quick-release plate. The ball head gives you nearly 360 degrees of motion for panning and tilting. It’s smooth and has options for tightening when you want to reduce movement.

We are disappointed there’s no handle or fluid head attachment included. But 3 Legged Thing’s Patti folds down to a convenient 17.7 inches (45 cm). And its 3.4 lb (1.5 kg) weight isn’t too troublesome.

But despite her portable nature, Patti can bear a heavy load. It takes anything up to 22 lb (10 kg). That includes pro-level mirrorless video cameras, DSLRs for video, and professional video cameras.

Buying separate fluid heads is an issue. But it’s a high-quality tripod for shooting videos and taking photos.

4. GEEKOTO Camera Tripod

GEEKOTO Camera Tripod
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 19.5 inches / 49.5 cm
Maximum Height 77 inches / 1.95 m
Max Load Capacity 20 lb / 9 kg
Head Type Fluid head
Other Key Features Quick-release plate, tilt-locking knob, detachable handle
Best For Tighter budgets, sports and wildlife photography

GEEKOTO is another company building a reputation for reliable and affordable camera equipment. And if the GEEKOTO camera tripod is anything to go by, you can also trust their gear. It’s durable and functions well. And it’s a versatile video tripod with an affordable price tag.

The aluminum legs offer excellent support. The maximum load is 20 lb (9 kg). That’s enough for professional DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. And it supports cameras with telephoto lenses, making it one of the top photo tripods for wildlife and sports photographers.

The GEEKOTO video tripod is equipped with a fluid ball head and handle. You can adjust the tightness of the ball head joints for custom control over your camera. And the handle gives you smooth 360 degrees of panning and more than 180 degrees of tilt.

The legs are easily adjusted using quick-release flip locks. And the tripod folds away nicely. It’s only 19.5 inches (49.5 cm) when compacted. And it weighs just 3.1 lb (1.4 kg). That makes it a handy travel tripod for globe-trotting video makers.

5. Neewer Fluid Drag Head Video Tripod

Neewer Fluid Drag Head Video Tripod
Brand Neewer
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 28 inches / 71 cm
Maximum Height 61 inches / 1.5 m
Max Load Capacity 13.2 lb / 6 kg
Head Type Fluid head
Other Key Features Mid-level spreader, double-tandem leg design, removable rubber feet
Best For Beginner videographers and cinematographers

Neewer makes excellent entry-level and mid-range video equipment for media creators. And the Neewer video tripod is a fantastic choice for first-time buyers. It’s a reliable piece of video gear with an affordable price tag.

The fluid video head and quick-release plate steal the show. The head has a built-in bubble level to help you navigate the horizon line. And you have dampening controls so you can adjust the ease of movement.

The handle allows smooth pan-and-tilt control while filming. The camera plate is compatible with photo and video cameras. And it’s one of the smoothest quick-release plates on the market.

The legs are composed of aluminum poles designed for stability and vibration reduction. And the flip locks on the leg sections allow you to change the height at any moment.

The aluminum tripod legs have a wide footing with a mid-level spreader for added support. And the flexible rubber feet provide grip on any surface or terrain.

The Neewer video tripod supports gear up to 13.2 lb (6 kg), enough for mirrorless cameras and video cameras. And the head also has the option to attach sliders, jibs, and other accessories.

It weighs 8.1 lb (3.67 kg), so it’s not the most lightweight option. But it does come with a carry bag for easy transportation.

6. Manfrotto Befree Travel Video Tripod

Manfrotto Befree Travel Video Tripod
Brand Manfrotto
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 15.7 inches / 40 cm
Maximum Height 59.4 inches / 1.5 m
Max Load Capacity 8.8 lb / 4 kg
Head Type Fluid head
Other Key Features Leveling ball joint, padded handle, carry case
Best For Travel videography and photography

This Manfrotto travel video tripod is best for video makers suffering from wanderlust. It’s compact, portable, and lightweight. But it still offers excellent support for traveling videographers.

The tripod weighs just 1.75 lb (793 g), so it’s a lightweight piece of kit. But it doesn’t have the biggest max payload. It can only carry a total of 8.8 lb (4 kg). But that is enough for the best travel cameras and camcorders.

It folds down to 15.7 inches (40 cm). And the Manfrotto carrying bag also makes it easy to carry when you’re on the move. It gives you a max height of 59.4 inches (1.5 m). That’s a convenient height range for most travelers.

