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30 Stunning Fashion Photography Images for Inspiration

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 9 min read
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Fashion photography is fun, but it can also be quite challenging to find new ideas for your shoot.
We created a list of 30 images that are sure to motivate you. Start scrolling and find your fashion photography inspiration.

1. Fashion Photography

A black and white iconic fashion photo by Richard Avedon
Richard Avedon produced hundreds of iconic photos. It’s hard to choose a favorite.
Some of his most unforgettable images remind us to have fun with fashion photography.
The picture on top is him appearing to stalk Veruschka Von Lehndorff.


A striking black and white portrait of a female model - fashion photography inspiration
A lot of photographers go over the top to impress people. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple black and white photo like this one to catch attention.
The white ensemble and the model’s pose almost makes this image feel like a sculpture.
It’s fine art fashion at its best.


A striking black and white portrait of a female model - fashion photography inspiration
Are you tired of going through your usual roster of poses during shoots? Well, this image will help you get some new ideas.
This strange position would look awkward in most situations. But the skirt of the dress makes it all come together for a unique look.
Do you think you’re bold enough to try it?


Studio shots can be too dull and annoying sometimes. So why don’t you consider bringing outdoor elements inside like this awesome picture?
Combining nature with soft lighting adds a surrealistic feel to your image. Throw in a gorgeous model in a beautiful dress, and you got yourself a perfect photo.


photo of Cate Blanchett by high fashion photographer Tim Walker
Fashion is all about challenging the conventions. And this photo of Cate Blanchett by high fashion photographer Tim Walker shows us just that.
He uses bubbles to turn Blanchett’s classic garb into something more futuristic.
Don’t be afraid to combine clashing themes. Have fun and see what impressive results you get.


image of a female model reflection in a mirror by photographer Pangea Kali Virga
A mirror makes an excellent tool when you’re experimenting with perspectives. You can incorporate it into your images in so many ways.
The most common one is creating a frame within a frame using reflections.
This image by photographer Pangea Kali Virga is one of the prettiest mirror pictures we’ve seen.


A fashion model with red scarf on red background by Leslie Zhang for example
They say it’s best to use the same background color that your main subject is using. But sometimes, going against that advice also creates exciting results.
Take this red on red image by Leslie Zhang for example. Everything is in red except for the face and the earrings.
Using red allows the model’s skin to look radiant.


Need ideas for outdoor fashion photography? Look around you, and you’ll find plenty of beautiful places you can use as backgrounds for your images.
Case in point: Teresa Freitas’ colorful photo above. The large flowers create a whimsical world that entrances you.
Apart from that, they also perfectly complement the model’s dress.


A portrait of a female fashion model incorporating text and graphics by fashion blogger Tezza
Try incorporating graphics to like this incredible photo by fashion blogger Tezza.
Apart from giving off a quirky scrapbook vibe, the text and stickers also add some spunk to her outfit.


A portrait of a female fashion model with film border - fashion photography inspiration
If you love shooting film, you should also try including the edges of your film strip to create a frame.
It’s a common technique practiced by plenty of photographers before the digital age. And it’s refreshing to see it still in fashion photographs these days.
This photo by Lotte Andersen is only one of many examples you’ll stumble upon on the internet.


A portrait of a female fashion model by Daniel riera
Location plays a crucial role in editorial fashion photography.
Case in point: This incredible image of Daniel Riera for Harper’s Bazaar. The colors in the background complement the outfit well.
Apart from that, the lines in the photo also create a solid composition.


A female model posing on a chair against a pale yellow background - fashion photo inspiration
This image by Angelo Pennetta shows that chairs are all you need to create an exciting image.
It not only offers you more angles, but it also lets your model try different poses. You can also try other simple props such as stools or even tables.


A striking image of a female model posing by a stone wall - fashion photo ideas
If your image looks a little flat, then you should try playing around with shadows.
Need some proof? Check out this photo by fashion photographer Daniel Matallana. It seems like any regular photo by itself. But adding a shadow has turned it into a gorgeous portrait.
His light and dark composition matches the black and white garb the model is wearing.
It all seems so simple, but look closer, and you’ll see its genius.


A striking black and white portrait of a female model - fashion photography inspiration
Need more black and white images to fuel your photography inspiration? Here’s another remarkable example by Elizaveta Porodina.
The grey background makes the dark outfit and sunglasses pop out.
And the shadows also add to the dimension of the image, making it look even more alive.
A striking black and white portrait of a female model - fashion photography inspiration by Annemarieke van Drimmelen
Artificial lights can be fun, but sometimes, they look too fake. So why not let the light in through your studio windows every once in a while?
That’s Annemarieke van Drimmelen did in this photo, and it worked!
The image was shot in a studio, but everything about it looks so natural.


