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We spend too much time on photography tutorials. Sometimes, we even lose the opportunity to go out and practice. Photzy aim to fix that with their Photzy action cards.

In this article, we’ve played around with the Photzy action cards and reviewed them. From the good parts to the bad parts.

Overall, we really liked them. Keep reading to find out why.

What Are the Photzy Action Cards

Photzy is a photography community that provides its users with helpful tutorials.

Their cards help photographers on the go. They are .pdf files, which you can either print or download on any device.

They cover a variety of topics and genres (architecture, maternity, and macro, to name a few).

The explanations and assignments in the cards are all very straightforward. They’ll work for both beginners and intermediate photographer.

a display of Photzy action cards on white background

Action Cards Set

The cards are worth $325. But Photzy is offering an 88% discount for a limited time.

You pay $39 for 65 action cards and 200 assignments.

Upon purchasing the action cards, you’ll receive 3 .pdf files:

  • Genre Set
  • Composition Set
  • Lesson Plan (free bonus)

You can also buy the Stretch Goals set at an additional cost.

This is full of photography challenges. It’ll encourage you to embrace your creative ideas, and more.

The Genre Set

The genre set focuses on 31 different genres. These include bird, couple, food, and still life photography.

You’ll learn what equipment to use. How to choose the right camera settings. And how to study professional photographs.

The Composition Set

The composition set aims to improve photographers’ knowledge of lines, angles, and colours.

It covers topics like depth of field, juxtaposition, and motion.

Each card will encourage you to study a variety of compositions. And to find their strengths and weaknesses.

Then, you can use your newfound knowledge to perfect your own work.

An array of photzy action cards focused on composition

The Stretch Goals Set

Stretch goals will improve your (creative) flexibility. With a few exceptions, the cards go from challenging to very challenging.

You’ll learn about moods, the golden spiral, focus stacking, and more. Each card comes with equipment tips and assignments.

These will challenge you to have very specific photoshoots.

For example:

“Organize a photo shoot where you will go in search of subject matter that you believe will make interesting Litho Film Effect photos. Create at least 10 different photos with 10 different subjects.”

The Lesson Plan

The lesson plan is a bonus .pdf file. It’s as valuable as the action cards.

The plan will introduce you to two main types of photographers: method and flexible.

Using the instructions in the plan, you’ll gain a better understanding of your style.

And you’ll get tips on which action cards to refer to when you feel like strengthening your skills.

Information Quality

Every action card includes:

  • Total time needed to complete the task
  • Sample photos that highlight mistakes and strengths
  • Instructions and tips
  • Action assignments that will strengthen the information you learn
  • Self-evaluated questions (e.g. “Are your leading lines easily noticeable?”)

Technical terms, like depth of field, have explanations at the top of every card. The language is simple.

This makes these cards ideal for all levels. From beginner to intermediate photographers.

A5 Format

You should print the cards on A5 paper. Other formats – like A4 – are also acceptable. The suggested format will take up less space in your bag (or pocket) and provide you with the most important tips.

This means that you don’t have to carry a thick photography book or magazine with you.

Instead, you can pull out your cards and study them for a few minutes.

Then you can get back to what matters most: your photography.

A hand holding a smartphone with the photzy website open

Printing Disadvantages and Alternatives

The disadvantages to having 65 action cards is the printing process and the costs. Most stores don’t have A5 printers.

The colourful designs will also cost more to print. Where I live, printing a lot of coloured sheets is expensive.

The costs outweigh the benefits for me. So I’d rather spend that printing money on something else.

There are several alternatives to printing that will make your life easier.

You can write down the most important tips in a small notebook.

This will take more time than printing the sheets. But it will give you a chance to find exactly what you want to improve on.

You can also save the PDF sheets on your phone and consult them when you have spare time.

Downloading the files won’t take any time at all. And it will guarantee that your guide will be with you wherever you go.

Make sure you charge your phone before you go out or else you’ll lose access to valuable tips.

An array of photzy action cards on white background


Internet tutorials (articles, videos, and infographics) work for all kinds of learners.

This can make it difficult to find the perfect tutorials, though. You have to invest a lot of time in it.

Photo books and magazines are, in a way, larger and more detailed versions of Photzy cards. Despite their size, they’re usually very easy to carry around.

And it might be difficult to find all the information you need in one magazine. Unless you’re focusing on a specific theme or genre.

It’s likely that you’ll end up feeling lost and confused. All while leafing through your magazine. Not fun!

The last alternative is the priciest one. Individual mentoring programs and photography workshops.

Photographers offer one-on-one Skyping sessions, in-person photoshoots, and group workshops.

Learning from professionals is great in many ways. But you’ll need to spend a lot of time and money.

The Photzy action cards provide condensed information in a form you can store in a camera bag.

An array of photzy action cards focused on composition

Social Proof

Photzy’s website is full of positive reviews. These come from photographers of all genres and ages:

“I was worried there would be reams and reams of documentation that I had to read, but what I really love was that the Action Card fits all on one page. I went to Vivid (Light Festival) so the night photography and long exposure ones were very useful.”
– Clive V.

“Amazing tool for an oldie like me!! Excellent idea. I printed them out, and have been doing all of the assignments each week. If you’re on the fence, grab a set, they will not disappoint you!”
– Debra S.

“I’ve gotten much more confident with my camera. I completed some of the assignments and gotten much more confident with my camera. I’ve also started to see where I was going wrong and my shots have improved so much. My family and friends love me taking their photos now! I’m the designated family photographer.”
– G P.

Things We Liked

The Photzy action cards live up to their name. They’re not filled with confusing information.

Every sentence provides value. It’s either a question for self-evaluation or a fun assignment. Everything leads to what matters most: action.

The photo assignments are straightforward but challenging. They’re not simple instructions that will leave you feeling inexperienced.

Many assignments will encourage you to study someone else’s photos. Learn from their strengths and weaknesses, and create your own masterpieces.

The difficulty level meter and total time counter are very helpful tools. These will prevent you from wasting your time.

The architectural photography card, for instance, has a difficulty level of Normal. It will take around 6-8 hours to complete the assignments.

The best thing about the Photzy action cards is their diversity. They cover 31 genres and a rich variety of compositions (e.g. lines of sight and the rule of odds).

It’s very likely that you’ll notice a change in your work after you study them.

A person holding their smartphone for their cat to look at, the photzy homepage onscreen

Areas for Improvement

Some photographers might find it hard to print A5 cards. I’d like it if there were a formatted A4 version (two A5 cards in one) available. Any photographer could print the cards on normal sheets of paper.

This might not be a problem for people who live in large cities with advanced photo stores. For someone living in the middle of nowhere, it’s definitely an obstacle.

The cards are nothing without their rich information, colourful designs, and vibrant photos. If you’re planning to study all 65 cards, you’ll have to spend a lot of money on printing them.

If you print them in black and white, you’ll defeat the purpose of the cards. Some action cards focus on tones, the colour wheel, etc.


I wish the Photzy action cards existed when I started taking photos. I would have experimented with all 31 genres.

With Photzy, you don’t have to wait for years and spend a lot of money on premium tutorials. Or practice without direction.

You don’t need to spend hours reading photography books instead of practising. Sometimes, all you need is a set of action cards that will guide you no matter who or where you are.

Grab yours right here.

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