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‘Photographing Fabulous Flowers’ Photzy eBook Review

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Flower photography. What do you associate with this phrase? For me, personally, it’s a part of nature photography, with occasional leaps into fine art territories.

For others, it’s a key component of still life or entirely fine art. It’s hard to categorize.

No matter what you associate it with, there’s a methodical and technical side of flower photography. Photzy’s new ebook, ‘Photographing Fabulous Flowers’ aims to teach you the ins and outs of that. In my opinion, it’s quite a great deal – read on to find out why.Photzy's Photographing Fabulous Flowers

Who Is ‘Fabulous Flowers’ For?

This ebook is made for moderately experienced amateurs who want to dive deep into the beautiful world of flowers.

Before purchasing it, note, that you need to have a basic understanding of your camera and photography, in general, to fully utilise it.

About the Authors

‘Fabulous Flowers’ is written by Leanne Cleaveley, a still life photographer. She teamed up with Photzy, a popular photography education site.

I have previously reviewed several of Photzy’s products. Generally, their quality fluctuates quite a bit, but this particular ebook is definitely one of their stronger products.

If you’re interested in buying more of their products, check out my other Photzy reviews:


‘Photographing Fabulous Flowers’ consists of seven main chapters:

  • 01 What You Need to Creatively Photograph Flowers
  • 02 Camera Settings
  • 03 Natural Light
  • 04 Artificial Light: When and Why You Should Use It
  • 05 Composition
  • 06 Getting Creative: How to Visualize and Create a Great Shot
  • 07 Setups and Props
  • 08 Editing and Printing Your Photos

The most important points are marked as ‘Key lessons’. In addition, at the end of each chapter, you’ll find self-check questions.


You can get the ‘Fabulous Flowers’ guide for $19 at the time of writing. This is a fairly low, introductory price.

What I Liked


‘Fabulous Flowers’ is a well-rounded ebook. It covers most situations you can encounter when shooting flowers.

It also shows you the process from A-Z. From the underlying ideas through setups to post-production.

While the topic itself is not a very broad one, I don’t think anything important was left out.


The photos in this ebook look beautiful and inspiring, and illustrate the content well.

They are the author’s own creations – this is particularly welcome, as it endows the ebook with extra credibility.Amazing macro photo of a purple flower


The ebook is cautiously put together. It pays attention to small details, as well as the general flow.

It might be that Leanne is simply more thorough in her writing than others. Or, it can be that Photzy’s quality control has become more prudent recently. Either way, I could hardly find inconsistencies or mistakes.


In general, the ebook is very detailed.

Many educators struggle to adequately present their knowledge and tend to unnecessarily oversimplify things. This is not the case with ‘Fabulous Flowers’.

Overall, there’s great attention to detail everywhere, starting from lighting tips to post-production tricks and shortcuts.

I’ve particularly liked the Editing section. I’ve only seen such detailed descriptions of the process in videos, almost never in an ebook (with the exception of The Photo eBook).

It’s very hard to teach editing in an ebook successfully. But I think that this one does a great job.Close-up photo of a white flower


The writing in this ebook has a friendly and interactive tone but doesn’t go over the top. It’s very easy to follow and read.

The experience of the author becomes clear from the style and carefulness of the wording.

I love that while Leanne gives detailed explanations on every point she makes, she doesn’t present them as the ultimate truth. Rather, she aims to teach you the thought processes and proper approach.

When she talks about subjective factors (such as colors), there’s always legitimate reasoning behind why she does things in a certain way.

She treats her ebook as a solid guideline – not a recipe. Still, she remains very confident and precise throughout ‘Fabulous Flowers’. You can decide to exactly follow the steps or interpret them however you’d like – and there’s advice for that, too.

Areas to Improve

Not enough illustrations

While the images are great, there are not a lot of additional illustrations. In places where Leanne explains lighting setups, editing tricks, or even camera settings, it would make sense to include infographics or sketches.

There are only a handful of images. Including more would help the flow of the ebook quite a lot.A section from Photzy's Fabulous Photography ebook

Self-Check Quizzes

Having the quizzes at the end of chapters is great but they have a significant issue. This is something I’ve found in all the other Photzy ebooks, too.

The questions are not answered explicitly.

If you’re unsure about the right solution, you have to scroll back and find the answer in the ebook. Photzy should include an answer sheet right after the self-check quizzes.Self-check quiz from Photzy's Fabulous Flowers ebook


‘Wildflower Photography’ by Steve Berardi of PhotoNaturalist is similar in scope and coverage, and slightly lower in price. It covers a bit more on technical details but focuses on a narrower field of flower photography.

‘Fine Art Flower Photography’ by Tony Sweet comes at a similar price, but places more emphasis on fine art, as the title suggests. It’s shorter and covers less of the preparation and technical stuff. It focuses more on the artistic approach.

Our Verdict

Flower photography is a narrow, but popular field. It offers many possibilities for aspiring artists.

‘Photographing Fabulous Flowers’ is a great ebook for those wanting to dive into it. If you’re interested in this genre, I definitely recommend checking it out. You can do so here.


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