Striking potrrait of a femal fashion model posing by a taxi - outdoor fashion photography at night
Shooting outdoor fashion photography at night can be daunting for a lot of people. But you can do a lot in the dark with some creativity and confidence.
This image by photographer Luis Monteiro is a prime example. By using long exposure, he captured the hustle and bustle of New York with a single click.


Two femal models posing outdoors by Arielle Bobb Willis
One fun aspect of fashion photography is creating expressions through body positions.
One of the most creative photographers when it comes to posing models is Arielle Bobb Willis.
She creates compelling pictures by combining bold colors and strange poses.


A female model posing indoors with her back turned to the camera by Meredith Jenks - fashion photography inspiration
Using bright overhead flashes often creates terrible images. But it can work in certain situations such as this photo by Meredith Jenks.
With a strobe lighting up the entire room, you get to see all the colors and the details.


A brightly colored fashion shoot setup for a portrait of a female model by Victor Peace
Need a simple way to catch people’s attention with your images? The simple answer is to use bold colors.
Just look at this Victor Peace photo, and you’ll see why the bright and vivid tones are attractive.
When you combine it with sharp lines and shapes? You got yourself a solid composition.


A femal model in white posing between red theatre seats by v - fashion photography style
Colors may be fun, but they can overwhelm the senses sometimes. If you’re tired of too many bright tones, consider limiting the color palette in your images.
One of the best fashion photographers who use this style is Maria Svarbova. She uses two to three colors to create photos that are simple and dreamlike.


Break the fourth wall and show people the behind-the-scenes of your shoot.
Include the lights and the equipment in the frame as Jake Reeder did. It’s a great way to show non-photographers what it takes to create fantastic pictures.
All the C-stands and the softboxes also help you frame your composition.


A pictorialist style fashion portarit of a femal model posing against green background
If you’re tired of the usual poses, try experimenting with a pictorialist look.
Make your model pose like they’re in an old photograph from the 1800s. This distinct photography style has been making a comeback in the past few years.
One of the famous fashion photographers that abide by it is Zhang Jingna. It may be a century old, but its classic look that will never fall out of fashion.


Striking portrait of a female model with humorous lipstick by Ransom Rockwood - -fashion photography ideas
Fashion photography shouldn’t be so serious all the time. So don’t hesitate to try funny ideas because it just might work.
Take this photo of Ransom Rockwood as an example. The lipstick illusion makes you look and see what caused the image to look that way.


Striking porttrait of a femal model in sunglasses -fashion photography ideas
Studios are always painted white because it’s a versatile color in photography. But that doesn’t mean you should only stick to the same color when you’re shooting indoors.
Try bold backgrounds such as the one in Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy’s picture.
It’s minimalistic, but it grabs your attention right away.


Bright porttrait of a femal model using bisexual lighting - fashion photography ideas
Bisexual lighting has become a favorite theme in the past few years among photographers. The use of blue, pink, and purple lights create lovely tones and contrast.
Not to mention that they also bring out the sexy contours of the subject. Working with three lights can be challenging.
If you do it right, expect to see excellent results such as this photo by Fernando Rodriguez.


A striking black and white portrait of a female model - fashion photography inspiration
If you’re looking some classic inspiration, then Helmut Newton is your guy.
Some of his most iconic photographs are in black and white. But his dynamic style makes his photos relevant even today.
Even the picture above almost feels like it was just taken recently.


A surreal portrait of a female fashion model as a futuristic geisha by Nick Knight
Need to inject surrealist themes into your shoot? Then better look at some of the photos of Nick Knight.
His unique style has made him among the most popular fashion photographers in our era.
By mixing gorgeous garbs with whimsical visuals, he creates images that look futuristic.


A blonde fashion model in a plastic swimming pool smoking a cigarette by v - fashion photography inspiration
Sure, fashion photography is often all about the poses. But you can also take candid shots of your model if you want.
The photo above by Jason Lee Perry is a perfect example that real moments can be as good as staged scenes.


A striking black and white portrait of a female model - fashion photography inspiration
Fashion photography involves taking photos of people. So anyone who wants to get into this field also needs to be good at portraiture.
If you need some help with your portraits, try looking up Ellen Von Unwerth. The subjects of her pictures are not only provocative but also highly expressive.


photo by Emma Tempest of a fashion model whose face is covered by a scarf
You don’t always have to show your model’s face every time you take a photo.
If you’re wondering how to do it, take a look at this photo by Emma Tempest. Although she hides her subject’s face with a scarf, you can still see the expression on her face.

Conclusion: Fashion Photography

You can find inspiration for fashion photography anywhere. So keep your eyes peeled and take notes of anything you see interesting.
Learning from different photography styles will help you find your voice in this exciting field.