The aluminum legs are easily adjusted using flip locks. And there’s a lock on each leg section to get the exact height you want.

The head has both ball and fluid head technology. The lower joint is a half-ball joint that rotates smoothly. This gives you excellent leveling control. Then you have the fluid video head at the top for more pan and tilt movement. And it has a leveling bubble and a removable pan bar.

All these features combine to make this Befree tripod the best video tripod for travelers. If you’re on the road a lot, you can check out our full list of the best travel tripods. And if you’re really into travel photography, check out our Next Stop: Travel Photography e-book.

7. Cayer BV25LH Video Tripod

Cayer BV25LH Video Tripod
Brand Cayer
Build Material Carbon fiber
Folded Height 35 inches / 89 cm
Maximum Height 74 inches / 1.8 m
Max Load Capacity 13.2 lb / 6 kg
Head Type Fluid Head
Other Key Features Locking rubber buckles, dual handles, mid-level spreader
Best For Enthusiast-level filmmakers

The Cayer BV25LH video tripod is another versatile tripod video creators will love. It gives you a strong and sturdy platform to work from. And it has a fantastic fluid head for controlled movement when filming. It’s an excellent piece of camera equipment at a reasonable price.

The fluid video head is the key to this tripod’s popularity. It has a built-in bubble level, so you know when you’re perfectly level. And it has a fantastic range of movement. You have 360 degrees of panning. And there are +90 to -70 degrees of tilting motion.

You can lock the fluid head in any position. And the two pan bar handles give you the control you need while filming.

The tripod has strong carbon fiber legs. They are durable tubes you can slide up and down to adjust the height. And each leg has two twist locks to keep them in place. And a mid-level spreader adds extra stability, preventing the legs from collapsing.

The Cayer video tripod isn’t the lightest. It weighs 8.6 lb (3.9 kg), so it’s not an ideal travel tripod. But it has a maximum payload of 13.2 lb (6 kg). This is strong enough for photography and video cameras.

And you get an excellent height range, with the maximum height at 74 inches (1.88 m). That’s plenty for most filmmakers.

8. Neewer 2-in-1 Video Tripod and Monopod

Neewer 2-in-1 Video Tripod and Monopod
Brand Neewer
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 18 inches / 45.7 cm
Maximum Height 70.8 inches / 1.8 m
Max Load Capacity 17.6 lb / 8 kg
Head Type Fluid head
Other Key Features Monopod functionality, quick-flip locks, quick-shoe connection
Best For Sports, wildlife, travel, and press videographers

The Neewer 2-in-1 video tripod is one of the most versatile ones on our list. It’s a strong and stable tripod for static shots. But it transforms into a monopod to give you more mobility options when shooting. Travel and sports filmmakers will enjoy the dual-purpose features.

Each tripod leg has three sections. And each is easily adjusted using the flip locks. Changing the height takes seconds. And they’re all tough and lightweight aluminum tubes.

One of the legs can be attached directly to the pan-and-tilt head. You then have a fluid head monopod, allowing you to move quickly from shot to shot. The monopod pole also has a padded grip for comfort and support.

The fluid video head gives you 360 degrees of panning. And you also have +90 to -70 degrees of vertical tilting movement. And the locks allow you to tighten or loosen the head as much as you need.

There’s an easy-mount and release plate for your camera. And the bubble level helps you achieve the perfect composition.

It’s a strong tripod that supports 17.6 lb (8 kg) worth of gear. And that’s the same in tripod and monopod mode. But you will want a lighter load when using it as a monopod. You don’t want to damage your gear.

The Neewer 2-in-1 video tripod is versatile and affordable. Because it doubles as a monopod, it’s ideal for video creators who are always on the move.

9. Joby GorillaPod 3K

Joby GorillaPod 3K
Brand Joby
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 11.8 inches / 30 cm
Maximum Height 11.8 inches / 30 cm
Max Load Capacity 6.6 lb / 3 kg
Head Type Ball Head
Other Key Features Flexible legs, rubber feet
Best For Content creators, vloggers, and streamers

The Joby GorillaPod 3K is the best video tripod for content creators and streamers. It’s a small yet versatile tripod perfectly suited to creating content for social media. You can create vlogs for Instagram or YouTube.And you can live stream on YouTube or Twitch. 

The flexible legs are the unique selling point of the GorillaPod. They provide steady support on any surface. And they give you lots of mounting options.

