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Do you want to understand your camera and take great photos today?

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Yesterday, ExpertPhotography became 3 months old and we’ve started to build quite a strong daily following but it’s still hard to predict which posts are going to be the most popular. In fact, I’m usually very surprised by what people have enjoyed the most.

I thought I’d put it to you, the readers, to see if there are any particular aspects of photography that you’d like to learn more about: basics, composition, gear guides, tips, insights…  what do you want to learn?

Leave a comment telling me exactly what it is you want to learn about and I’ll get started writing tutorials for the most popular suggestions. If I’ve already written something on it, I’ll point you in the right direction.

I hope this is of some help to you, and thanks for reading – Josh.

Ps. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook so, if you do too, come and join me and a bunch of other readers for more one-on-one conversations.

What Do You Want To Learn?

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Hey I'm Josh, I'm Photographer in Chief here at ExpertPhotography, and I'm in charge of making sure that we provide you with the best content from the most knowledgeable photographers in the world. Enjoy the site :)

  • Jen

    Posing couples, specifically brides & grooms!

  • Darion

    Something about filters?

  • edward

    a little bit about basic lightning

  • jim

    i would like to know more about flash photography

  • I’d like to learn more about creative composition. Stuff that doesn’t necessarily adhere to the “rule of thirds” but works anyway!

  • Rhys

    something on experimental photography

  • Martin

    Hey Josh

    First of all, thanks for sharing all your tricks.
    Could you perhaps do a post on colour profiles and how to get the colours right when you order prints on the web? I have notised that some companies share their colour profile but how should that be used when you for instance normally use Lightroom to post process your photos?

  • How about some light painting?

  • just wanted to say that all your work is awesome ! thank you for the effort

    • Thanks, I’ve got to say, your photography is very good.

  • David Hale

    metering the light on a canon 7D how does this work when focusing for a shot?

  • Heidi

    Hi! I just wanted to tell you that this is my favorite photography blog…thank you for such wonderful posts, I really, really enjoy reading them. Could you please elaborate a bit on light meters? I was always trying to get the right exposure with my camera´s internal light meter, but as i recently discovered…the camera doesn´t always get it right. I cannot begin to tell you how liberating it has been for me to just ignore it and go with my instincts 🙂 I´ve taken far better pictures by doing this. I´d also like to buy an external light meter, but don´t know how to use them! Thanks!

  • rick

    hello josh, could you explain aboutdistnce to subject and f stop please? also a little about using the f stop when you don’t have flash attachment thanks,josh

  • Double

    Hi Josh,
    I use Nikon D5100. I will like to know more about making your subject stand out with blurred background.


  • Dusan

    Hi Josh,
    I would like to know, how to make Low key and High key photo with not very heavy equipment.


  • iancummings01

    Hi, is there any chance of hints/pointers to buying a decent monitor for post work? I am happy tweaking sliders in Lightroom etc., but if my monitor is rubbish, my results will be too. Are there things I should look for that will give me correct black level / contrast / colour?
    Many thanks.