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As a portrait photographer, one of my favourite types of work is couples photography. Here are some tools and tricks I have learned along the way about couple poses.

These photography tips will help you guide your couples in your next portrait photo shoot.

You’ll help them express their love, whether you’re doing wedding photography, engagement pictures, or just a couple shoot for your friends.

A couple posing on stone steps, looking at each other with amusement

12. Have Them Wear Coordinating Outfits

What the couple is wearing affects their mindset. You can tell from the way a person poses and their facial expression if they are comfortable or not.

I always tell my models to wear something they feel beautiful as well as comfortable in.

If you are going to make them run, jump or sit, tell them ahead of time. This way they can choose different looks that will allow them to move freely.

To give a sense of connection and so your couple complement each other, get them to coordinate outfits. This doesn’t mean they have to be dressed the same way.

Have the couple wear colours that go well together and similar fashion style. As you go through this article, notice how the couples’ clothing is complimentary.

I also usually recommend my clients avoid patterns, letters, drawings or strong colours. These might distract from what’s important in the picture – the bond between them.

A couple poses holding hands in front of a doorway

11. Make Any Other Adjustments Before You Shoot

Before you start the photo session, tell your models that you will let them know if they need to adjust their hair or clothes.

You want them to look lovely in the photos and you’re in the best position to tell them if there’s a hair out of place.

They will appreciate your attitude. This will also help them relax, knowing that they have one less thing to worry about.

Get used to always checking their hair and clothes before pressing the shutter release.

My experience taught me that long hair can get really wild while shooting outdoors. I recommend you always bring a comb and some hairpins with you, just in case your models need them.

Relaxed photo of a couple sitting on the grounds smiling and holding each other

10. Get Them to Talk About Their Romance

A good thing when working with couples is that they can interact with each other while posing.

This helps them relax and not feel so awkward as a single model might feel in front of the camera.

You still need to help them by setting the right mood, interacting and talking with them. I like to ask my models how they met, the things they like to do together, or the things they like about each other.

I look for subjects that will make them remember happy moments.

If they’re thinking about their romance, this will show through in their poses.

Relaxed posed photo of a couple sitting outdoors smiling and holding each other

9. Use a Posing Guide for Reference Before the Shoot

I like to separate my poses into categories and make sure I have 2 or 3 for each in mind.

Some categories are: standing poses, leaning on a wall, walking, holding hands, kissing, sitting, or lying down.

I start by giving the couple suggestions from these few basic pose ideas. Then I let the couple interpret for themselves what the pose should look like.

I take photos of both the poses I instructed and whatever came naturally to them.

When you’re doing portrait photography, it’s important to be ready to adapt. If one pose doesn’t work, change to another. This applies to any kind of couple photography, from an engagement shoot to a casual photo session.

This will keep your clients from growing uncomfortable or frustrated.

Walking Couples Poses

A wedding couple pose walking hand and hand into the distance

Sitting Couples Poses

A couple pose sitting on the beach

A couple sitting on stone steps and smiling at each other

Hugging Poses

A couple pose embracing in a sunny landscape

A couples photography pose embracing on a beach

Leaning On Something

A couple posing on the rocks of a beach

a couples photography portrait - leaning on a stone fence and smiling

Kissing Poses

a couple portrait - kissing in a sunny garden

a close up of a couple kissing - couple portraits

Memorising your list of couples poses will get easier the more photo sessions you do.

You can also write a list of couples poses and have it with you while shooting. Or you can keep a visual list of poses on your phone or tablet.

 a couple consulting with the photography during a couples portrait session

Here you can see me during a photo session checking my couples poses references collection on my phone.

One of the advantages of having it on my phone is that I can also show it to the models during the session.

Walking Poses Will Add Movement to an Image

I make my couples walk a lot. Photos of this kind look and feel very natural and the couple can enjoy a moment of “rest” from the photo shoot.

What I usually do is to tell them to walk away from me for a bit and I take photos of them from behind.