You can position it on a surface as you would a standard tripod. But thanks to its flexible legs, you can attach it to posts or tree branches. This gives you incredible filming options.

The ball head gives you 360 degrees of panning and a wide tilting range. This means you can get a flat shot even when the GorillaPod is attached to a tree. It also gives you smooth movement if you’re panning during a shot.

It’s a small tripod with a max height of only 11.8 inches (30 cm). This makes it easy to carry. But it also means you can use it as a tabletop tripod. And this suits the filming setup of many streamers and vloggers.

Lastly, its weight capacity (6.6 lb / 3 kg) is enough for many of the best vlogging cameras. So, all in all, the Joby GorillaPod is perfect for video content creators. And it’s one of the better-priced video tripods on our list.

10. 3 Legged Thing: Nicky

3 Legged Thing: Nicky
Brand 3 Legged Thing
Build Material Carbon iber
Folded Height 23.2 inches / 59 cm
Maximum Height 61.4 inches / 1.56 m
Max Load Capacity 130 lb / 60 kg
Head Type None
Other Key Features 3-section detachable legs, anti-rotation locks, bowl mount
Best For Heavy camera setups and cinema cameras

This video tripod from 3 Legged Thing is called “Nicky.” It’s a quirky name, but it doesn’t tell much about the product. It’s a strong tripod with a carbon fiber construction. In fact, it’s one of the strongest tripods on this list.

It has a maximum load capacity of 130 lb (59 kg). That’s more than strong enough for a DSLR or mirrorless camera. And you can use telephoto lenses with no issue. That makes it a useful tripod for wildlife cameras and astrophotography cameras.

The three carbon fiber legs have four leg sections for changing height. When fully extended, they give you a maximum height of 61.41 inches (1.56 m).

Each leg can be adjusted individually using the leg lock. And the legs have anti-rotation shims, so there’s extra grip and no unwanted movement. Plus, the detachable rubber feet give you stability on uneasy surfaces.

Despite the extended height and load capacity, Nicky is a portable tripod. It weighs 5.29 lb (2.4 kg). And it folds down to a handy 23.22 inches (59 cm). That isn’t the smallest tripod. But the difference in folded and extended height is impressive.

3 Legged Thing’s Nicky comes with a flat mount with a screw head to fix the camera in place. Stability isn’t an issue. But the base plate offers no pan and tilt movement. You can buy attachable tripod heads and plates, sold separately.

11. SmallRig AD-01 Video Tripod

SmallRig AD-01 Video Tripod
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 35.4 inches / 90 cm
Maximum Height 74 inches / 1.88 cm
Max Load Capacity 17.6 lb / 8 kg
Head Type Fluid head
Other Key Features Quick-release plate, mid-level spreader, carry case
Best For Beginners and studio filming

SmallRig offers another contender for the best video tripod. And it’s worth considering if you have a tight budget. The SmallRig AD-01 video tripod is ideal for entry-level filmmakers working in a studio.

The tripod head is compatible with most cameras. And the two quick-release plates work with DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Plus, it supports gear up to 17.6 lb (8 kg). So it’s also strong enough for professional camcorders and extras.

The aluminum tripod is topped with a fluid video head. The head has built-in damping and balance controls. So you can shoot smooth panning shots without unwanted movements.

And it gives you a fantastic range of movement. You get 360-degree panoramic shooting. And the vertical movement is generous too.

The tripod legs are aluminum tubes. They’re easily adjusted using flip locks. And you can shoot high up at 74 inches (1.88 m). But you can also spread and lower the legs for low-angle shots.

The middle spreader provides extra support at any height. So there’s no risk of your rig collapsing mid-shoot.

This tripod from SmallRig is a handy option on the video market. It is heavy, weighing 10.8 lb (5 kg). But the carry bag makes traveling to and from a shoot much easier. It’s a heavy-duty, affordable video tripod for video makers.

12. Aureday Smartphone Video Tripod

Aureday Smartphone Video Tripod
Brand Aureday
Build Material Aluminum
Folded Height 18.8 inches / 46 cm
Maximum Height 67 inches / 1.7 m
Max Load Capacity 2.2 lb / 1 kg
Head Type Vari-angle head
Other Key Features Smartphone holder, shutter remote, head handle
Best For Smartphones

The Aureday video tripod is the best video tripod for smartphones. Whether you’re a vlogger, content creator, or streamer, it gives you the stability you need. And with the vari-angle head, you have complete creative control.

The tripod is topped with a smartphone holder. This can hold any smartphone between 2.8 and 4.8 inches (7 and 12.2 cm). This is the perfect size for most Android phones and iPhones.

You also get an excellent range of movement from the vari-angle head. You have a good range for tilting and panning. And the locks allow you to film vertically. This is perfect for producing specialist content for Instagram or TikTok. 

The three legs can spread out wide to give you a stable platform. And the central pole is telescopic. It’s made of four sections. And each section can be adjusted, giving you unlimited height options.

The tripod also becomes a selfie stick when the legs are folded, and the center is outstretched. This is ideal for filming on the go. And it’s a lightweight tripod weighing only 1.9 lb (900 g). So it’s very easy to transport and take with you, which will please travel vloggers.

Finally, it comes with a handy camera remote. So you can get the camera rolling without touching your phone. Ultimately, the Aureday video tripod is the best option for smartphone movie makers.


Man crouching down to use a camera on a video tripod
Video setup with a DSLR mic, and external camera screen. © Dan Senior (

Buyer’s Guide to Find the Best Video Tripod

Now let’s look at some of the important aspects of video tripods. We’ll give you all the info you need to make an educated purchase. That way, you can find the best video tripod to meet your needs. (Read about our best mirrorless video cameras if you need an upgrade.)

What Is the Best Video Tripod Material?

Look for a video tripod with an aluminum or carbon fiber construction. It should be strong and have a good build quality. A cheap plastic tripod could break mid-shoot, which would be a disaster.

Both materials give you the sturdy base you need to work on. You won’t have to worry about them collapsing or breaking while filming. Carbon fiber is the lighter of the two materials. But carbon fiber tripods tend to be more expensive than aluminum tripods.

Why Is Maximum Weight Capacity Important?

You need to know the tripod can take the weight of your gear. If the tripod isn’t strong enough, you’re putting your equipment and production at risk. It could be a costly error. That’s why you must be aware of the tripod’s maximum weight capacity before buying.

Video recording setups can be heavy. You have to consider the weight of your camera. But you also have to calculate the combined weight of all accessories. You’ll have a lens attached. And you might have a video microphone, lights, and an external camera screen on your camera rig.

You must be certain the video tripod can support all of it.

Why Is Maximum Height Important for Video Tripods?

More height gives you more options when you’re shooting. You can take a higher angle and still have the stability you need. And it also helps if you’re a tall filmmaker. Using a tripod that’s too small will hurt your back and neck.

You might want a compact tripod for easy transportation. That’s no problem, but you must ensure the tripod has a maximum height that meets your filming needs.

Man in a woolly hat using a large camera on a tripod
© Kal Visuals (

What Is the Head Type for Video Tripods?

The type of tripod head is another important consideration. The head determines the range of movement when the camera is attached.

A pan-and-tilt head is fine for many. But a ball head gives you a greater range of movement. The latter uses a ball joint to connect the head and the tripod’s body.

Fluid heads give you the best range of movement and are ideal for video tripods. A good fluid head gives you 360 degrees of panning motion. That’s a full panoramic range of motion. And it’s best to have a +90 to -90 degree motion for tilting.

Fluid heads get their name from the liquid lubricant inside. The fluid creates a smooth motion when you move the head.

You can change the shooting angle and pan during a shot without jerky movements with a fluid head. They’re ideal for video creation. But the fluid can freeze in subzero temperatures.

Which Camera Plate Is Best for a Video Tripod?

A standard camera plate is fine if you have a smaller video setup. It’s enough to hold the weight if you use DSRL or mirrorless cameras. And a quick-release plate is also a handy time-saver. But you need a video camera plate for larger video cameras.

A video plate is larger, allowing for more weight in your setup. And it distributes the weight evenly, so there’s less pressure on the tripod head. 

Conclusion: The Best Video Tripod

There are some excellent video tripod options in 2023. You have your pick of aluminum and carbon fiber tripods. You can choose a ball or fluid head for making sleek and professional videos. And there are some tripod-monopod combos for restless shooters.

There’s no bad option on our list of the best video tripods. But we think the Manfrotto Befree Advanced is the best video tripod. It’s a strong and reliable piece of equipment. And the versatile fluid head is exactly what you need for sleek and professional videos. 

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Camera Tripod Kit
Manfrotto Befree Advanced Camera Tripod Kit
A lightweight, versatile tripod kit. It’s perfect for capturing smooth, steady shots on the go.
Buy from Amazon
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