Then I ask them to stop and look back at me. After that, I ask them to walk back towards me and I take photos from the front and their side.

a couple holding hands and walking down the street

a couple holding hands and walking on a beach

Another really cute photo is when she is walking a bit ahead of him holding his hand.

This also gives you options: both looking forward or looking at each other. This makes for a great couples pose.

a couple pose holding hands and walking down a countryside path

Dancing Poses Make for Fun, Romantic Pictures

Dancing in the middle of the street without any music and with no reason creates an awkward moment of shared embarrassment and is a bit juvenile.

Most of the time, this will make your models laugh.

Your aim here is to take photos of that genuine moment of laughter and not necessarily of their dance.

I still make sure to take photos of the dance itself too. I find that a photo of a couple dancing at the beach or in the street is always beautiful.

A playful couple pose in a forest

Get Them Close to Each Other

What we want to show in a couple’s photo session is the love and connection they share.

There is no better way to do that than to get them close to each other, really close.

This doesn’t necessarily mean kissing. Photos in which the couple are almost kissing are great because they have a romantic tension in them.

Perfect for embellishing those romantic poses.

an overhead portrait of a couple kissing

All types of hugs are welcome: face to face, one in front of the other, standing, sitting…

I recommend taking photos of these types of scenes both with a wide angle and close-ups.

a playful couple portrait session outdoors

a couple embracing outdoors

Combine these photos with other photography poses in which the couple is not so close.

This adds diversity to your photo session.

a portrait of a couple posing holding hands

Give Them Clear, Specific Instructions

Couples find it helpful when you tell them where to look at. As you are holding a camera and talking with them, there is a natural tendency to look at the camera.

This works for some poses. But couple photos usually have a more romantic look when they’re looking at each other or in the same direction.

Tell them where you want them to look at and if possible, use visual instructions.

“Look towards the sea” is always clearer than saying “Look to the right”.

(Which right? My right? Her right? Your right?)

a portrait of a couple pose outdoors

Include the Environment in Your Couple Photos

Adapt the poses to the elements you find at the location. Benches, stairs or doors can be used to sit on.

Have your couple lean against walls or trees, or create a frame around your couple with a door or a bridge. Use your imagination and have fun.

a portrait of a couple posing outdoors

Take Some Paparazzi Inspired Photos

Couples photography doesn’t have to look staged. Try and grab a few shots where it looks as if they are completely unaware of the photographer.

Place yourself farther away from the couple and look for something to frame them with like leaves, flowers, a door, or a window. Focus on the couple so that the frame stays blurry.

This gives the feeling that the photo was taken in secret and gives it a more natural feeling.

The effect works really well with photos in which the couple is kissing or hugging, so encourage them to do so.

a portrait of a couple kissing outdoors

Photograph the Details

Include some photos of details, focus on specific parts like hands or feet. Holding hands is a great way to show love.

You can also take photos of just their feet while they hug or dance.

a close up of a couple posing on the beach

a close up of a couple kissing and holding hands

Include Fun Poses

You can get them into these poses by making them run, jump up, jump on each other, walk one next to the other giving little pushes to each other, silly faces… it is a great way to show the joy of love.

You can combine them with more classical couple photos to get a wonderfully diverse photo shoot!

The key is not to take only silly photos or only serious photos.

A couple on a beach with a firey sunset


Feel free to use any of the photos in this article for inspiration and ideas for your own photos. Remember to guide your couple using easy instructions, but also let them be themselves.

I recommend you to tell them to do things such as walking and dancing and experiment with the situation. You can get really beautiful candid photos this way!

Make them feel comfortable, create a nice environment and their love will shine through for you to photograph!

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Sarah Rodriguez-Martinez

I am a self-taught photographer based in Catalonia. I learnt the craft by reading, taking online courses and spending a lot of hours taking photos. These days I am shooting mostly portraits, nature photos and cultural events. Lately I am also doing yoga photography because I am a yogini myself. I am well known for loving coffee and hating Mondays. You can contact me easily by Instagram (@sarahrmphotos).

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